1982 Virginia ballot measures

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The 1982 Virginia State Elections took place on Election Day, November 2, 1982, the same day as the U.S. House elections in the state. The only statewide elections on the ballot were three constitutional referendums to amend the Virginia State Constitution. Because Virginia state elections are held on off-years, no statewide officers or state legislative elections were held. All referendums were referred to the voters by the Virginia General Assembly.[1]

Question 1[edit]

This amendment asked voters to change the information required to register to vote by deleting marital status and occupation and by including any prior legal name.

Question 1
Choice Votes %
Referendum passed Yes 634,533 58.13
No 456,975 41.87
Total votes 1,091,508 100.00
Source: - Official Results

Question 2[edit]

This amendment would have changed Section 1 of Article II to authorize restoration of civil rights to felons as may be provided by general law. However, it was rejected by voters.

Question 2
Choice Votes %
Referendum failed No 685,753 63.37
Yes 396,322 36.63
Total votes 1,082,075 100.00
Source: - Official Results

Question 3[edit]

This amendment would have authorized the Virginia General Assembly to limit the introduction of legislation in odd-years, when legislative sessions are shorter. Voters did not approve of the amendment and it was rejected.

Question 3
Choice Votes %
Referendum failed No 689,085 65.03
Yes 370,563 34.97
Total votes 1,059,648 100.00
Source: - Official Results