1985 Grand Prix (snooker)

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Rothmans Grand Prix
Tournament information
DatesOctober 1985
VenueHexagon Theatre
FormatRanking event
ChampionEngland Steve Davis
Runner-upNorthern Ireland Dennis Taylor

The 1985 Rothmans Grand Prix was a professional ranking snooker tournament that took place during October 1985 at the Hexagon Theatre in Reading.[1]

The final was a re-match of the 1985 World Championship final between Steve Davis and Dennis Taylor, the defending Grand Prix champion. It was Davis this time who became champion winning the match 10–9. The match became the longest one-day final in snooker history. It lasted 10 hours and 21 minutes.[2]

Main draw[edit]


Last 64 Best of 9 frames

Northern Ireland Dennis Taylor 5–1 Barry West England

England Rex Williams 5–2 Mike Watterson England

England Tony Meo 5–3 Tony Jones England

Republic of Ireland Eugene Hughes 5–1 S. Simn Gam Thailand

Australia Eddie Charlton 5–1 Geoff Foulds England

Malta Tony Drago 5–3 Murdo MacLeod Scotland

England George Scott 5–4 Ray Reardon Wales

Wales Cliff Wilson 5–1 Roger Bales England

Canada Kirk Stevens 5–0 Gerry Watson Canada

England Graham Miles 5–3 Dean Reynolds England

England David Taylor 5–2 Steve Newbury Wales

England Steve Longworth 5–2 John Parrott England

England Doug Mountjoy 5–1 Tony Chappel England

Australia John Campbell 5–4 Jimmy Van Rensburg South Africa

England Tony Knowles 5–1 Matt Gibson Scotland

England Ray Edmonds 5–2 Dene O'Kane New Zealand

Canada Cliff Thorburn 5–0 Bill Oliver England

England Mark Wildman 5–4 Steve Duggan England

England Joe Johnson 5–2 Dave Gilbert England

England Mike Hallett 5–3 Bernie Mikkelsen Canada

Wales Wayne Jones 5–0 Willie Thorne England

South Africa Peter Francisco 5–4 John Virgo England

Wales Terry Griffiths 5–4 Jack McLaughlin Northern Ireland

England Bob Harris 5–4 John Virgo England

England Jimmy White 5–0 Jack Fitzmaurice England

Northern Ireland Joe O'Boye 5–3 Perrie Mans South Africa

South Africa Silvino Francisco 5–2 Billy Kelly Republic of Ireland

England Dave Martin 5-2 Mario Morra Canada

Northern Ireland Alex Higgins 5–1 Vic Harris England

England Neal Foulds 5-0 Mike Darrington England

England Steve Davis 5–0 OB Agarwal India

England Danny Fowler 5–1 Bill Werbeniuk Canada

Last 32 Best of 9 frames

Round of 16Quarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Northern Ireland Dennis Taylor5
England Tony Meo3
Northern Ireland Dennis Taylor5
Wales Cliff Wilson2
Wales Cliff Wilson5
Malta Tony Drago2
Northern Ireland Dennis Taylor9
England Tony Knowles6
England Tony Knowles5
Australia John Campbell2
England Tony Knowles5
Canada Kirk Stevens4
Canada Kirk Stevens5
England Steve Longworth3
Northern Ireland Dennis Taylor9
England Steve Davis10
Wales Terry Griffiths5
South Africa Peter Francisco2
Wales Terry Griffiths1
Canada Cliff Thorburn5
Canada Cliff Thorburn5
England Joe Johnson1
Canada Cliff Thorburn5
England Steve Davis9
South Africa Silvino Francisco5
England Jimmy White4
South Africa Silvino Francisco2
England Steve Davis5
England Steve Davis5
Northern Ireland Alex Higgins0


Final: Best of 19 frames. Referee: John Smyth
Hexagon Theatre, Reading, England, 27 October 1985.
Steve Davis
10–9 Dennis Taylor
 Northern Ireland
60–57, 67–53, 67–6, 102–0 (93), 32–88 (60), 67–51, 73–60, 11–81, 63–16, 44–74, 28–64, 24–64, 16–113 (62), 8–108 (50), 10–56, 62–26, 60–18, 48–64, 71–30
93 Highest break 62
0 Century breaks 0
1 50+ breaks 3


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