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1980 in sports describes the year's events in world sport.

Alpine skiing[edit]

American football[edit]

Association football[edit]

Newport County AFC win Welsh Cup for first time.


  • March 31 – death of Jesse Owens, American sprinter who won four gold medals at the Berlin Olympics in 1936
  • June 12 – Soviet Union's Nadezhda Olizarenko sets the world record in the women's 800 metres, clocking 1:54.85 at Moscow
  • July 27 – Nadezhda Olizarenko betters her own world record in the women's 800 metres at the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow, clocking 1:53.43.

Australian rules football[edit]



NBA Finals

National Basketball League (Australia) Finals


Canadian football[edit]


Disc sports[edit]

Dog sledding[edit]

Field hockey[edit]

Figure skating[edit]

Gaelic Athletic Association[edit]


Men's professional

Men's amateur

Women's professional

Harness racing[edit]


Horse racing[edit]


Flat races


Olympic Games[edit]


Rugby league[edit]

Rugby union[edit]



  • XXII Olympic Games, held in Moscow, Soviet Union (July 20 – July 27)
  • February 2 – USA's Chris Cavanaugh sets a world record in the 50m freestyle (long course) at a swimming meet in Amersfoort, Netherlands, shaving off 0.04 of the previous record (23.70) set by Germany's Klaus Steinbach nearly a year ago: 23.66.
  • April 10 – Chris Cavanaugh betters his own world record in the 50m freestyle (long course) at a swimming meet in Austin, Texas (USA): 23.12. At the same event (and on the same day), two other swimmers from the United States, Rowdy Gaines and Bruce Stahl, go under his time, clocking 22.96 and 22.83 respectively.
  • August 15 – USA's Joe Bottom betters the world record in the 50m freestyle (long course) at a meet in Honolulu, Hawaii, shaving off 0.12 of the previous record (22.83) set by Bruce Stahl four months earlier: 22.71.


Water polo[edit]

Yacht racing[edit]