1980 Edmonton municipal election

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The 1980 municipal election was held October 15, 1980 to elect a mayor and twelve aldermen to sit on Edmonton City Council, nine trustees to sit on the public school board, and seven trustees to sit on the separate school board.

This was the first election in which there were two aldermen elected from each of the six wards, instead of three aldermen elected from each of the four wards, as had previously been the case.

Electoral system[edit]

Mayor was elected through first past the post.

Councillors and school trustees were elected through block voting.

Voter turnout[edit]

There were 72,939 ballots cast out of 341,102 eligible voters, for a voter turnout of 21.4%.


(bold indicates elected, italics indicate incumbent)


Party Candidate Votes %
  Independent Cec Purves 52,035 76.47%
  Independent Murray Trott 5,346 7.86%
  Independent Lester Adams 4,902 7.20%
  Independent Eddie Keehn 2,938 4.32%
  Independent John Horobec 1,575 2.31%
  Independent John Buttrey 1,249 1.84%



  • E.V.A = Edmonton Voters Association
  • U.R.G.E. = Urban Reform Group Edmonton
Ward 1 Ward 2 Ward 3
Party Candidate Votes Party Candidate Votes Party Candidate Votes
Independent Kenneth Newman 7,683 Independent Ron Hayter 5,175 Independent June Cavanagh 4,629
Independent Olivia Butti 6,673 U.R.G.E. Jan Reimer 4,433 E.V.A. Ed Ewasiuk 3,184
U.R.G.E. Iain Taylor 4,155 Independent Jim Spalding 3,255 U.R.G.E. Judy Bethel 2,727
U.R.G.E. Sherburne McCurdy 3,851 U.R.G.E. Lila Fahlman 2,480 Independent Sheila McKay 2,692
Independent David Stewart 1,685 Independent William Chmiliar 2,604
Independent John Hawrelak 1,019 Independent Mitch Wujik 2,384
E.V.A. Harry Johnson 419 U.R.G.E. Clint Budd 708
Independent Wayne Hayes 313 Independent Robert Acker 333
Independent Tim Baloben 279
Independent Noel Round 203
Ward 4 Ward 5 Ward 6
Independent Paul Norris 3,550 Independent Percy Wickman 8,842 U.R.G.E. Bettie Hewes 8,429
U.R.G.E. Gerry Wright 3,462 U.R.G.E. Lois Campbell 7,696 Independent Ed Leger 5,641
U.R.G.E. Carolyn Nutter 3,393 Independent Nick Fedorak 2,279 Independent Ken Kozak 4,154
Independent Ron Patsula 2,172 Independent Guy Tessier 1,450 Independent Wayne Weeks 2,169
Independent Allen Wasnea 1,190 Independent Olga Cylurik 929 Independent Don Massey 2,113
Independent Bill Broad 817 Independent Paul Fuog 926 Independent Bob Durrant 1,661
E.V.A. Walter Aiello 467 U.R.G.E. Fred Atiq 688
Independent Paul Bird 260

Public school trustees[edit]

Party Candidate Votes Elected
Independent Shirley Forbes 24,566 Green tickY
Independent Mel Binder 20,757 Green tickY
Independent Ernie Hodgson 19,315 Green tickY
Independent Don Massey 19,060 Green tickY
Independent Jim Wiebe 17,756 Green tickY
Independent Herb Jamieson 17,582 Green tickY
Independent Ernie Lund 16,690 Green tickY
Independent Joan Cowling 16,469 Green tickY
Independent Elaine Jones 15,993 Green tickY
Independent Grace Hendrickson 14,375
Independent P. Christensen 14,252
Independent David Borgstrom 12,331
Independent Lorne Mowers 12,252
Independent George Luck 9,507
Independent Susky Hardin 9,055
Independent Julie Loga 7,664
Independent Benjamin Doell 7,115
Independent John Mason 7,079
Independent G. Chandler-Nahumko 6,854
Independent John Lakusta 6,489
Independent N. A. Chaudhary 5,823
Independent Robert Douglas 5,499

Separate (Catholic) school trustees[edit]

Party Candidate Votes Elected
Independent Jean McDonald 9,328 Green tickY
Independent William Green 8,549 Green tickY
Independent Phil Gibeau 7,728 Green tickY
Independent Alice Gagne 6,918 Green tickY
Independent Hugh Tadman 6,883 Green tickY
Independent Simone Secker 6,410 Green tickY
Independent Margaret Bouska 5,946 Green tickY
Independent Raymond Pinkowski 5,492
Independent Lyle Lavender 4,132
Independent Donald Sikorski 3,757
Independent Joseph Hoover 3,538
Independent L. Brian Mitchell 3,525
Independent Edmund Nagle 3,457


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