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Notable events of 1983 in comics. See also List of years in comics.

Events and publications[edit]









  • With issue #503, DC ceases publishing Adventure Comics, which had been running continuously since November 1938.





Exhibitions and shows[edit]



Eagle Awards[edit]

Presented in 1984 for comics published in 1983:

First issues by title[edit]

Archie Comics[edit]

The Black Hood

Release: June by Red Circle Comics. Editor: Rich Buckler.

Blue Ribbon Comics

Release: November by Red Circle Comics. Editor: Robin Snyder.

The Fly

Release: May by Red Circle Comics. Editor: Rich Buckler.

Lancelot Strong: The Shield

Release: June by Red Circle Comics. Editor: Rich Buckler.

Mighty Crusaders vol. 2

Release: March by Red Circle Comics. Editor: Rich Buckler.

DC Comics[edit]

Batman and The Outsiders

Release: July. Writer: Mike W. Barr. Artist: Jim Aparo.

DC Graphic Novels: Star Raiders

Release: August. Writer: Elliot S! Maggin. Artist: José Luis García-López.

Omega Men

Release: April. Writer: Roger Slifer. Artist: Keith Giffen.


Release: November. Writer: Robert Loren Fleming. Artist: Trevor Von Eeden.

First Comics[edit]

American Flagg!

Release: October. Writer/Artist: Howard Chaykin.


Release: April. Writer: Martin Pasko. Artist: Joe Staton.

Jon Sable Freelance

Release: June. Writer/Artist: Mike Grell.


Release: March. Editor: Mike Gold.

Marvel Comics[edit]

Alpha Flight

Release: August. Writer/Artist: John Byrne.

The Daredevils

Release: January by Marvel UK. Editor: Bernie Jaye.

Marvel Age

Release: April. Editors: Peter David and Carol Kalish.

New Mutants

Release: March. Writer: Chris Claremont. Artists: Bob McLeod and Mike Gustovich.

The Thing

Release: July. Writer: John Byrne. Artists: Ron Wilson and Joe Sinnott.

Independent titles[edit]

Albedo Anthropomorphics
Release: Thoughts & Images. Writers/Artists: Steve Gallacci, et al.
Release: July by Capital Comics. Writer: Mike Baron. Artist: Jeff Butler.
Release: by Standaard Uitgeverij. Writer and artist: Marc Legendre.
A Distant Soil
Release: December by WaRP Graphics. Writers/Artists: Colleen Doran.
Eclipse Monthly
Release: August by Eclipse Comics. Editors: Cat Yronwode and Dean Mullaney.
Les Cités Obscures
Les murailles de Samaris
Release: Casterman. Writer: Benoît Peeters. Artist: François Schuiten.
Release: May by Capital Comics. Writer: Mike Baron. Artist: Steve Rude.
Release: November by Pacific Comics. Writer/Artist: Neal Adams.

Initial appearances by character name[edit]

DC Comics[edit]

Marvel Comics[edit]

Independent titles[edit]


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