1982 El Salvador earthquake

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1982 El Salvador earthquake
1982 El Salvador earthquake is located in Central America
1982 El Salvador earthquake
Date 19 June 1982 (1982-06-19)
Magnitude Ms 7.2
Depth 82 km
Epicenter 13°19′N 89°20′W / 13.31°N 89.34°W / 13.31; -89.34
Casualties 8

The 1982 El Salvador earthquake occurred on 19 June 1982 at 00:21 local time (06:21 UTC). It was an Ms 7.2 earthquake, with epicenter being located in the Pacific Ocean about 60 km southeast of San Salvador, El Salvador. 8 people were reported dead, and 1630 houses were damaged. The earthquake triggered many landslides.[1] The intensity in San Salvador reached MM VII.[2][3] The most affected cities are San Salvador, Ahuachapán, Concepción de Ataco, Comasagua, San Miguel, San Pedro Nonualco, and San Juan Tepezontes.[4] This earthquake could be felt in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica, with intensities MM V in Guatemala City, Guatemala, MM IV in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, MM V in Managua, Nicaragua, and MM III in San Jose, Costa Rica.[5][6] Near the Salvadorian coast, the Cocos Plate is subducting beneath the Caribbean Plate at the Middle America Trench. This earthquake was an intra-slab, normal-slip subduction earthquake in the subducting plate. The subduction zone and a local system of faults along the volcanic chain are two major sources of the earthquakes in El Salvador.[7][8][9] The mechanism of this earthquake had many similarities with the El Salvador earthquake of 13 January 2001.[10]

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