1984 UK Championship

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1984 Coral UK Championship
Tournament information
Dates18 November – 2 December 1984
VenueGuild Hall
FormatRanking event
Total prize fund£101,000
Winner's share£20,000
Highest breakNorthern Ireland Jack McLaughlin (135)
ChampionEngland Steve Davis
Runner-upNorthern Ireland Alex Higgins

The 1984 UK Championship (also known as the 1984 Coral UK Championship for sponsorship reasons) was a ranking professional snooker tournament that took place at the Guild Hall in Preston, England, between 18 November and 2 December 1984. This was the eighth edition of the UK Championship but only the first to be granted ranking status, as it was now open to all professional overseas players as well as those from the UK.[1][2] The BBC aired the event from the second round onwards. The championship was sponsored by sports betting company Coral.

The defending champion was Alex Higgins who won the 1983 event after defeating Steve Davis 16–15 in the final. The pair met in the final again, with Davis winning 16–8, to win his third UK Championship title.[3] The highest break of the tournament was a 135 made by Jack McLaughlin during the non-televised stages; the highest break of the televised stages was a 134 made by Davis. There was a total prize fund of £101,000 with the winner receiving £20,000.

Prize fund[edit]

The winner of the event received a total of £20,000.[4] The breakdown of prize money for this year is shown below:

Winner: £20,000
Highest break (TV): £2,000
Total: £101,800

Main draw[edit]

The tournament featured 32 players. Players in bold denote match winners.[5][6]

Round of 32 Best of 17 frames

Round of 16Quarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Northern Ireland Alex Higgins9
England Rex Williams7
Northern Ireland Alex Higgins9
England Willie Thorne5
England Willie Thorne9
Australia Eddie Charlton7
Northern Ireland Alex Higgins9
Canada Cliff Thorburn7
Canada Cliff Thorburn9
Wales Cliff Wilson3
Canada Cliff Thorburn9
Wales Ray Reardon8
Wales Ray Reardon9
England David Taylor4
Northern Ireland Alex Higgins8
England Steve Davis16
Canada Kirk Stevens9
England Joe Johnson2
Canada Kirk Stevens9
England Tony Knowles7
England Tony Knowles9
Northern Ireland Dennis Taylor2
Canada Kirk Stevens2
England Steve Davis9
England Jimmy White9
Wales Doug Mountjoy2
England Jimmy White4
England Steve Davis9
England Steve Davis9
England Tony Meo7


Final: Best of 31 frames. Referee: Jim Thorpe
The Guild Hall, Preston, England, 1 and 2 December 1984.
Steve Davis
16–8 Alex Higgins
 Northern Ireland
First session: 116–6 (69), 89–30 (73), 94–23, 95–0 (95), 72–25 (71), 70–75 (Davis 50), 130–10 (106)
Second session: 5–83, 124–1 (120), 110–0 (61), 24–66, 0–124 (124)
Third session: 22–116, 28–80, 9–107 (69), 104–8, 84–11, 123–1 (91), 91–24 (56)
Fourth session: 110–32 (52, 58), 105–27 (88), 65–40 (55)
120 Highest break 124
2 Century breaks 1
14 50+ breaks 2

Century breaks[edit]

A total of 28 century breaks were made during the tournament.[citation needed]


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