1980 Memorial Cup

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The 1980 Memorial Cup occurred May 4–11 at the Keystone Centre in Brandon, Manitoba and at the Regina Agridome in Regina, Saskatchewan. It was the 62nd annual Memorial Cup competition and determined the major junior ice hockey champion of the Canadian Hockey League (CHL). Participating teams were the winners of the Ontario Major Junior Hockey League, Quebec Major Junior Hockey League and Western Hockey League which were the Peterborough Petes, Cornwall Royals and Regina Pats. Cornwall won their second Memorial Cup, defeating Peterborough in the final game.

The 1980 Memorial Cup is remembered as one of the most controversial in the tournament's history. Going into the final game of the round-robin, Peterborough had clinched first place overall, and with a win over Cornwall, would have faced Regina in the Cup final. Many in Saskatchewan believed that the Petes deliberately threw the final game of the round-robin in order to face the Royals again in the final, a team that was perceived as weaker. Boos rained down upon the Petes after the Royals won the game and clinched their berth in the Cup final. However, the allegations were never proven, and if they were true, it didn't work, as Peterborough was defeated in the final by the same Royals.

Round-robin standings[edit]

Peterborough Petes (OMJHL) 4 3 1 21 18
Cornwall Royals (QMJHL) 4 2 2 18 26
Regina Pats (WHL) 4 1 3 21 16



  • May 4 Peterborough 5-4 Regina (OT)
  • May 5 Cornwall 5-3 Regina
  • May 6 Peterborough 8-6 Cornwall
  • May 7 Peterborough 4-3 Regina
  • May 8 Regina 11-2 Cornwall
  • May 9 Cornwall 5-4 Peterborough


  • May 11 Cornwall 3-2 Peterborough (OT)

Winning roster[edit]

Scott Arniel, Fred Arthur, Fred Boimistruck, Dan Brown, Newell Brown, Mike Corrigan, Marc Crawford, Gilles Crepeau, Dan Daoust, Dave Ezard, Tom Graovec, Craig Halliday, Pat Haramis, Dale Hawerchuk, Bobby Hull, Jr., Pat O'Kane, Robert Savard, Ron Scott, Ron Willard, Dan Zavarise. Coach: Doug Carpenter[2]

Award winners[edit]

All-star team