1982 PBA season

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1982 PBA season
Duration March 7, 1982 – December 14, 1982
Number of teams 8
TV partner(s) Vintage Sports (City2)
Reinforced Filipino Conference champions Toyota Super Corollas
  Runners-up San Miguel Beermen
Invitational Conference champions San Miguel Beermen
  Runners-up Crispa Redmanizers
Open Conference champions Toyota Super Corollas
  Runners-up Gilbey's Gin
Season MVP Ramon Fernandez
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The 1982 PBA season was the eighth season of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA).

Season highlights[edit]

  • The start of the year saw the league's membership reduced from 10 teams to just 8, following the disbandment of CDCP and Tefilin franchises.
  • The PBA implement for the first time a playoff post-eliminations format with a series of best-of-three quarterfinals, best-of-five semifinals and best-of-seven finals to determine the champion in the Reinforced Filipino Conference.
  • Toyota Super Corollas won their final two championships in the year, capped by center Ramon Fernandez winning his first Most Valuable Player Award.[1]
  • San Miguel Beer won the Invitational championship over Crispa Redmanizers, for the franchise' 2nd PBA title.
  • Baby Dalupan resigned as Crispa head coach after the Redmanizers got eliminated in the third conference. This season became the second time the multi-titled ballclub did not win any championship during the entire season.

All-Star series[edit]

A PBA North vs South All-Star series were held in Cebu City and Manila. The North and South team split their two-game series. Emerging as the All-Star MVP was Toyota's Arnie Tuadles, who scored 50 points in the first match.

Opening ceremonies[edit]

The muses for the participating teams are as follows:

Team Muse
Crispa Redmanizers Sharon Cuneta, Jackie Lou Blanco and Joyce Ann Burton
Gilbey's Gin Jane Destree and Beth de Mesa
Great Taste Discoverers Sharon Eddiston
Mariwasa-Honda TMXers Tina Maristela
San Miguel Beermen Maya Mahtani
Toyota Super Corollas Vivian Veloso
U/Tex Wranglers Rio Locsin
YCO-Tanduay Maridol Cagdac/Alta Tan/Rosanna Zamora/Nitz Bernardez


Individual awards[edit]

Cumulative standings[edit]

San Miguel Beermen 66 40 26 .606
Gilbey's Gin 47 28 19 .596
Toyota Super Corollas 69 38 31 .551
Crispa Redmanizers 54 28 26 .518
YCO-Tanduay 41 21 20 .512
Great Taste/N-Rich Coffee Creamers 46 19 27 .413
U/Tex Wranglers 55 22 33 .400
Mariwasa-Honda/Galerie Dominique 36 10 26 .278