1981 Indonesian Grand Prix

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An exhibition of 'Formula' cars at Ancol Circuit in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The Indonesian Government and Jakarta Racing Club invited the Australian team, with Pit stop crew, to attend the Indonesian Grand Prix for motor cycles. Team Manager and co-ordinator was John Lanyon, well known as manager of the Ansett Elfin Team.

The Team consisted of Grahame Blee (Cheetah Mk6/GE-Toyota), Tom Crozier (Cheetah Mk7/GE-Toyota), Tom Crozier (Cheetah Mk7/Gemini), Bob Prendergast (Cheetah Mk7/Golf), Hugh Gartley (Cheetah Mk7/Toyota), Peter Beehag (Cheetah Mk7/Golf) and David Crabtree (Cheetah Mk6/Ford). Brian Shead, designer and constructor of the Cheetah cars, was on hand to look after the cars, and several other Australian Formula Two drivers were also along to give a helping hand.

Along with the Aussies were two Asian drivers - well known Singapore Pacific driver, Sonny Rajah, trying out his new Ralt RT4, and local Indonesian, Tinton Soeprapto, driving the ex-Graeme Lawrence March Formula Pacific car.