1982 United States gubernatorial elections

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1982 United States gubernatorial elections

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38 governorships
36 states; 2 territories
  Majority party Minority party
Party Democratic Republican
Last election 27 governorships 23 governorships
Seats before 27 23
Seats after 34 16
Seat change Increase7 Decrease7

1982 Gubernatorial election map.svg
  Republican holds
  Republican pickups
  Democratic holds
  Democratic pickups

United States gubernatorial elections were held on November 2, 1982 in 36 states and two territories. The Democratic party had a net gain of seven seats. This election coincided with the Senate and the House elections. This was the last election in which a Republican won the gubernatorial race in Oregon.

Election results[edit]

A bolded state name features an article about the specific election.

State Incumbent Party Status Opposing candidates
Alabama Fob James Democratic Retired, Democratic victory George Wallace (Democratic) 57.6%
Emory Folmar (Republican) 39.1%
Leo Suiter (Alabama Conservative) 1.6%
Henry Klingler (Libertarian) 0.7%
John Jackson (Alabama Nat'l Democrat) 0.4%
John Dyer (Prohibition) 0.4%
Martin J. Boyers (Socialist Workers) 0.2%
Alaska Jay Hammond Republican Term-limited, Democratic victory Bill Sheffield (Democratic) 46.1%
Tom Fink (Republican) 37.1%
Dick Randolph (Libertarian) 14.9%
Joe Vogler (Alaskan Ind.) 1.7%
Arizona Bruce Babbitt Democratic Re-elected, 62.5% Leo Corbet (Republican) 32.5%
Sam Steiger (Libertarian) 5.0%
Arkansas Frank D. White Republican Defeated, 45.3% Bill Clinton (Democratic) 54.7%
California Jerry Brown Democratic Retired, Republican victory George Deukmejian (R) 49.3%
Tom Bradley (D) 48.1%
Don P. Dougherty (L) 1.0%
Elizabeth Martinez (PF) 0.9%
James C. Griffin (AI) 0.7%
Colorado Richard Lamm Democratic Re-elected, 65.7% John D. Fuhr (Republican) 31.2%
Paul K. Grant (Libertarian) 2.0%
Earl Dodge (Prohibition) 0.4%
Alan Gummerson (Socialist Workers) 0.3%
Connecticut William O'Neill Democratic Re-elected, 53.7% Lewis B. Rome (Republican) 46.3%
Florida Bob Graham Democratic Re-elected, 64.7% Louis A. Bafalis (Republican) 35.3%
Georgia George Busbee Democratic Term-limited, Democratic victory Joe Frank Harris (Democratic) 62.8%
Robert H. Bell (Republican) 37.2%
Hawaii George Ariyoshi Democratic Re-elected, 45.2% Frank Fasi (Independent Democrat) 28.6%
D. G. Anderson (Republican) 26.1%
Idaho John V. Evans Democratic Re-elected, 52.9% Phil Batt (Republican) 47.1%
Illinois James R. Thompson Republican Re-elected, 49.44% Adlai Stevenson III (Democratic) 49.30%
Bea Armstrong (Libertarian) 0.67%
John E. Roche (U.S. Taxpayers) 0.60%
Iowa Robert D. Ray Republican Retired, Republican victory Terry E. Branstad (Republican) 52.8%
Roxanne Conlin (Democratic) 46.6%
Marcia Farrington (Libertarian) 0.3%
Jim Bittner (Socialist) 0.3%
Kansas John W. Carlin Democratic Re-elected, 53.2% Sam Hardage (Republican) 44.5%
James H. Ward (Libertarian) 1.0%
Frank Shelton (American) 0.8%
Warren C. Martin (Prohibition) 0.6%
Maine Joseph E. Brennan Democratic Re-elected, 61.2% Charles R. Cragin (Republican) 37.7%
Venn Warren (Independent) 0.6%
J. Martin "Marty" Vachon (Independent) 0.6%
Maryland Harry Hughes Democratic Re-elected, 62.0% Robert A. Pascal (Republican) 38.0%
Massachusetts Edward J. King Democratic Defeated in primary, Democratic victory Michael Dukakis (Democratic) 59.5%
John W. Sears (Republican) 36.6%
Frank Rich (Independent) 3.1%
Rebecca Shipman (Libertarian) 0.9%
Michigan William Milliken Republican Retired, Democratic victory James Blanchard (Democratic) 51.4%
Richard Headlee (Republican) 45.1%
Robert Tisch (Tisch Ind. Citizens) 2.6%
Dick Jacobs (Libertarian) 0.5%
James Phillips (American Ind.) 0.2%
Leslie E. Craine (Socialist Workers) 0.1%
Martin P. McLaughlin (Workers League) 0.1%
Minnesota Al Quie Republican Retired, Democratic victory Rudy Perpich (Democratic) 58.6%
Wheelock Whitney (Republican) 40.0%
Kathy Wheeler (Socialist Workers) 0.6%
Tom McDonald (Honest Government) 0.5%
Franklin H. Haws (Libertarian) 0.4%
Nebraska Charles Thone Republican Defeated, 49.3% Bob Kerrey (Democratic) 50.7%
Nevada Robert List Republican Defeated, 41.8% Richard Bryan (Democratic) 53.4%
None of These Candidates 2.9%
Dan Becan (Libertarian) 1.9%
New Hampshire Hugh Gallen Democratic Defeated, 46.8% John H. Sununu (Republican) 51.5%
Meldrim Thomson, Jr. (Independent) 1.7%
New Mexico Bruce King Democratic Term-limited, Democratic victory Toney Anaya (Democratic) 53.0%
John B. Irick (Republican) 47.0%
New York Hugh Carey Democratic Retired, Democratic victory Mario Cuomo (Democratic) 50.9%
Lewis Lehrman (Republican) 47.5%
Robert J. Bohner (Right to Life) 1.0%
John H. Northrup (Libertarian) 0.3%
Jane Benedict (Unity) 0.1%
Nancy Ross (New Alliance) 0.1%
Diane Wang (Socialist Workers) 0.1%
Ohio Jim Rhodes Republican Term-limited, Democratic victory Dick Celeste (Democratic) 59.0%
Bud Brown (Republican) 38.9%
Phyllis Goetz (Libertarian) 1.2%
Kurt O. Landefiled (Independent) 0.5%
Erwin Reupert (Independent) 0.4%
Oklahoma George Nigh Democratic Re-elected, 62.1% Tom Daxon (Republican) 37.6%
Allah-U Akbar Allah-U Wahid (Independent) 0.3%
Oregon Victor G. Atiyeh Republican Re-elected, 63.1% Ted Kulongoski (Democratic) 36.9%
Pennsylvania Dick Thornburgh Republican Re-elected, 50.8% Allen E. Ertel (Democratic) 48.1%
Mark Zola (Socialist Workers) 0.4%
Lee Frissell (Consumer) 0.4%
Richard D. Fuerle (Libertarian) 0.3%
Rhode Island John Garrahy Democratic Re-elected, 73.3% Vincent Marzullo (Republican) 23.6%
Hilary R. Salk (Independent) 2.1%
Peter Van Daam (Independent) 1.0%
South Carolina Richard Riley Democratic Re-elected, 69.8% W. D. Workman, Jr. (Republican) 30.2%
South Dakota Bill Janklow Republican Re-elected, 70.9% Mike O'Connor (Democratic) 29.1%
Tennessee Lamar Alexander Republican Re-elected, 59.6% Randy Tyree (Democratic) 40.4%
Texas Bill Clements Republican Defeated, 45.9% Mark White (Democratic) 53.2%
David Hutzelman (Libertarian) 0.6%
Bob Poteet (U.S. Taxpayers) 0.3%
Vermont Richard A. Snelling Republican Re-elected, 55.0% Madeleine M. Kunin (Democratic) 44.0%
Richard Gottlieb (Liberty Union) 0.5%
John L. Buttolph III (Libertarian) 0.5%
Wisconsin Lee S. Dreyfus Republican Retired, Democratic victory Tony Earl (Democratic) 56.8%
Terry Kohler (Republican) 42.0%
Larry Smiley (Libertarian) 0.6%
James Wickstrom (U.S. Taxpayers) 0.5%
Peter Seidman (Socialist Workers) 0.2%
Wyoming Edgar Herschler Democratic Re-elected, 63.1% Warren A. Morton (Republican) 36.9%

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