1981 Skate Canada International

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1981 Skate Canada International
Season: 1981-1982
Location: Ottawa
Men's singles:
West Germany Norbert Schramm
Ladies' singles:
Canada Tracey Wainman
Ice dancing:
United States Carol Fox / Richard Dalley



The 1981 Skate Canada International was the Skate Canada International competition of the 1981–1982 figure skating season. Medals were awarded in the disciplines of men's singles, ladies' singles, and ice dancing.

In 1981, Skate Canada International was held in Ottawa, Ontario.



Norbert Schramm won the compulsory figures, and took both second places in short and free program (receiving in free skate five 5.7 marks for technical merit and five 5.8 for artistic impression). Brian Orser was only 4th in the figures, but he was 1st in the short, and won the free skate, completed a triple axel jump, received seven 5.9 for technical merit. Vitaly Egorov also have trying a triple axel.[1]

Rank Name Nation Total
1 Norbert Schramm  West Germany 3.4
2 Brian Orser  Canada 3.8
3 Jozef Sabovčík  Czechoslovakia 5.4
4 Grzegorz Filipowski  Poland 7.4
5 Mark Cockerell  United States 10.6
6 Vitali Egorov  Soviet Union 11.4
7 Kevin Parker  Canada 14.8
8 Christopher Howarth  United Kingdom 16.6
WD Gordon Forbes  Canada


Tracey Wainman captured first place, being only third in each part of competition (figures, short and free program). Rosalynn Sumners won the free skate.

Rank Name Nation Total
1 Tracey Wainman  Canada 6.0
2 Rosalynn Sumners  United States 6.6
3 Kira Ivanova  Soviet Union 7.0
4 Claudia Kristofics-Binder  Austria 7.6
5 Priscilla Hill  United States 8.2
6 Elizabeth Manley  Canada 9.0
7 Karen Wood  United Kingdom 15.2
8 Reiko Kobayashi  Japan 17.0
9 Catarina Lindgren  Sweden 17.2
10 Anne-Sophie de Kristoffy  France 18.2
11 Claudia Leistner  West Germany 21.0
12 Paivi Nieminen  Finland 23.0

Ice Dancing[edit]

Rank Name Nation
1 Carol Fox / Richard Dalley  United States
2 Karen Barber / Nicky Slater  United Kingdom
3 Natalia Karamysheva / Rostislav Sinitsyn  Soviet Union
6 Kelly Johnson / Kris Barber  Canada
9 Tracey Michael / Kerry Spong  Canada