1980 Paris–Dakar Rally

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1980 Paris–Dakar Rally
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Host country France
 Upper Volta

1980 Dakar Rally also known as the 1980 Paris–Dakar Rally was the 2nd running of the Dakar Rally event, starting from Paris on 1 January and finishing in Dakar on the 23 January. The 1980 event saw vehicle manufacturers such as Yamaha, Volkswagen, Lada, and BMW taking part and the introduction of a truck category.


216 competitors started the rally of which 81 made the finish. Cyril Neveu won for the second time in succession on a Yamaha, Freddy Kottulinsky won the car class driving a Volkswagen and Zohra Ataouat became the first winner of the truck class driving for Sonacome.[1]


Stage Date From To Dist. Winner (cars) Winner (bikes)
P 1 January France Paris France Olivet 4 France J-C. Briavoine France C. Neveu
2 January France Olivet France Marseille Liaison only
3–5 January Transportation to Africa
1 6 January Algeria Algiers Algeria In Salah 37 France J-C. Briavoine France C. Neveu
2 7 January Algeria In Salah Algeria Reggane 270 France C. Neveu France E. Breton
8 January Algeria Reggane Algeria Bordj Badji Mokhtar 630 France J. Ragnotti France M. Merel
9 January Algeria Bordj Badji Mokhtar Mali Gao 675 Sweden F. Kottulinsky France H. Auriol
10 January Mali Gao Rest day
3 11 January Mali Gao Mali Mopti 595 Sweden F. Kottulinsky France H. Auriol
12 January Mali Mopti Mali Niono Liaison only
13 January Mali Niono Mali Tombouctou 570 France J. Ragnotti France G. Desheulles
14 January Mali Tombouctou Mali Gao 424 France C. Neveu France H. Auriol
4 15 January Mali Gao Republic of Upper Volta Bobo-Dioulasso Liaison only
5 16 January Republic of Upper Volta Bobo-Dioulasso Mali Kolokani 120 Sweden F. Kottulinsky France M. Merel
17 January Mali Kolokani Rest day
6 18 January Mali Kolokani Mali Nioro du Sahel 280 France C. Marreau France C. Neveu
19 January Mali Nioro du Sahel Mali Kayes 247 Sweden F. Kottulinsky France P. Vassard
7 20 January Mali Kayes Senegal Bakel Liaison only
21 January Senegal Bakel Senegal Linguère
22 January Senegal Linguère Senegal Lompoul 87 France H. Cotel France P. Vassard
23 January Senegal Lompoul Senegal Dakar 120 France C. Neveu France C. Neveu

Leading Results[edit]


Pos. No. Competitors Vehicle
1 50 France Cyril Neveu Yamaha XT 500
2 58 France Michel Merel Yamaha XT 500
3 60 France Jean-Noël Pineau Yamaha XT 500
4 80 France Jean-Pierre Lloret Yamaha XT 500
5 86 France "Fenouil" BMW 800
6 43 France Philippe Vassard KTM 240
7 38 Belgium Alain Padou Honda XR 500
8 48 France Ludovic Loue Yamaha XT 500
9 74 France Guy Albaret Yamaha XT 500
10 22 France Marc Joineau Suzuki SP 370


Pos. No. Competitor Vehicle
1 137 Sweden Freddy Kottulinsky
West Germany Gerd Löffelmann
Volkswagen Iltis
2 136 France Patrick Zaniroli
France Philippe Colesse
Volkswagen Iltis
3 120 France Claude Marreau
France Bernard Marreau
Renault 4
4 138 France Jean Ragnotti
France Georges Vaills
Volkswagen Iltis
5 180 France Christophe Neveu
France Rémy Bourgoin
Range Rover
  • Of the 216 starters, 81 completed the event - 49 cars (of 116), 25 bikes (of 90) and 7 trucks (of 10).[1]


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