1985 IAAF World Women's Road Race Championships

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The 1985 IAAF World Women's Road Race Championships was the third edition of the annual international road running competition organised by the International Amateur Athletics Federation (IAAF). The competition was hosted by the United Kingdom on 3 November 1985 in Gateshead and featured one race only: a 15K run for women. This was the first time that the distance was contested at the championships, having previously been a 10K run, and this was a permanent change. There were individual and team awards available, with the national team rankings being decided by the combined finishing positions of a team's top three runners. Countries with fewer than three finishers were not ranked.[1]

The race was won by Portugal's Aurora Cunha in a time of 49:17 minutes, completing a successful defence of her title from 1984. Judi St. Hilaire of the United States finished eight seconds later in second place, while Great Britain's Carole Bradford came third for a second year running. As she had the year before, Bradford led the British women to the team title (alongside fifth place Paula Fudge and Wendy Sly in eleventh). The Soviet Union's team, featuring Lyudmila Matveyeva in fourth and two other top ten finishers in Mariya Vasilyuk and Yelena Sipatova, was just one point behind in the team race. St Hilaire helped the American women to the bronze medal team position (backed up by Nancy Ditz and Carol McLatchie).



Rank Athlete Country Time (m:s)
1st, gold medalist(s) Aurora Cunha  Portugal (POR) 49:17
2nd, silver medalist(s) Judi St. Hilaire  United States (USA) 49:25
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Carole Bradford  Great Britain (GBR) 49:59
4 Lyudmila Matveyeva  Soviet Union (URS) 50:28
5 Paula Fudge  Great Britain (GBR) 50:36
6 Donna Gould  Australia (AUS) 50:42
7 Mariya Vasilyuk  Soviet Union (URS) 50:56
8 Anna Villani  Italy (ITA) 51:00
9 Yelena Sipatova  Soviet Union (URS) 51:08
10 Ellen Wessinghage  West Germany (FRG) 51:29
11 Wendy Sly  Great Britain (GBR) 51:40
12 Dorthe Rasmussen  Denmark (DEN) 51:48
13 Tatyana Bultot  Soviet Union (URS) 51:51
14 Jill Rothwell  Great Britain (GBR) 51:53
15 Christina Mai  West Germany (FRG) 51:54
16 Nancy Ditz  United States (USA) 51:57
17 Ann Ford  Great Britain (GBR) 52:01
18 Elizabeth Franzis  West Germany (FRG) 52:06
19 Carol McLatchie  United States (USA) 52:13
20 Mami Fukao  Japan (JPN) 52:18
21 Conceição Ferreira  Portugal (POR) 52:20
22 Danièle Kaber  Luxembourg (LUX) 52:23
23 Rosanna Munerotto  Italy (ITA) 52:30
24 Elly van Hulst  Netherlands (NED) 52:32
25 Antonella Bizioli  Italy (ITA) 52:35
26 Yvonne Murray  Great Britain (GBR) 52:38
27 Lucilia Soares  Portugal (POR) 52:40
28 Sinikka Keskitalo  Finland (FIN) 52:43
29 Jiang Zhourong  China (CHN) 52:45
30 Susan Schneider  United States (USA) 52:51
31 Jocelyne Villeton  France (FRA) 52:52
32 Sheila Purves  Hong Kong (HKG) 53:05
33 Xiao Hongyan  China (CHN) 53:08
34 Maria Rebelo  France (FRA) 53:09
35 Gabriela Górzyńska  Poland (POL) 53:11
36 Ailish Smyth  Ireland (IRL) 53:15
37 Sirkku Kumpulainen  Finland (FIN) 53:17
38 Megan-Louise Sloane  Australia (AUS) 53:18
39 Françoise Bonnet  France (FRA) 53:35
40 Kristiina Iisakkila  Finland (FIN) 53:37
41 Ľudmila Melicherová  Czechoslovakia (TCH) 53:40
42 Sylviane Levesque  France (FRA) 53:42
43 Christine Kennedy  Ireland (IRL) 53:45
44 Maria-Luisa Irizar  Spain (ESP) 53:52
45 Kerstin Pressler  West Germany (FRG) 54:01
46 Mette Holm  Denmark (DEN) 54:04
47 Nikolina Shtereva  Bulgaria (BUL) 54:08
48 Aino-Maria Slej  Denmark (DEN) 54:11
49 Carolien Lucas  Netherlands (NED) 54:13
50 Malgorzata Szuminska  Poland (POL) 54:15
51 Jenny Lund  Australia (AUS) 54:20
52 Deirdre Nagle  Ireland (IRL) 54:21
53 Albertina Dias  Portugal (POR) 54:31
54 Henrietta Fina  Austria (AUT) 54:32
55 Maria-Esther Pedrosa  Spain (ESP) 54:36
56 ?
57 Tuija Toivonen  Finland (FIN) 55:02
58 Odette Lapierre  Canada (CAN) 55:11
59 Ewa Wrzosek  Poland (POL) 55:13
61 Anna Iskra  Poland (POL) 55:53
62 ?
63 Gitte Karlshøj  Denmark (DEN) 56:00
65 Maryse Justin  Mauritius (MRI) 57:01
66 ?
67 Consuelo Alonso  Spain (ESP) 57:11


Rank Team Points
1st, gold medalist(s)  Great Britain (GBR)
Carole Bradford
Paula Fudge
Wendy Sly
19 pts
2nd, silver medalist(s)  Soviet Union (URS)
Lyudmila Matveyeva
Mariya Vasilyuk
Yelena Sipatova
20 pts
3rd, bronze medalist(s)  United States (USA)
Judi St Hilaire
Nancy Ditz
Carol McLatchie
36 pts


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