1979 in Australian television

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List of years in Australian television

This article is a summary of 1979 in Australian television.



Program Network Debut date
60 Minutes Nine Network 11 February
Doctor Down Under Seven Network 12 February
Prisoner The 0-10 Network 27 February
Golden Soak ABC 13 March
Bailey's Bird Seven Network 25 March
ARVO ABC 2 April
Patrol Boat ABC 28 June
Carrots Seven Network 2 July
Skyways Seven Network 9 July
Top Mates ABC 16 July
Earthwatch ABC 13 August
Simon Townsend's Wonder World The 0-10 Network 3 September
Shirl's Neighbourhood Seven Network 1979
Wombat BTQ-7 1979
The World Around Us Seven Network 1979

New International Programming[edit]

Television shows[edit]




Ending this year[edit]

Date Show Channel Debut
18 February Chopper Squad The 0-10 Network 5 November 1976
24 February Glenview High Seven Network 27 September 1977
1979 ARVO ABC 2 April 1979
1979 Super Flying Fun Show Nine Network 1970

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