1980 World Rowing Championships

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1980 World Rowing Championships
Venue Hazewinkel
Location Heindonk, Willebroek, Belgium
Dates 16 August

The 9th World Rowing Championships were World Rowing Championships that were held in August 1980 at Hazewinkel in Belgium.[1] Since 1980 was an Olympic year for rowing, the World Championships did not include the 14 Olympic classes scheduled for the 1980 Summer Olympics. Only the four lightweight men's event formed part of the competition, and all finals were raced on 16 August.

Medal summary[edit]

Medalists at the 1980 World Rowing Championships were:

Men's lightweight events[edit]

Event: Gold: Time Silver: Time Bronze: Time
LM1x[2]  West Germany
LM2x[3]  Italy
LM4-[4]  Netherlands  Australia  Denmark
LM8+[5]  Great Britain


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