1983–84 UEFA Cup

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1983–84 UEFA Cup
Tournament details
Dates14 September 1983 – 23 May 1984
Teams64 (from 32 associations)
Final positions
ChampionsEngland Tottenham Hotspur (2nd title)
Runners-upBelgium Anderlecht
Tournament statistics
Matches played126
Top scorer(s)Tibor Nyilasi (8 goals)

The 1983–84 UEFA Cup was won by Tottenham Hotspur on penalties over Anderlecht.

Association ranking[edit]

For the 1983–84 UEFA Cup, the associations are allocated places according to their 1982 UEFA country coefficients, which takes into account their performance in European competitions from 1977–78 to 1981–82.

Rank Association Coeff. Teams
1 West Germany West Germany 51.999 4
2 England England 37.902
3 Netherlands Netherlands 35.466
4 Spain Spain 34.599 3
5 Belgium Belgium 31.066
6 France France 29.550
7 East Germany East Germany 29.450
8 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia 28.800
9 Soviet Union Soviet Union 25.966 2
10 Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia 24.050 3*
11 Switzerland Switzerland 22.150 2
12 Italy Italy 26.165
13 Portugal Portugal 21.750
14 Scotland Scotland 21.750
15 Sweden Sweden 19.500
16 Romania Romania 16.750
Rank Association Coeff. Teams
17 Bulgaria Bulgaria 16.700 2
18 Hungary Hungary 15.570
19 Denmark Denmark 15.166
20 Austria Austria 13.750
21 Wales Wales 13.000 0
22 Greece Greece 12.500 2
23 Poland Poland 11.850 1
24 Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland 8.999
25 Norway Norway 7.583
26 Albania Albania 5.500 0
27 Northern Ireland Northern Ireland 4.999 1
28 Turkey Turkey 4.833
29 Cyprus Cyprus 4.332
30 Luxembourg Luxembourg 3.666
31 Iceland Iceland 3.664
32 Malta Malta 3.331
33 Finland Finland 2.499

(*) As Albania renounced.


The labels in the parentheses show how each team qualified for competition:

  • TH: Title holders
  • CW: Cup winners
  • CR: Cup runners-up
  • LC: League Cup winners
  • 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, etc.: League position
  • P-W: End-of-season European competition play-offs winners
West Germany Werder Bremen (2nd) West Germany VfB Stuttgart (3rd) West Germany Bayern Munich (4th) West Germany Kaiserslautern (6th)
England Watford (2nd) England Tottenham Hotspur (4th) England Nottingham Forest (5th) England Aston Villa (6th)
Netherlands Feyenoord (2nd) Netherlands PSV (3rd) Netherlands Sparta Rotterdam (4th) Netherlands FC Groningen (5th)
Spain Real Madrid (2nd) Spain Atlético Madrid (3rd) Spain Sevilla (5th) Belgium Anderlecht (2nd)
Belgium Royal Antwerp (3rd) Belgium Gent (4th) France Bordeaux (2nd) France Lens (4th)
France Stade Lavallois (5th) East Germany Vorwärts Frankfurt (2nd) East Germany Carl Zeiss Jena (3rd) East Germany Lokomotive Leipzig (4th)
Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Hajduk Split (2nd) Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Radnički Niš (4th) Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Red Star Belgrade (5th) Soviet Union Dynamo Kyiv (2nd)
Soviet Union Spartak Moscow (3rd) Czechoslovakia Baník Ostrava (2nd) Czechoslovakia Sparta Prague (3rd) Czechoslovakia Inter Bratislava (4th)
Switzerland St. Gallen (2nd) Switzerland FC Zürich (3rd) Italy Internazionale (3rd) Italy Verona (4th)
Portugal Sporting CP (3rd) Portugal Vitória S.C. (4th) Scotland Celtic (2nd) Scotland St Mirren (5th)
Sweden IF Elfsborg (3rd) Sweden Malmö FF (4th) Romania Universitatea Craiova (2nd) Romania Sportul Studenţesc (3rd)
Bulgaria Levski Sofia (2nd) Bulgaria Lokomotiv Plovdiv (CW) Hungary Ferencváros (2nd) Hungary Budapest Honvéd (3rd)
Denmark AGF (2nd) Denmark B 1903 (3rd) Austria Austria Wien (2nd) Austria Sturm Graz (4th)
Greece Larissa (2nd) Greece PAOK (4th) Poland Widzew Łódź (2nd) Republic of Ireland Drogheda United (2nd)
Norway Bryne (2nd) Northern Ireland Coleraine (3rd) Turkey Trabzonspor (2nd) Cyprus Anorthosis (2nd)
Luxembourg Aris Bonnevoie (3rd) Iceland ÍBV (2nd) Malta Rabat Ajax (3rd) Finland HJK (2nd)

First round[edit]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Kaiserslautern West Germany 3–4 England Watford 3–1 (Report) 0–3 (Report)
Sparta Prague Czechoslovakia 4–3 Spain Real Madrid 3–2 (Report) 1–1 (Report)
Larissa Greece 2–3 Hungary Budapest Honvéd 2–0 (Report) 0–3(aet) (Report)
Anorthosis Cyprus 0–11 West Germany Bayern Munich 0–1 (Report) 0–10 (Report)
Atlético Madrid Spain 2–4 Netherlands FC Groningen 2–1 (Report) 0–3 (Report)
Bryne Norway 1–4 Belgium Anderlecht 0–3 (Report) 1–1 (Report)
Celtic Scotland 5–1 Denmark AGF 1–0 (Report) 4–1 (Report)
Drogheda United Republic of Ireland 0–14 England Tottenham Hotspur 0–6 (Report) 0–8 (Report)
Aris Bonnevoie Luxembourg 0–15 Austria Austria Wien 0–5 (Report) 0–10 (Report)
Baník Ostrava Czechoslovakia 6–1 Denmark B 1903 5–0 (Report) 1–1 (Report)
Dynamo Kyiv Soviet Union 0–1 France Stade Lavallois 0–0 (Report) 0–1 (Report)
Bordeaux France 2–7 East Germany Lokomotive Leipzig 2–3 (Report) 0–4 (Report)
Spartak Moscow Soviet Union 7–0 Finland HJK 2–0 (Report) 5–0 (Report)
Universitatea Craiova Romania 1–1(p) Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Hajduk Split 1–0 (Report) 0–1 (Report)
FC Zürich Switzerland 3–8 Belgium Royal Antwerp 1–4 (Report) 2–4 (Report)
Verona Italy 4–2 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Red Star Belgrade 1–0 (Report) 3–2 (Report)
ÍBV Iceland 0–3 East Germany Carl Zeiss Jena 0–0 (Report) 0–3 (Report)
Gent Belgium 2–3 France Lens 1–1 (Report) 1–2(aet) (Report)
Nottingham Forest England 3–0 East Germany Vorwärts Frankfurt 2–0 (Report) 1–0 (Report)
Lokomotiv Plovdiv Bulgaria 2–5 Greece PAOK 1–2 (Report) 1–3 (Report)
PSV Netherlands 6–2 Hungary Ferencváros 4–2 (Report) 2–0 (Report)
Rabat Ajax Malta 0–16 Czechoslovakia Inter Bratislava 0–10 (Report) 0–6 (Report)
Radnički Niš Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 5–1 Switzerland St. Gallen 3–0 (Report) 2–1 (Report)
Sevilla Spain 3–4 Portugal Sporting CP 1–1 (Report) 2–3 (Report)
Sparta Rotterdam Netherlands 5–1 Northern Ireland Coleraine 4–0 (Report) 1–1 (Report)
Sportul Studenţesc Romania 1–2 Austria Sturm Graz 1–2 (Report) 0–0 (Report)
St Mirren Scotland 0–3 Netherlands Feyenoord 0–1 (Report) 0–2 (Report)
Trabzonspor Turkey 1–2 Italy Internazionale 1–0 (Report) 0–2 (Report)
VfB Stuttgart West Germany 1–2 Bulgaria Levski Sofia 1–1 (Report) 0–1 (Report)
Vitória S.C. Portugal 1–5 England Aston Villa 1–0 (Report) 0–5 (Report)
Werder Bremen West Germany 3–2 Sweden Malmö FF 1–1 (Report) 2–1 (Report)
Widzew Łódź Poland (a)2–2 Sweden IF Elfsborg 0–0 (Report) 2–2 (Report)

First leg[edit]

Rabat Ajax Malta0–10Czechoslovakia Inter Bratislava
Březík Goal 15'24'35'88'
Koník Goal 26'28'
Hudec Goal 51'
Reznák Goal 62'75'
Tomčák Goal 82'

Baník Ostrava Czechoslovakia5–0Denmark B 1903
Válek Goal 6'20'
Šreiner Goal 43'47'
Zajaroš Goal 86'
Attendance: 5,500

ÍBV Iceland0–0East Germany Carl Zeiss Jena

Sportul Studenţesc Romania1–2Austria Sturm Graz
I. Munteanu Goal 31' Szokolai Goal 75'
Jurtin Goal 82'
Attendance: 7,000
Referee: Sadik Deda (Turkey)

Widzew Łódź Poland0–0Sweden IF Elfsborg

Larissa Greece2–0Hungary Budapest Honvéd
Maloumidis Goal 15' (pen.)
Kmiecik Goal 76'
Attendance: 10,448

Drogheda United Republic of Ireland0–6England Tottenham Hotspur
Falco Goal 5'74'
Crooks Goal 33'
Galvin Goal 44'
Mabbutt Goal 51'81'
Attendance: 7,000

Sparta Prague Czechoslovakia3–2Spain Real Madrid
Chovanec Goal 27'
Procházka Goal 53'
Griga Goal 78'
Santillana Goal 40'
Juanito Goal 60'
Attendance: 40,000
Referee: Alain Delmer (France)

Spartak Moscow Soviet Union2–0Finland HJK
Argudyayev Goal 13'
Gladilin Goal 88'

Trabzonspor Turkey1–0Italy Internazionale
Tuncay Goal 88'

Dynamo Kyiv Soviet Union0–0France Stade Lavallois
Attendance: 49,800

Universitatea Craiova Romania1–0Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Hajduk Split
Geolgău Goal 86'
Attendance: 40,000

Vitória S.C. Portugal1–0England Aston Villa
Gregório Freixo Goal 82' (pen.)

Bryne Norway0–3Belgium Anderlecht
Vandereycken Goal 33'
Guðjohnsen Goal 53'
Vandenbergh Goal 75'
Attendance: 2,417

Lokomotiv Plovdiv Bulgaria1–2Greece PAOK
Sadakov Goal 72' (pen.) Dimopoulos Goal 42'
Georgopoulos Goal 48'

Anorthosis Cyprus0–1West Germany Bayern Munich
Mathy Goal 32'
Attendance: 18,000

PSV Netherlands4–2Hungary Ferencváros
Koolhof Goal 19'80'
Thoresen Goal 20'40'
Ebedli Goal 37'
Kvaszta Goal 68'

Kaiserslautern West Germany3–1England Watford
Allofs Goal 9'
Nilsson Goal 55'85'
Gilligan Goal 16'

Aris Bonnevoie Luxembourg0–5Austria Austria Wien
Drabits Goal 38'
Nyilasi Goal 41'
Prohaska Goal 58'79'82' (pen.)

FC Zürich Switzerland1–4Belgium Royal Antwerp
Baur Goal 28' Pétursson Goal 13'17'67'
Cnops Goal 89'
Attendance: 6,350

Gent Belgium1–1France Lens
Busk Goal 37' Ogaza Goal 55'

Radnički Niš Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia3–0Switzerland St. Gallen
Beganović Goal 4' (pen.)
Stojković Goal 37'
Rinčić Goal 65'
Attendance: 21,000
Referee: Ioan Igna (Romania)

Sparta Rotterdam Netherlands4–0Northern Ireland Coleraine
Olde Riekerink Goal 14' (pen.)21'
Lengkeek Goal 64'67'

VfB Stuttgart West Germany1–1Bulgaria Levski Sofia
Kelsch Goal 76' Valchev Goal 78'
Attendance: 17,500
Referee: Ron Bridges (Wales)

Werder Bremen West Germany1–1Sweden Malmö FF
Reinders Goal 66' (pen.) Sunesson Goal 76'
Attendance: 19,750
Referee: Kenny Hope (Scotland)

Celtic Scotland1–0Denmark AGF
Aitken Goal 63'
Attendance: 23,569

Bordeaux France2–3East Germany Lokomotive Leipzig
Girard Goal 63'
Giresse Goal 72'
Zötzsche Goal 15' (pen.)
Richter Goal 51'86'

Verona Italy1–0Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Red Star Belgrade
Fanna Goal 19' (pen.)

Nottingham Forest England2–0East Germany Vorwärts Frankfurt
Wallace Goal 16'
Hodge Goal 61'
Attendance: 14,994

St Mirren Scotland0–1Netherlands Feyenoord
Gullit Goal 29'
Attendance: 10,301

Atlético Madrid Spain2–1Netherlands FC Groningen
Marina Goal 85'
Waalderbos Goal 89' (o.g.)
McDonald Goal 56'

Sevilla Spain1–1Portugal Sporting CP
Magdaleno Goal 18' Manuel Fernandes Goal 72'

Second leg[edit]

Inter Bratislava Czechoslovakia6–0Malta Rabat Ajax
Mráz Goal 11'
Tomčák Goal 39'60'76' (pen.)88'
Březík Goal 85'

Inter Bratislava won 16–0 on aggregate.

St. Gallen Switzerland1–2Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Radnički Niš
Ritter Goal 65' Mitošević Goal 62'
Aleksić Goal 82'
Attendance: 10,200

Radnički Niš won 5–1 on aggregate.

Royal Antwerp Belgium4–2Switzerland FC Zürich
Fazekas Goal 50' (pen.)84'
Petrović Goal 74'
Van Der Linden Goal 76'
Landolt Goal 69'
Rufer Goal 80'
Attendance: 12,500
Referee: Howard King (Wales)

Royal Antwerp won 8–3 on aggregate.

Budapest Honvéd Hungary3–0 (a.e.t.)Greece Larissa
Dajka Goal 53'70'115'

Budapest Honvéd won 3–2 on aggregate.

Lokomotive Leipzig East Germany4–0France Bordeaux
Schöne Goal 11'
Dennstedt Goal 13'
Richter Goal 34'73'

Lokomotive Leipzig won 7–2 on aggregate.

Coleraine Northern Ireland1–1Netherlands Sparta Rotterdam
Healy Goal 63' Holverda Goal 51'
Attendance: 1,500
Referee: Rolf Haugen (Norway)

Sparta Rotterdam won 5–1 on aggregate.

HJK Finland0–5Soviet Union Spartak Moscow
Gavrilov Goal 13'28'57' (pen.)82' (pen.)
Cherenkov Goal 43'

Spartak Moscow won 7–0 on aggregate.

Red Star Belgrade Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia2–3Italy Verona
B. Ǵurovski Goal 17'
M. Ǵurovski Goal 58'
Sacchetti Goal 34'
Galderisi Goal 65'83'
Attendance: 75,000

Verona won 4–2 on aggregate.

1–1 on aggregate. Hajduk Split won 3–1 on penalties.

Vorwärts Frankfurt East Germany0–1England Nottingham Forest
Bowyer Goal 66'

Nottingham Forest won 3–0 on aggregate.

B 1903 Denmark1–1Czechoslovakia Baník Ostrava
Koch Goal 32' Lička Goal 15'

Baník Ostrava won 6–1 on aggregate.

Ferencváros Hungary0–2Netherlands PSV
Thoresen Goal 26'
Koolhof Goal 55'
Attendance: 18,000

PSV won 6–2 on aggregate.

Austria Wien Austria10–0Luxembourg Aris Bonnevoie
Magyar Goal 11'
Daxbacher Goal 17'
Nyilasi Goal 20'25'69'89'
Drabits Goal 23'34'
Polster Goal 65'
Zore Goal 82'

Austria Wien won 15–0 on aggregate.

PAOK Greece3–1Bulgaria Lokomotiv Plovdiv
Kostikos Goal 44'
Skartados Goal 66'
Dimopoulos Goal 75' (pen.)
Eranosyan Goal 13'
Attendance: 23,000

PAOK won 5–2 on aggregate.

Malmö FF Sweden1–2West Germany Werder Bremen
Rönnberg Goal 37' (pen.) Pezzey Goal 47'
Sidka Goal 57'
Attendance: 16,950
Referee: Joe Worrall (England)

Werder Bremen won 3–2 on aggregate.

IF Elfsborg Sweden2–2Poland Widzew Łódź
T. Svensson Goal 28'
Bergström Goal 85'
Kajrys Goal 80'
Dziekanowski Goal 84'
Attendance: 8,000

2–2 on aggregate. Widzew Łódź won on away goals.

AGF Denmark1–4Scotland Celtic
Scheepers Goal 76' MacLeod Goal 20'
McGarvey Goal 26'
Aitken Goal 47'
Provan Goal 80'

Celtic won 5–1 on aggregate.

Sturm Graz Austria0–0Romania Sportul Studenţesc

Sturm Graz won 2-1 on aggregate.

Levski Sofia Bulgaria1–0West Germany VfB Stuttgart
Valchev Goal 89'
Attendance: 65,000

Levski Sofia won 2–1 on aggregate.

Bayern Munich West Germany10–0Cyprus Anorthosis
K.-H. Rummenigge Goal 8'30'
Augenthaler Goal 17'41'80'
M. Rummenigge Goal 19'
Dremmler Goal 26'
Lerby Goal 34'
Del'Haye Goal 75'
Kraus Goal 79'
Attendance: 8,000
Referee: Edwin Borg (Malta)

Bayern Munich won 11–0 on aggregate.

FC Groningen Netherlands3–0Spain Atlético Madrid
Jans Goal 14'
Koeman Goal 78'
van Dijk Goal 83'

FC Groningen won 4–2 on aggregate.

Anderlecht Belgium1–1Norway Bryne
Czerniatynski Goal 44' Mæland Goal 82'

Anderlecht won 4–1 on aggregate.

Stade Lavallois France1–0Soviet Union Dynamo Kyiv
Souto Goal 34'

Stade Lavallois won 1–0 on aggregate.

Carl Zeiss Jena East Germany3–0Iceland ÍBV
Bielau Goal 53'61'
Trocha Goal 54'
Attendance: 12,500

Carl Zeiss Jena won 3–0 on aggregate.

Lens France2–1 (a.e.t.)Belgium Gent
Tłokiński Goal 75'
Piette Goal 92'
Koudijzer Goal 54'

Lens won 3–2 on aggregate.

Feyenoord Netherlands2–0Scotland St Mirren
van Til Goal 58'
Zhelyazkov Goal 76'
Attendance: 18,286

Feyenoord won 3–0 on aggregate.

Watford England3–0West Germany Kaiserslautern
Richardson Goal 4'56'
Melzer Goal 8' (o.g.)
Attendance: 21,457

Watford won 4–3 on aggregate.

Tottenham Hotspur England8–0Republic of Ireland Drogheda United
Falco Goal 17'35'
Roberts Goal 26'41'
Brazil Goal 50'74'
Archibald Goal 56'
Hughton Goal 60'
Attendance: 19,831

Tottenham Hotspur won 14–0 on aggregate.

Internazionale Italy2–0Turkey Trabzonspor
Altobelli Goal 48' (pen.)
Collovati Goal 86'

Internazionale won 2–1 on aggregate.

Aston Villa England5–0Portugal Vitória S.C.
Withe Goal 2'48'89'
Ormsby Goal 56'
Gibson Goal 74'
Attendance: 23,732

Aston Villa won 5–1 on aggregate.

Real Madrid Spain1–1Czechoslovakia Sparta Prague
Isidro Goal 23' Skuhravý Goal 74'

Sparta Prague won 4–3 on aggregate.

Sporting CP Portugal3–2Spain Sevilla
Buyo Goal 33' (o.g.)
Mário Jorge Goal 59'
Oliveira Goal 88'
Montero Goal 27'
Francisco Goal 47'
Attendance: 65,000
Referee: Luigi Agnolin (Italy)

Sporting CP won 4–3 on aggregate.

Second round[edit]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Budapest Honvéd Hungary 3–5 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Hajduk Split 3–2 (Report) 0–3 (Report)
FC Groningen Netherlands 3–5 Italy Internazionale 2–0 (Report) 1–5 (Report)
Spartak Moscow Soviet Union 4–3 England Aston Villa 2–2 (Report) 2–1 (Report)
Austria Wien Austria 5–3 France Stade Lavallois 2–0 (Report) 3–3 (Report)
Verona Italy 2–2(a) Austria Sturm Graz 2–2 (Report) 0–0 (Report)
Lokomotive Leipzig East Germany 2–1 West Germany Werder Bremen 1–0 (Report) 1–1 (Report)
PAOK Greece 0–0(p) West Germany Bayern Munich 0–0 (Report) 0–0 (Report)
PSV Netherlands 1–3 England Nottingham Forest 1–2 (Report) 0–1 (Report)
Anderlecht Belgium 4–2 Czechoslovakia Baník Ostrava 2–0 (Report) 2–2 (Report)
Radnički Niš Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 6–3 Czechoslovakia Inter Bratislava 4–0 (Report) 2–3 (Report)
Lens France 5–4 Belgium Royal Antwerp 2–2 (Report) 3–2 (Report)
Sparta Rotterdam Netherlands 4–3 East Germany Carl Zeiss Jena 3–2 (Report) 1–1 (Report)
Sporting CP Portugal 2–5 Scotland Celtic 2–0 (Report) 0–5 (Report)
Tottenham Hotspur England 6–2 Netherlands Feyenoord 4–2 (Report) 2–0 (Report)
Watford England 4–2 Bulgaria Levski Sofia 1–1 (Report) 3–1(aet) (Report)
Widzew Łódź Poland 1–3 Czechoslovakia Sparta Prague 1–0 (Report) 0–3 (Report)

First leg[edit]

Widzew Łódź Poland1–0Czechoslovakia Sparta Prague
Wójcicki Goal 42'
Attendance: 25,250
Referee: Ioan Igna (Romania)

Lokomotive Leipzig East Germany1–0West Germany Werder Bremen
Richter Goal 35'

Budapest Honvéd Hungary3–2Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Hajduk Split
Dajka Goal 32'
Bodonyi Goal 41'
Varga Goal 89' (pen.)
Cukrov Goal 38'
Pešić Goal 53'

PAOK Greece0–0West Germany Bayern Munich
Attendance: 33,500

Spartak Moscow Soviet Union2–2England Aston Villa
Gavrilov Goal 52'89' (pen.) Gibson Goal 47'
Walters Goal 68'

Radnički Niš Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia4–0Czechoslovakia Inter Bratislava
Mitošević Goal 18'55'
Stojković Goal 59'
Beganović Goal 67' (pen.)
Attendance: 18,000

Austria Wien Austria2–0France Stade Lavallois
Prohaska Goal 19' (pen.)
Magyar Goal 44'
Attendance: 7,000

PSV Netherlands1–2England Nottingham Forest
Koolhof Goal 84' (pen.) Davenport Goal 51'
Walsh Goal 90' (pen.)

FC Groningen Netherlands2–0Italy Internazionale
Koeman Goal 16'
Fandi Goal 89'

Anderlecht Belgium2–0Czechoslovakia Baník Ostrava
Brylle Goal 64'
Arnesen Goal 80'

Sparta Rotterdam Netherlands3–2East Germany Carl Zeiss Jena
Holverda Goal 45'
van den Berg Goal 69'
Lengkeek Goal 75'
Bielau Goal 49'
Ludwig Goal 85'
Attendance: 8,000
Referee: Howard King (Wales)

Verona Italy2–2Austria Sturm Graz
Fanna Goal 12'
Galderisi Goal 45'
Szokolai Goal 18'
Jurtin Goal 26'

Lens France2–2Belgium Royal Antwerp
Flak Goal 74'
Peltier Goal 83'
Cnops Goal 22'26'

Tottenham Hotspur England4–2Netherlands Feyenoord
Archibald Goal 7'33'
Galvin Goal 19'39'
Cruijff Goal 75'
Nielsen Goal 81'
Attendance: 35,404

Watford England1–1Bulgaria Levski Sofia
Rostron Goal 43' Gochev Goal 74'
Attendance: 16,139

Sporting CP Portugal2–0Scotland Celtic
Jordão Goal 29'65'

Second leg[edit]

Sparta Prague Czechoslovakia3–0Poland Widzew Łódź
Procházka Goal 32'
Griga Goal 39'
Skuhravý Goal 83'
Attendance: 26,000

Sparta Prague won 3–1 on aggregate.

Hajduk Split Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia3–0Hungary Budapest Honvéd
Pešić Goal 14'61'
Zlatko Vujović Goal 85'

Hajduk Split won 5–3 on aggregate.

Baník Ostrava Czechoslovakia2–2Belgium Anderlecht
Válek Goal 17'
Lička Goal 59'
Brylle Goal 9'
Vandenbergh Goal 57'
Attendance: 13,533
Referee: Ron Bridges (Wales)

Anderlecht won 4–2 on aggregate.

Inter Bratislava Czechoslovakia3–2Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Radnički Niš
Michalec Goal 19'
Reznák Goal 33'
Moravec Goal 44'
S. Gavrilović Goal 25'
Aleksić Goal 89'
Attendance: 3,000
Referee: Kenny Hope (Scotland)

Radnički Niš won 6–3 on aggregate.

Carl Zeiss Jena East Germany1–1Netherlands Sparta Rotterdam
Schnuphase Goal 59' van den Berg Goal 84'
Attendance: 12,000

Sparta Rotterdam won 4–3 on aggregate.

Levski Sofia Bulgaria1–3 (a.e.t.)England Watford
Spasov Goal 6' Callaghan Goal 9'
Rostron Goal 116'
Richardson Goal 117'
Attendance: 60,000

Watford won 4–2 on aggregate.

Sturm Graz Austria0–0Italy Verona

2–2 on aggregate. Sturm Graz won on away goals.

Stade Lavallois France3–3Austria Austria Wien
Sène Goal 21'
Miton Goal 38'
Stéfanini Goal 42'
Baumeister Goal 51'56'
Pérard Goal 65' (o.g.)

Austria Wien won 5–3 on aggregate.

Werder Bremen West Germany1–1East Germany Lokomotive Leipzig
Völler Goal 72' Schöne Goal 17'

Lokomotive Leipzig won 2–1 on aggregate.

0–0 on aggregate. Bayern Munich won 9–8 on penalties.

Royal Antwerp Belgium2–3France Lens
Boeckstaens Goal 55'
Van Der Elst Goal 88' (pen.)
Boeckstaens Goal 22' (o.g.)
Xuereb Goal 25'
Brisson Goal 46'
Attendance: 22,600

Lens won 5–4 on aggregate.

Feyenoord Netherlands0–2England Tottenham Hotspur
Hughton Goal 25'
Galvin Goal 84'
Attendance: 54,600
Referee: Luigi Agnolin (Italy)

Tottenham Hotspur won 6–2 on aggregate.

Internazionale Italy5–1Netherlands FC Groningen
Collovati Goal 53'
Altobelli Goal 55' (pen.)
Serena Goal 59'89'
Müller Goal 78'
McDonald Goal 61'
Attendance: 40,000
Referee: Alain Delmer (France)

Internazionale won 5–3 on aggregate.

Aston Villa England1–2Soviet Union Spartak Moscow
Withe Goal 2' Cherenkov Goal 46'89'
Attendance: 29,511

Spartak Moscow won 4–3 on aggregate.

Nottingham Forest England1–0Netherlands PSV
Davenport Goal 56'
Attendance: 16,943

Nottingham Forest won 3–1 on aggregate.

Celtic Scotland5–0Portugal Sporting CP
Burns Goal 18'
McAdam Goal 43'
McClair Goal 44'
MacLeod Goal 58'
McGarvey Goal 59'
Attendance: 39,183

Celtic won 5–2 on aggregate.

Third round[edit]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Bayern Munich West Germany 1–2 England Tottenham Hotspur 1–0 (Report) 0–2 (Report)
Austria Wien Austria 3–2 Italy Internazionale 2–1 (Report) 1–1 (Report)
Nottingham Forest England 2–1 Scotland Celtic 0–0 (Report) 2–1 (Report)
Radnički Niš Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 0–4 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Hajduk Split 0–2 (Report) 0–2 (Report)
Lens France 1–2 Belgium Anderlecht 1–1 (Report) 0–1 (Report)
Sturm Graz Austria 2–1 East Germany Lokomotive Leipzig 2–0 (Report) 0–1 (Report)
Sparta Rotterdam Netherlands 1–3 Soviet Union Spartak Moscow 1–1 (Report) 0–2 (Report)
Watford England 2–7 Czechoslovakia Sparta Prague 2–3 (Report) 0–4 (Report)

First leg[edit]

Radnički Niš Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia0–2Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Hajduk Split
Zlatko Vujović Goal 43'
Vulić Goal 53'
Attendance: 20,002

Austria Wien Austria2–1Italy Internazionale
Nyilasi Goal 78'83' Muraro Goal 53'

Sturm Graz Austria2–0East Germany Lokomotive Leipzig
Jurtin Goal 14'24'

Bayern Munich West Germany1–0England Tottenham Hotspur
M. Rummenigge Goal 86'
Attendance: 20,000

Sparta Rotterdam Netherlands1–1Soviet Union Spartak Moscow
de Wolf Goal 80' (pen.) Rodionov Goal 33'

Lens France1–1Belgium Anderlecht
Munaron Goal 89' (o.g.) Vandenbergh Goal 87'
Attendance: 34,374
Referee: David Syme (Scotland)

Watford England2–3Czechoslovakia Sparta Prague
Rostron Goal 66'
Gilligan Goal 83'
Berger Goal 25'
Griga Goal 30'
Ščasný Goal 89'
Attendance: 15,590

Nottingham Forest England0–0Scotland Celtic

Second leg[edit]

Lokomotive Leipzig East Germany1–0Austria Sturm Graz
Zötzsche Goal 12'
Attendance: 21,000
Referee: Ulf Eriksson (Sweden)

Sturm Graz won 2–1 on aggregate.

Hajduk Split Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia2–0Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Radnički Niš
Zlatko Vujović Goal 61'71'
Attendance: 25,000

Hajduk Split won 4–0 on aggregate.

Sparta Prague Czechoslovakia4–0England Watford
Chovanec Goal 3'
Beznoska Goal 9'
Skuhravý Goal 29'
Jarolím Goal 42'
Attendance: 37,000
Referee: Talat Tokat (Turkey)

Sparta Prague won 7–2 on aggregate.

Anderlecht Belgium1–0France Lens
De Greef Goal 38'

Anderlecht won 2–1 on aggregate.

Internazionale Italy1–1Austria Austria Wien
Bagni Goal 79' Magyar Goal 72'
Attendance: 69,659

Austria Wien won 3–2 on aggregate.

Celtic Scotland1–2England Nottingham Forest
MacLeod Goal 79' Hodge Goal 53'
Walsh Goal 74'
Attendance: 66,938

Nottingham Forest won 2–1 on aggregate.

Tottenham Hotspur England2–0West Germany Bayern Munich
Archibald Goal 53'
Falco Goal 87'
Attendance: 41,977
Referee: Alain Delmer (France)

Tottenham Hotspur won 2–1 on aggregate.

Spartak Moscow Soviet Union2–0Netherlands Sparta Rotterdam
Gladilin Goal 42'79'
Attendance: 37,900
Referee: Einar Halle (Norway)

Spartak Moscow won 3–1 on aggregate.


Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Sparta Prague Czechoslovakia 1–2 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Hajduk Split 1–0 (Report) 0–2(aet) (Report)
Nottingham Forest England 2–1 Austria Sturm Graz 1–0 (Report) 1–1(aet) (Report)
Anderlecht Belgium 4–3 Soviet Union Spartak Moscow 4–2 (Report) 0–1 (Report)
Tottenham Hotspur England 4–2 Austria Austria Wien 2–0 (Report) 2–2 (Report)

First leg[edit]

Sparta Prague Czechoslovakia1–0Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Hajduk Split
Hašek Goal 50'
Attendance: 38,000
Referee: Howard King (Wales)

Anderlecht Belgium4–2Soviet Union Spartak Moscow
Brylle Goal 28' (pen.)43'85' (pen.)
Vercauteren Goal 81'
Rodionov Goal 18'
Gladilin Goal 84'

Nottingham Forest England1–0Austria Sturm Graz
Hart Goal 70'

Tottenham Hotspur England2–0Austria Austria Wien
Archibald Goal 58'
Brazil Goal 67'
Attendance: 34,069

Second leg[edit]

Hajduk Split Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia2–0 (a.e.t.)Czechoslovakia Sparta Prague
Gudelj Goal 18'
Slišković Goal 119'
Attendance: 52,500

Hajduk Split won 2–1 on aggregate.

Sturm Graz Austria1–1 (a.e.t.)England Nottingham Forest
Bakota Goal 44' (pen.) Walsh Goal 114' (pen.)

Nottingham Forest won 2–1 on aggregate.

Austria Wien Austria2–2England Tottenham Hotspur
Prohaska Goal 63' (pen.)
Nyilasi Goal 88'
Brazil Goal 12'
Ardiles Goal 82'
Attendance: 31,000

Tottenham Hotspur won 4–2 on aggregate.

Spartak Moscow Soviet Union1–0Belgium Anderlecht
Rodionov Goal 89'

Anderlecht won 4–3 on aggregate.


Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Hajduk Split Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 2–2(a) England Tottenham Hotspur 2–1 (Report) 0–1 (Report)
Nottingham Forest England 2–3 Belgium Anderlecht 2–0 (Report) 0–3 (Report)

In 1997, it was revealed that Constant Vanden Stock, the chairman of Anderlecht, had paid a bribe worth £27,000 to the referee to help fix the result of the second-leg of their semi-final.[1] During the match, Anderlecht were awarded a dubious penalty, and a Nottingham Forest goal in the last minute - that would have won them the tie on the away goals rule - was disallowed.[2] In 2016, it emerged that UEFA had known about the bribe since 1993 but had taken no action until the information was made public in 1997,[3] when UEFA suspended Anderlecht from the next European tournament for which they qualified.[1] On qualifying for the 1998–99 UEFA Cup, Anderlecht appealed the suspension in the Court of Arbitration for Sport, which overturned the ban on the grounds that it was made by UEFA's Executive Committee, which did not have the authority to issue the ban.[4]

First leg[edit]

Hajduk Split Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia2–1England Tottenham Hotspur
Gudelj Goal 67'
Pešić Goal 77'
Falco Goal 19'
Attendance: 35,000
Referee: Robert Wurtz (France)

Nottingham Forest England2–0Belgium Anderlecht
Hodge Goal 84'88'
Attendance: 22,681

Second leg[edit]

Anderlecht Belgium3–0England Nottingham Forest
Scifo Goal 18'
Brylle Goal 60' (pen.)
Vandenbergh Goal 88'

Anderlecht won 3-2 on aggregate.

Tottenham Hotspur England1–0Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Hajduk Split
Hazard Goal 6'
Attendance: 43,969
Referee: Paolo Casarin (Italy)

2–2 on aggregate. Tottenham Hotspur won on away goals.


First leg[edit]

Anderlecht Belgium1–1England Tottenham Hotspur
Olsen Goal 85' Report Miller Goal 57'

Second leg[edit]

2–2 on aggregate. Tottenham Hotspur won 4–3 on penalties


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