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The International Suzuka 500 km, was the opening round of the 1985 All Japan Endurance Championship was held at the Suzuka Circuit, on 7 April, in front of a crowd of approximately 23,000.[1]



A total of 30 cars were entered for the event, across four classes ranging from Modified Hatchbacks to Group C Prototypes.[2]


The pairing of Kunimitsu Takahashi and Kenji Takahashi took pole position for Advan Sports Nova, in their Porsche 962C ahead of the European partnership of Geoff Lees and Eje Elgh for the Dome Motorsport Team, by just 0.07secs.[3]


The race was held over 85 laps of the Suzuka circuit, a distance of 500 km (actual distance was 502.690 km). Lees and Elgh took the winner spoils for the Dome Motorsport team, in their Dome-Toyota 84C. The pair won in a time of 3hr 35:59.060 mins., averaging a speed of 87.273 mph. Second place went to Kazuyoshi Hoshino and Akira Hagiwara in the Hoshino Racing March-Nissan 83G who were the only other finisher to complete the full race distance. One lap adrift in third was the Porsche of Kunimitsu Takahashi and Kenji Takahashi.[4]


Class Winners are in Bold text.

Pos. No. Class Driver Entrant Car - Engine Time, Laps Reason Out
1st 38 D England Geoff Lees Sweden Eje Elgh Dome Motorsport Dome-Toyota 84C 3:35:59.060
2nd 28 D Japan Kazuyoshi Hoshino Japan Akira Hagiwara Hoshino Racing March-Nissan 83G 3:38.10.800
3rd 25 D Japan Kunimitsu Takahashi Japan Kenji Takahashi Advan Sports Nova (ja) Porsche 962C 84
4th 1 D Australia Vern Schuppan Japan Keiichi Suzuki Trust Racing Team (ja) Porsche 956B 83
5th 26 D Japan Keiji Matsumoto Japan Osamu Nakako Panasport Japan LM-Nissan 04C 82
6th 62 D Japan Kazuo Mogi Japan Naoki Nagasaka Auto Beaurex Motorsport Lotec-BMW M1C 80
7th 27 D Japan Jirou Yoneyama Japan Hideki Okada From A Racing Porsche 956 80
8th 86 C Japan Yoshimi Katayama Japan Yojiro Terada Mazdaspeed Mazda 737C 79
9th 45 B Japan Makio Nonaka First Morlding Collage-Mazda FM45 77
10th 16 B Japan Ichirou Mizuno Japan Taidou Hashimoto Manatee-Mazda Mk.IV 76
11th 67 B Japan Tsuguo Ooba Japan Katsuaki Satou Yamato Honda Ballade CR-X 73
12th 33 B Japan Keiichi Mizutani Japan Hiroyuki Kondou West-Mazda 83S II 71
13th 31 B Japan Nobuyoshi Horii Japan Kenji Abe Horii Racing West-Mazda 83S II 71
14th 8 B Japan Masaharu Kinoshita West-Mazda 83S 71
15th 6 B Japan Akihiro Masuda West-Mazda 83S II 70
16th 15 A Japan Shigehito Hirabayashi Japan Hideki Iida Ogawa Nissan Sunny 69
17th 9 B Japan Syuuji Fujii West-Mazda 83S II 68
18th 18 A Japan Kiyotaka Nonomura Japan Mitsuo Yamamoto Nissan Sunny 67
19th 21 B Japan Yukinobu Mizutani Japan Yoshinori Sakurai Manatee-Mazda Mk.IV 67
20th 88 C Japan Norismaka Sakamoto Japan Takayuki Imadu Top Fuel Racing Mazda RX-7 845 66
21st 10 B Japan Nobuyuki Saka Japan Nobuo Naka Ishida Racing West-Mazda 83S II 65
22nd 2 C Japan Chiyomi Totani Japan Noritake Takahara Alpha Cubic Racing Team Renoma-BMW 84C 57 DNF
DNF 11 D Japan Masahiro Hasemi Japan Takao Wada Hasemi Motorsport LM-Nissan 04C 51
DNF 5 B Japan Masami Fujita Japan Ken Mizokawa Meiwa Honda Civic 51
DNF 20 D Japan Haruhito Yanagida Japan Aguri Suzuki Central 20 Racing Team LM-Nissan 04C 34 fuel
DNF 55 B Japan Tooru Hirano Japan Hirofumi Nishi West-Mazda 83S II 32
DNF 37 B Japan Tetsuya Kasai Japan Kouji Satou Manatee-Mazda Mk.IV 30
DNF 36 D Japan Satoru Nakajima Japan Masanori Sekiya TOM’s TOM’s-Toyota 85C 23 Engine
DNF 29 B Japan Norihiro Takeda Japan Shinji Yamamoto West-Mazda 83S II 15
DNF 77 A Japan Yasumi Fukao Japan Kouichi Nishikawa Nissan Sunny 1