1982 Stanley Cup playoffs

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1982 Stanley Cup playoffs
Tournament details
DatesApril 7–May 16, 1982
Defending championsNew York Islanders
Final positions
ChampionsNew York Islanders
Runner-upVancouver Canucks

The 1982 Stanley Cup playoffs, the playoff tournament of the National Hockey League (NHL) began on April 7, after the conclusion of the 1981–82 NHL season. The playoffs concluded on May 16 with the champion New York Islanders defeating the Vancouver Canucks 3–1 to win the Final series four games to none and win the Stanley Cup.

The first round of the 1982 playoffs saw three first-place teams (Edmonton, Minnesota, and Montreal) upset by fourth-place teams, a round which featured what is still the greatest comeback in NHL history: The Kings' 6–5 win over Edmonton in game three. After trailing 5–0 after two periods, the Kings scored five third period goals—three in the last 5:22, the final goal coming with only five seconds left in regulation. Los Angeles then scored on a face-off early in overtime, thus completing the "Miracle on Manchester".

The eventual champion New York Islanders nearly capitulated in the first round as well, losing games three and four of their first-round playoff series with Pittsburgh after crushing the Penguins in the first two games. In game five, the Islanders scored twice in the last five minutes to force overtime and then won the series on John Tonelli's goal 6:19 into the extra session. This served as a wake-up call for New York, who lost only two more games the rest of the way on their march to a third straight Stanley Cup. Their Finals opponents, the Vancouver Canucks, finished the regular season with only 77 points, defeating three teams beneath them in the standings (Calgary 75, Los Angeles 63, and Chicago 72) in the much weaker Campbell Conference.

Playoff seeds[edit]

The 1982 playoffs used a new format. Four teams from each division would qualify for the playoffs, and played a best-of-five semifinal round followed by a best-of-seven series to determine the division playoff champions. The Adams and Patrick winners would meet in the Wales Conference Final, while the Norris and Smythe winners played in the Campbell Conference Final. The two Conference Champions played for the Stanley Cup. With the exception of extending the first round to a best-of-seven in 1987, this format remained in place through the 1993 playoffs.

The following teams qualified for the playoffs:

Prince of Wales Conference[edit]

Adams Division[edit]

  1. Montreal Canadiens, Adams Division champions – 109 points
  2. Boston Bruins – 96 points
  3. Buffalo Sabres – 93 points
  4. Quebec Nordiques – 82 points

Patrick Division[edit]

  1. New York Islanders, Patrick Division champions, Prince of Wales Conference regular season champions – 118 points
  2. New York Rangers – 92 points
  3. Philadelphia Flyers – 87 points
  4. Pittsburgh Penguins – 75 points

Clarence Campbell Conference[edit]

Norris Division[edit]

  1. Minnesota North Stars, Norris Division champions – 94 points
  2. Winnipeg Jets – 80 points
  3. St. Louis Blues – 72 points (32 wins)
  4. Chicago Black Hawks – 72 points (30 wins)

Smythe Division[edit]

  1. Edmonton Oilers, Smythe Division champions, Clarence Campbell Conference regular season champions – 111 points
  2. Vancouver Canucks – 77 points
  3. Calgary Flames – 75 points
  4. Los Angeles Kings – 63 points

Playoff bracket[edit]

  Division Semifinals Division Finals Conference Finals Stanley Cup Finals
A1 Montreal 2  
A4 Quebec 3  
  A4 Quebec 4  
Adams Division
  A2 Boston 3  
A2 Boston 3
A3 Buffalo 1  
  A4 Quebec 0  
Prince of Wales Conference
  P1 NY Islanders 4  
P1 NY Islanders 3  
P4 Pittsburgh 2  
  P1 NY Islanders 4
Patrick Division
  P2 NY Rangers 2  
P2 NY Rangers 3
P3 Philadelphia 1  
  P1 NY Islanders 4
  S2 Vancouver 0
N1 Minnesota 1  
N4 Chicago 3  
  N4 Chicago 4
Norris Division
  N3 St. Louis 2  
N2 Winnipeg 1
N3 St. Louis 3  
  N4 Chicago 1
Clarence Campbell Conference
  S2 Vancouver 4  
S1 Edmonton 2  
S4 Los Angeles 3  
  S4 Los Angeles 1
Smythe Division
  S2 Vancouver 4  
S2 Vancouver 3
S3 Calgary 0  

Division Semifinals[edit]

Prince of Wales Conference[edit]

(A1) Montreal Canadiens vs. (A4) Quebec Nordiques[edit]

Dale Hunter scored the game-winning overtime goal in the decisive Game 5 twenty-two seconds into the first OT to help the Nordiques eliminate the Canadiens.

Quebec won series 3–2

(A2) Boston Bruins vs. (A3) Buffalo Sabres[edit]

Boston won series 3–1

(P1) New York Islanders vs. (P4) Pittsburgh Penguins[edit]

John Tonelli scored the game-tying goal late in the third period and game-winning overtime goal in the decisive Game 5 to lift the Islanders over the Penguins.

New York won series 3–2

(P2) New York Rangers vs. (P3) Philadelphia Flyers[edit]

New York won series 3–1

Clarence Campbell Conference[edit]

(N1) Minnesota North Stars vs. (N4) Chicago Black Hawks[edit]

Chicago won series 3–1

(N2) Winnipeg Jets vs. (N3) St. Louis Blues[edit]

St. Louis won series 3–1

(S1) Edmonton Oilers vs. (S4) Los Angeles Kings[edit]

Los Angeles won series 3–2

(S2) Vancouver Canucks vs. (S3) Calgary Flames[edit]

Vancouver won series 3–0

Division Finals[edit]

Prince of Wales Conference[edit]

(A2) Boston Bruins vs. (A4) Quebec Nordiques[edit]

Quebec won series 4–3

(P1) New York Islanders vs. (P2) New York Rangers[edit]

New York Islanders won series 4–2

Clarence Campbell Conference[edit]

(N3) St. Louis Blues vs. (N4) Chicago Black Hawks[edit]

Chicago won series 4–2

(S2) Vancouver Canucks vs. (S4) Los Angeles Kings[edit]

Vancouver won series 4–1

Conference Finals[edit]

Prince of Wales Conference Final[edit]

(P1) New York Islanders vs. (A4) Quebec Nordiques[edit]

New York won series 4–0

Clarence Campbell Conference Final[edit]

(N4) Chicago Black Hawks vs. (S2) Vancouver Canucks[edit]

Vancouver won series 4–1

Stanley Cup Finals[edit]

In the Stanley Cup Final, the Cinderella run of the Vancouver Canucks came to an end with a four-game sweep by the Islanders, winning their third consecutive Stanley Cup.

New York won series 4–0

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