FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 1982

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FIS Nordic World Ski Championships
Host cityOslo
Country Norway
Opening ceremonyFebruary 19, 1982 (1982-02-19)
Closing ceremonyFebruary 28, 1982 (1982-02-28)
Main venueHolmenkollen National Arena
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1984 →
2004 picture of the ski jump used for the 1982 championships.

The FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 1982 took place 19–28 February 1982 in Oslo, Norway at the Holmenkollen ski arena. This was Oslo's record-tying fourth time hosting the event after previously doing so in 1930, the 1952 Winter Olympics, and 1966. The Nordic combined 3 × 10 km team event and the ski jumping team large hill events were added to these championships. It was also the year in which cross country competitions had the freestyle (or skating) technique debuted and that electronic timing returned to scoring the results in tenths of a second after Sweden's Thomas Wassberg edged out Finland's Juha Mieto by 0.01 seconds in the men's 15 km event at the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid. The timing of the event in tenths of a second has continued as of 2011 in all Nordic skiing events.

Men's cross country[edit]

15 km[edit]

23 February 1982

Medal Athlete Time
Gold  Oddvar Brå (NOR) 38:52.5
Silver  Aleksandr Zavyalov (URS) 39:02.1
Bronze  Harri Kirvesniemi (FIN) 39:02.3

30 km[edit]

20 February 1982

Medal Athlete Time
Gold  Thomas Eriksson (SWE) 1:21:52.3
Silver  Lars Erik Eriksen (NOR) 1:22:13.9
Bronze  Bill Koch (USA) 1:22:14.8

Bill Koch, who developed the freestyle technique used in cross country skiing, was the first American to medal at the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships.

50 km[edit]

27 February 1982

Medal Athlete Time
Gold  Thomas Wassberg (SWE) 2:32:00.9
Silver  Yuriy Burlakov (URS) 2:32:34.3
Bronze  Lars-Erik Eriksen (NOR) 2:32:49.9

4 × 10 km relay[edit]

25 February 1982[1][2]

Medal Team Time
Gold  Norway (Lars Erik Eriksen, Ove Aunli, Pål Gunnar Mikkelsplass, Oddvar Brå) 1:56:27.6
Gold  Soviet Union (Vladimir Nikitin, Aleksandr Batyuk, Yuriy Burlakov, Aleksandr Zavyalov) 1:56:27.6
Bronze  Finland (Kari Härkönen, Aki Karvonen, Harri Kirvesniemi, Juha Mieto) 1:58:49.4
Bronze  East Germany (Uwe Bellmann, Uwe Wünsch, Stefan Schicker, Frank Schröder) 1:58:49.4

Women's cross country[edit]

5 km[edit]

22 February 1982

Medal Athlete Time
Gold  Berit Aunli (NOR) 15:30.2
Silver  Hilkka Riihivuori (FIN) 15:35.6
Bronze  Brit Pettersen (NOR) 15:48.2

10 km[edit]

19 February 1982

Medal Athlete Time
Gold  Berit Aunli (NOR) 29:25.9
Silver  Hilkka Riihivuori (FIN) 29:46.5
Bronze  Květa Jeriová (TCH) 30:15.8

20 km[edit]

26 February 1982

Medal Athlete Time
Gold  Raisa Smetanina (URS) 1:06:16.9
Silver  Berit Aunli (NOR) 1:06:20.3
Bronze  Hilkka Riihivuori (FIN) 1:07:29.6

4 × 5 km relay[edit]

24 February 1982

Medal Team Time
Gold  Norway (Anette Bøe, Inger Helene Nybråten, Berit Aunli, Brit Pettersen) 1:02:15.9
Silver  Soviet Union (Lyubov Lyadova, Lyubov Zabolotskaya, Raisa Smetanina, Galina Kulakova) 1:02:29.6
Bronze  East Germany (Petra Sölter, Carola Anding, Barbara Petzold, Veronika Hesse) 1:02:57.3

Men's nordic combined[edit]

15 km Individual[edit]

19 February 1982

Medal Athlete Points
Gold  Tom Sandberg (NOR) 426.600
Silver  Konrad Winkler (GDR) 426.560
Bronze  Uwe Dotzauer (GDR) 426.455

3 × 10 km team[edit]

24 February 1982

Medal Team Points
Gold  East Germany (Uwe Dotzauer, Günther Schmieder, Konrad Winkler) 1295.92
Silver  Finland (Jouko Karjalainen, Rauno Miettinen, Jorma Etelälahti) 1243.60
Silver  Norway (Hallstein Bøgseth, Espen Andersen, Tom Sandberg) 1243.60

Men's ski jumping[edit]

Individual normal hill[edit]

21 February 1982

Medal Athlete Points
Gold  Armin Kogler (AUT) 249.3
Silver  Jari Puikkonen (FIN) 248.6
Bronze  Ole Bremseth (NOR) 245.8

Individual large hill[edit]

28 February 1982

Medal Athlete Points
Gold  Matti Nykänen (FIN) 257.9
Silver  Olav Hansson (NOR) 255.1
Bronze  Armin Kogler (AUT) 244.7

Team large hill[edit]

26 February 1982

Medal Team Points
Gold  Norway (Johan Sætre, Per Bergerud, Ole Bremseth, Olav Hansson) 718.5
Silver  Austria (Hans Wallner, Hubert Neuper, Armin Kogler, Andreas Felder) 717.6
Bronze  Finland (Keijo Korhonen, Jari Puikkonen, Pentti Kokkonen, Matti Nykänen) 670.8

Medal table[edit]

1 Norway (NOR)74314
2 Soviet Union (URS)2305
3 Sweden (SWE)2002
4 Finland (FIN)1449
5 East Germany (GDR)1135
6 Austria (AUT)1113
7 Czechoslovakia (TCH)0011
 United States (USA)0011
Totals (8 nations)14131340




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