1984 PBA season

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1984 PBA season
Duration March 25, 1984 – December 18, 1984
Number of teams 7 + 1
TV partner(s) Vintage Sports (MBS)
First All-Filipino Conference champions Crispa Redmanizers
  Runners-up Gilbey's Gin Tonics
Second All-Filipino Conference champions Great Taste Coffee Makers
  Runners-up Beer Hausen Brewmasters
Invitational Championship champions Great Taste Coffee Makers
  Runners-up Crispa Redmanizers
Season MVP Ramon Fernandez
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The 1984 PBA season was the 10th season of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA).

Season highlights[edit]

  • The season marked the first time without the Multi-titled Toyota Super Corollas, as the ballclub disbanded at the start of the year and sold its franchise to Asia Brewery, which played their first season under the name of Beer Hausen.
  • Northern Consolidated Corporation (NCC), the national training team coached by Ron Jacobs, played in the first two conferences as guest team.
  • The PBA was forced to have two All-Filipino Conferences as the nation reeled from year-round economic crisis; the import-laced tournament did return in the Third Conference.
  • The Crispa Redmanizers played their final season in the PBA, winning their 13th and last championship during the first All-Filipino Conference.
  • Great Taste Coffeemakers won two titles in the year, becoming the newest dynasty in the pro league.
  • Ramon Fernandez received his second Most Valuable Player Award, highlighted by a year of more than 20 triple-double performances and a near triple-double average for the whole season.


Individual awards[edit]

Cumulative standings[edit]

Great Taste Coffee Makers 53 39 14 .736
Northern Consolidated (NCC) 48 30 18 .625
Crispa Redmanizers 61 38 23 .623
Beer Hausen 66 35 31 .530
Gilbey's Gin Tonics 55 25 30 .454
Tanduay Rhum Makers 40 14 26 .350
Gold Eagle Beer 38 11 27 .289
Country Fair Hotdogs 27 2 25 .074