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Nationality words link to articles with information on the nation's poetry or literature (for instance, Irish or France).

List of years in poetry (table)
In literature


  • The Kenyon Review is restarted by Kenyon College 10 years after the original publication was closed.
  • Jahrbuch der Lyrik ("Poetry Yearbook"), an annual poetry anthology, is launched in Germany, nine years before the similar Best American Poetry series is begun. Each year's edition, containing 100 poems, is published in the spring by Beck, and is edited by Christoph Buchwald along with a guest editor.[1]
  • Poetry Canada Review founded by Clifton Whiten in order to publish and review poetry from across Canada, the publication folded in 1994.[2]

Works published in English[edit]

Listed by nation where the work was first published and again by the poet's native land, if different; substantially revised works listed separately:



Anthologies in Canada[edit]

India, in English[edit]


New Zealand[edit]


  • John Jessop, editor, International Anthology of Concrete Poetry, vol. i
  • George Swede, editor, The Canadian Haiku Anthology

United Kingdom[edit]

United States[edit]

Works published in other languages[edit]

Listed by language and often by nation where the work was first published and again by the poet's native land, if different; substantially revised works listed separately:



Canada, in French[edit]



Listed in alphabetical order by first name:


  • Stanisław Barańczak, Etyka i poetyka ("Ethics and Poetics"), criticism; Paris: Instytut Literacki[32]
  • Ewa Lipska:
    • Dom spokojnej młodości ("A Home for Youth"), selected poems, Kraków: Wydawnictwo literackie[33]
    • Zywa smierc, ("Living Death"); Kraków: Wydawnictwo literackie[33]



Awards and honors[edit]


United Kingdom[edit]

United States[edit]



Birth years link to the corresponding "[year] in poetry" article:


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  • Britannica Book of the Year 1980 ("for events of 1979"), published by Encyclopaedia Britannica 1980 (source of many items in "Works published" section and rarely in other sections)

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