1984 Balkan Bulgarian Tupolev Tu-134 crash

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1984 Balkan Bulgarian Tupolev Tu-134 crash
Tupolev Tu-134A, Balkan Bulgarian Airlines JP6016486.jpg
A Balkan Bulgarian Tupolev Tu-134, sister to the crashed aircraft
Accident summary
Date 10 January 1984
Summary Crew error in bad weather
Site Sofia, Bulgaria
Passengers 45
Crew 5
Fatalities 50 (all)
Survivors 0
Aircraft type Tupolev Tu-134
Operator Balkan Bulgarian Airlines
Registration LZ-TUR
Flight origin Berlin Schönefeld Airport, Schönefeld, East Germany
Destination Sofia Vrazhdebna Airport, Sofia, Bulgaria

The 1984 Balkan Bulgarian Tupolev Tu-134 crash occurred on 10 January 1984 when a Balkan Bulgarian Airlines Tupolev Tu-134 airliner crashed on an international flight from Berlin Schönefeld Airport in Schönefeld, East Germany, to Sofia Airport in Sofia, Bulgaria.

While on approach to Sofia Airport in heavy snow, the crew failed to make visual contact with the ground as they descended below decision altitude. The crew attempted to overshoot for an altitude of 80 to 100 meters (260 to 330 ft), but the aircraft hit a power line and crashed 4 km (2.5 mi) from the runway into a forest. The aircraft was destroyed with no survivors.


  • UK CAA Document CAA 429 World Airline Accident Summary (ICAO Summary 1984-5)

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Coordinates: 42°41′33″N 23°28′23″E / 42.69250°N 23.47306°E / 42.69250; 23.47306