1982 TABA Fairchild FH-227 accident

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1982 TABA Fairchild FH-227 accident
Fairchild-Hil FH.227B PP-BUH Congonhas 06.05.72 edited-2.jpg
A similar FH-227B
Date 12 June 1982
Summary Hit obstacle during approach in bad weather
Site Tabatinga International Airport, Brazil
Aircraft type Fairchild FH-227B
Operator TABA – Transportes Aéreos da Bacia Amazônica
Registration PT-LBV
Flight origin Eirunepé Airport, Eirunepé, Brazil
Destination Tabatinga International Airport, Tabatinga, Brazil
Passengers 40
Crew 4
Fatalities 44 (all)
Survivors 0

The TABA Fairchild FH-227 accident happened on 12 June 1982 when a twin-engined Fairchild FH-227B (registered in Brazil as PT-LBV) on an internal scheduled passenger flight from Eirunepé Airport to Tabatinga International Airport crashed in bad weather.[1] On approach to land at Tabatinga, the aircraft hit a lighting tower and crashed into a car park; the aircraft exploded and burned, and all 44 on board were killed.[2][1]


The aircraft was a Fairchild FH-227B twin-engined turboprop that had been built in the United States in 1967 for Mohawk Airlines.[3] After a number of owners it was bought by TABA in June 1981.[3]


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