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The 1984 College Football All-America team is composed of college football players who were selected as All-Americans by various organizations and writers that chose College Football All-America Teams in 1984. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) recognizes five selectors as "official" for the 1984 season. They are:[1] (1) the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA); (2) the Associated Press (AP) selected based on the votes of sports writers at AP newspapers; (3) the Football Writers Association of America (FWAA); (4) the United Press International (UPI) selected based on the votes of sports writers at UPI newspapers; and (5) the Walter Camp Football Foundation (WC). Other selectors included Football News (FN), Gannett News Service (GNS), the Newspaper Enterprise Association (NEA), and The Sporting News (TSN).



Tight ends[edit]



  • Jim Lachey, Ohio State (FWAA, UPI-1, GNS, NEA-2)
  • Del Wilkes, South Carolina (AFCA, AP-1, UPI-2, WC)
  • Bill Mayo, Tennessee (AP-3, FN-1, UPI-1, WC)
  • Lance Smith, LSU (AFCA, AP-2 [OT], UPI-1 [OT], NEA-2 [OT])
  • Carlton Walker, Utah (AP-2, FWAA, NEA-1)
  • Dan Lynch, Washington State (AP-1, FWAA, GNS, NEA-1)
  • Andrew Campbell, SMU (NEA-2, TSN)
  • Harry Grimminger, Nebraska (AP-2, TSN)
  • Larry Williams, Notre Dame (AP-3, UPI-2)



Running backs[edit]


Defensive ends[edit]

Defensive tackles[edit]

  • Tony Casillas, Oklahoma (CFHOF) (AFCA, AP-1 [MG], FWAA, UPI-2 [MG], GNS, NEA-1, TSN)
  • Tony Degrate, Texas (AFCA, AP-2, FWAA, UPI-1, WC, NEA-2)
  • Ray Childress, Texas A&M (AP-3, UPI-1 [DE], TSN)

Middle guards[edit]


Defensive backs[edit]

  • Jerry Gray, Texas (AFCA, AP-1, FWAA, UPI-1, WC, GNS, NEA-1, TSN)
  • Tony Thurman, Boston College (AFCA, AP-1, UPI-1, WC, GNS)
  • David Fulcher, Arizona State (AP-1, FWAA, GNS, NEA-1, TSN)
  • Jeff Sanchez, Georgia (AFCA, AP-2, UPI-1, WC)
  • Rod Brown, Oklahoma State (AFCA, AP-2, UPI-2, WC)
  • Richard Johnson, Wisconsin (FWAA, NEA-1, TSN)
  • Bret Clark, Nebraska (AP-2, FWAA, UPI-2, NEA-2, TSN)
  • Kyle Morrell, BYU (AP-1, NEA-2)
  • Lester Lyles, Virginia (AP-3, GNS)
  • Issiac Holt, Alcorn State (NEA-1)
  • Anthony Young, Temple (AP-2)
  • Sean Thomas, TCU (UPI-2)
  • Don Anderson, Purdue (NEA-2)
  • John Hendy, Long Beach State (NEA-2)
  • Jim Bowman, Central Michigan (AP-3)
  • Paul Calhoun, Kentucky (AP-3)
  • Nate Harris, Tulsa (AP-3)

Special teams[edit]





  • Bold – Consensus All-American[1]
  • -1 – First-team selection
  • -2 – Second-team selection
  • -3 – Third-team selection
  • CFHOF = College Football Hall of Fame inductee

Official selectors[edit]

Other selectors[edit]

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