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The New Year Honours 1985 were appointments by most of the Commonwealth realms of Queen Elizabeth II to various orders and honours to reward and highlight good works by citizens of those countries, and honorary ones to citizens of other countries. They were announced on 31 December 1984 to celebrate the year passed and mark the beginning of 1985.[1][2]


United Kingdom[edit]

Life Peers[edit]

Privy Counsellors[edit]

Knights Bachelor[edit]

  • Rogerio Hyndman Lobo, C.B.E., J.P. For public services in Hong Kong.
  • Arthur Michael Wood, C.B.E. For medical services to the community in Kenya.
  • Sydney Schubert, Co-ordinator-General, Premier's Department.
  • Hercules Sinnamon, O.B.E. For services to the community.

Order of the Bath[edit]

Knight Grand Cross (GCB)[edit]

Military Division
  • Air Chief Marshal Sir Thomas Kennedy, K.C.B., A.F.C., A.D.C., Royal Air Force.

Knight Commander (KCB)[edit]

Military Division
Civil Division
  • Peter Esmond Lazarus, C.B., Permanent Secretary, Department of Transport.
  • Michael Edward Quinlan, C.B., Permanent Secretary, Department of Employment.

Commander (CB)[edit]

Military Division
  • Rear Admiral William Alleyne Higgins, C.B.E.
  • Rear Admiral Geoffrey Gordon Ward Marsh, O.B.E.
  • Major General Keith Burch, C.B.E. (418208), late The Royal Anglian Regiment.
  • Major General Alastair Wesley Dennis, O.B.E. (420824), late 16th/5th The Queen's Royal Lancers.
  • Major General Richard Eustace John Gerrard-Wright, C.B.E. (407841), late The Royal Anglian Regiment.
  • Major General Ronald Matthew Pearson, M.B.E., Q.H.D.S. (283274), late Royal Army Dental Corps.
  • Major General George Michael Geoffrey Swindells (400534), late 9th/12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales's).
  • Major General John Peter Barry Condliffe Watts, C.B.E., M.C. (415012), late The Royal Irish Rangers (27th Inniskilling) 83rd and 87th).
  • Air Vice-Marshal Peter Spencer Collins, A.F.C., Royal Air Force.
  • Air Vice-Marshal Robin Lowther Lees, M.B.E., Royal Air Force.
  • Air Vice-Marshal Henry Alan Merriman, C.B.E., A.F.C., Royal Air Force (Retired).
Civil Division

Order of St Michael and St George[edit]

Knight Commander (KCMG)[edit]

  • William Bentley, C.M.G., H.M. Ambassador, Oslo.
  • Alan Clowes Goodison, C.M.G., C.V.O., H.M. Ambassador, Dublin.
  • Cynlais Morgan James, C.M.G., H.M. Ambassador, Mexico City.
  • Robert Mark Russell, C.M.G., H.M. Ambassador, Ankara.

Commander (CMG)[edit]


Royal Victorian Order[edit]

Knights Commander (KCVO)[edit]

Commander (CVO)[edit]

Lieutenant (LVO)[edit]

  • Michael Colborne.
  • John Kenneth Holroyd.
  • Michael Sinclair MacAuslan Shea.
  • Nigel Ralph Southward.
  • Wing Commander Brian Peter Synnott, Royal Air Force.
  • Commander Cecil William Whittington, M.B.E., Royal Navy (Retired).

Member (MVO)[edit]

Royal Victorian Medal[edit]

Order of the British Empire[edit]

Knight Grand Cross (GBE)[edit]

Military Division
  • General Sir Frank Kitson, K.C.B., C.B.E., M.C., A.D.C., Gen (362061), Colonel Commandant 2nd Battalion The Royal Green Jackets, Honorary Colonel Oxford University Officers Training Corps Territorial Army.

Knight Commander (KBE)[edit]

Military Division
  • Lieutenant General William Cameron Moffat O.B.E., Q.H.S. (438315), late Royal Army Medical Corps.
Civil Division
Diplomatic and Overseas
  • John David Gibbons. For public services in Bermuda.

Commander (CBE)[edit]

Military Division
  • Commodore David Henry Morse, A.D.C., Royal Navy.
  • Captain Raymond Harry Norman, Royal Navy.
  • Commodore Hugo Moresby White, Royal Navy.
  • Colonel Eric Hugh Barker, O.B.E. (463307), late Corps of Royal Engineers.
  • Brigadier Harry Gregorius Brown (442113), late Royal Army Ordnance Corps.
  • Colonel Brian Trevor John, T.D., A.D.C. (471966), late The Royal Regiment of Wales (24th/41st Foot) Territorial Army.
  • Colonel James Frederick Junor Johnston (461457), late Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.
  • Brigadier Frederick John Lucas (419294), Royal Pioneer Corps.
  • Brigadier Anthony John Griffin Pollard (446685), late The Royal Anglian Regiment.
  • Brigadier Peter Gerald Sandeman Tower (424488), late Coldstream Guards.
  • Air Commodore Eric Norman Meats, Royal Air Force (Retired).
  • Air Commodore Derek Arthur Saunders, Royal Air Force.
  • Group Captain Peter John Harding, A.F.C., Royal Air Force.
  • Group Captain Richard Edward Johns, L.V.O., O.B.E., Royal Air Force.
Civil Division
  • Richard Clarke Allan, L.V.O., lately Assistant Secretary, Scottish Home and Health Department
  • Thomas David Williams Astorga, Director, Building Division, Common Services Agency for the Scottish Health Service.
  • Ronald Eric George Back, Managing Director, National Networks, British Telecom plc.
  • John Richard Thomas Bailey, G.M., Chief Constable, Ministry of Defence Police.
  • Alan George Bamford, Principal, Westhill College, Birmingham.
  • Miss Josephine Clare Barstow (Mrs. A. Anderson), Opera Singer.
  • Basil Bean, Chief Executive, Merseyside Development Corporation.
  • Harry Crombie Beveridge, O.B.E. For Political and Public Service.
  • Michael Bird, Chairman, Massey-Ferguson Holdings Ltd.
  • Professor John Ivan George Cadogan, Director of Research, British Petroleum plc.
  • John Ashton Cannon, Professor of Modern History, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
  • George Chambers, Chief Executive, Milk Marketing Board for Northern Ireland.
  • Maurice Chandler. For Political and Public Service.
  • Ainslie Bennett Leigh Clarke, O.B.E., Secretary, Imperial Cancer Research Fund.
  • James Robertson Cochrane, President, Lawn Tennis Association.
  • Ivor Harold Cohen, T.D., Managing Director, Mullard Ltd.
  • David Robert Collinson, L.V.O., Assistant Secretary, H.M. Treasury.
  • Douglas Livingstone Cooper, Deputy Managing Director, Harland and Wolff plc.
  • Professor Robert Frank Curtis, Director, Food Research Institute, Norwich, Agricultural and Food Research Council.
  • Peter Desmond Cutting, Chief Investigation Officer, Board of Customs and Excise.
  • Derek Harold Davison, Chairman and Chief Executive, Britannia Airways Limited.
  • Leopold David de Rothschild. For services to music and musical charities.
  • John Albert Dellow, O.B.E., Assistant Commissioner, Metropolitan Police.
  • William Thomas Devenay, Director of Water, Strathclyde Regional Council.
  • James Murray Douglas, Director General, Country Landowners' Association. For services to Agriculture.
  • John Masterman Ellis, lately Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
  • Donald Evans, O.B.E., Managing Director, Marconi Underwater Systems Ltd.
  • Jane Little, Mrs. Finlay, Deputy Chairman, Equal Opportunities Commission.
  • John Foster, Director, Countryside Commission for Scotland.
  • Paul Leonard Fox, Managing Director and Director of Programmes, Yorkshire Television Ltd.
  • Matthew Coulter Furey, Assistant Solicitor, Board of Inland Revenue.
  • Ian Michael Gillis, lately Chief Information Officer, Department of Energy.
  • James Dundas Hamilton, Senior Partner, Fielding Newson-Smith and Co.
  • David St. Clair Harcourt, Chairman, London Commodity Exchange.
  • Phillip Douglas George Hares, Deputy Chief Executive and Board Member for Finance, British Shipbuilders.
  • John Edward Herrin, Chairman, Welwyn Electronics Ltd.
  • James Hetherington, Chief Executive, City of Manchester.
  • Donald Andrew Holland; Chairman and Managing Director, Balfour Beatty Ltd. For services to Export.
  • Miss Angela Marie Hooper. For Political Service.
  • John James Howard, lately Director and Chief General Manager, Royal Insurance Group.
  • Geoffrey Neville Jackson, formerly, Chairman, West Midlands Regional Chambers of Commerce.
  • Max Alfred Jaffe, lately Legal Adviser, Crown Estate Office.
  • Peter Jefferson, Production Director, Aircraft Group, British Aerospace plc.
  • Paul Geoffrey Jeffery, Deputy Director, Laboratory of the Government Chemist, Department of Trade and Industry.
  • Mervyn John Jenkins. For Political and Public Service.
  • John Southwood Jennings, Managing Director, Shell UK Ltd. Exploration and Production.
  • Reginald Stuart Johnson, Director of Education, Leeds Metropolitan District Council.
  • Barrie Russell Jones, Rothes Professor of Preventive Ophthalmology, University of London.
  • Edith, Mrs. Korner, lately Chairman, Health Services Information Group.
  • Walter Ernest Lane, lately Chairman, Nature Conservancy Council, Advisory Committee for England.
  • Philip Stevens Ledger, Principal, Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.
  • Angus Steward Macdonald D.L., Chairman, Scottish Agricultural Development Council.
  • Ian Duncan Mackie, Member, Tayside Regional Council.
  • George Ross Mathewson, Chief Executive, Scottish Development Agency.
  • William James Mathias, Composer, Professor of Music, University College of North Wales.
  • Michael McAtamney, O.B.E., Deputy Chief Constable, Royal Ulster Constabulary.
  • Miss Mary Graham McGeown (Mrs. M. G. Freeland). For services to Nephrology particularly in Northern Ireland.
  • Alexander Edward McIlwain, lately President, Law Society of Scotland.
  • Charles McLachlan, Q.P.M., Chief Constable, Nottinghamshire Constabulary.
  • William Napier Menzies-Wilson, Chairman, Ocean Transport and Trading plc.
  • John Ralph Middleton, lately Assistant Secretary, Department of Education and Science.
  • Ronald Andrew Baird Miller, Chairman and Chief Executive, Dawson International plc.
  • Naomi Margaret, Lady Mitchison, Writer.
  • William David Morton. For Political and Public Service.
  • The Reverend Professor Charles Francis Digby Moule. For services to theology.
  • Alexander Douglas Ian Nicol, Secretary General of the Faculties, University of Cambridge.
  • Michael Francis Oliver, Duke of Edinburgh Professor of Cardiology, University of Edinburgh.
  • Rasin Ward Orson, Member Electricity Council.
  • Geoffrey John Parker, Chairman and Managing Director, Felixstowe Dock and Railway Company.
  • Leslie Frederick Pocock, Chairman, Liverpool Health Authority.
  • Robert Noel Ponsonby, Controller of Music, British Broadcasting Corporation.
  • Alastair Robert Wilson Porter, Secretary and Registrar, Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. For services to the Veterinary Profession.
  • Sydney George Pritchard. For services to local government in Montgomeryshire and Powys.
  • Bryan Patrick Philip Quilter, Chairman, Domestic Electrical Appliances Economic Development Committee.
  • Antony Vemon Nelson Reed, Managing Director, Helicopter and Hovercraft Group, Westland plc.
  • Clifton Eugene Bancroft Robinson, O.B.E., Deputy Chairman, Commission for Racial Equality.
  • Frederick Lloyd Roche, Deputy Chairman and Managing Director, Conran Roche, Ltd.
  • Harry Rogers, Director, North West Region Property Services Agency, Department of the Environment.
  • George Russell, Managing Director and Chief Executive, British Alcan Aluminium Ltd.
  • Michael Llewellyn Rutter, Professor of Child Psychiatry, University of London.
  • Leslie Charles Thomas Sallabank, Director, George Wimpey plc.
  • David Chetwode Samworth, D.L.. lately Chairman, Meat and Livestock Commission.
  • The Reverend John Brian Smethurst, T.D. For Political and Public Service.
  • Cyril Stanley Smith, Secretary, Economic and Social Research Council.
  • Professor John Bedford Stenlake, Chairman, British Pharmacopoeia Commission.
  • Charles Crichton Birnie Stevens, Q.B.E., Deputy Chairman, Public Health Laboratory Service Board.
  • Denys Miller Sutton, Editor, Apollo.
  • Robert Gilmour Jamieson Telfer. For services to Energy Conservation.
  • Colin William Carstairs Turner, D.F.C. For Political Service.
  • Alan Willis Ure, Managing Director, Trollope and Colls Ltd.
  • David Richard Wall, Associate Director, The Royal Academy of Dancing.
  • John Stanton Ward, Painter and Illustrator.
  • Alan John Watson. For Political service.
  • Colonel Richard Thomas Meurig Williams, O.B.E., M.C., T.D., D.L., Chairman, Wales Territorial Auxiliary and Volunteer Reserve Association.
  • Professor William Morgan Williams. For public service in Wales.
  • Ronald Allen Wilson, lately President of the Food Manufacturers' Federation.
  • John David Witty, lately Secretary, London Boroughs' Association; lately Chief Executive, Westminster City Council.
  • Robin Wilfrid Jerrard Wood, Chairman, Leeds Western Health Authority.
Diplomatic and Overseas
  • Chan Nai-keong, Secretary for Lands and Works, Hong Kong.
  • John Douglas Charlton Cowl, O.B.E., D.F.C. For services to British commercial interests in Spain.
  • Donald Alfred Hamley, lately H.M. Consul-General, Jerusalem.
  • Ian Stuart McWalter Henderson, G.M., K.P.M. For services to British interests in Bahrain.
  • Norman Henry Lee. For services to British commercial and community interests in Southern California.
  • Patrick Francis Xavier Leonard, lately Justice of Appeal, Hong Kong.
  • Hamish Rhearlach Mathers. For services to British commercial interests in Nigeria.
  • Gerald Paul Nazareth, O.B.E., Q.C., Law Draughtsman, Hong Kong.
  • Bernard William Sharpe, lately staff of the European Commission, Brussels.
  • Woo Hon-fai. For public services in Hong Kong.

Officer (OBE)[edit]

Member (MBE)[edit]

New Zealand[edit]

Knight Bachelor[edit]

  • William Henry Cooper CBE. For services to education and the community.
  • The Honourable Lester Francis Moller – Judge of the High Court
  • Desmond John Sullivan – Chief District Court Judge.

Order of the Bath[edit]

Companion of the Order of the Bath (CB)[edit]

Military Division

Order of Saint Michael and Saint George[edit]

Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George (CMG)[edit]

  • Miss Emily Elizabeth Carpenter. For services to the Consumer Council and home science.
  • Kevin Benjamin O'Brien. For services to Victoria University of Wellington and the Commerce Commission.
  • Prof. Emeritus Geoffrey Joseph Schmitt. For services to industry and education.
  • Alfred Charles Shailes – Controller and Auditor-General, Audit Department, 1975–83.

Order of the British Empire[edit]

Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (DBE)[edit]

Civil Division

Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire (KBE)[edit]

Civil Division

Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE)[edit]

Civil Division
Military Division
  • Brigadier Alfred Connell Hamilton OBE (T34195) – Brigadier's List, New Zealand Army.

Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)[edit]

Civil Division
  • Leo Vernon Bensemann. For services to art, literature and printing.
  • Miss Brenda Cecilia Brankin – lately Chief Nurse, Canterbury Hospital Board.
  • Niall Frederick Burgess JP. For services to local government.
  • William George Cammick. For services to sport, especially boxing.
  • Neil John Clarke JP. For services to the road transport industry and the community.
  • Herbert Roy Dutton. For services to the New Zealand Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association.
  • Judge Trevor Robert Gillies. For services to the community.
  • Antony Hearn QC. For services to the legal profession.
  • William Joseph Karetai JP. For services to the community.
  • Miss Ria May McBride. For public services.
  • Bruce Conway McCormack, For services to basketball.
  • Prof. Peter John McKelvey – Professor and Head of School of Forestry, University of Canterbury 1967–84.
  • William John Main. For services to cycling.
  • James Murray Print. For services to education and the community.
  • Miss Gladys Mabel Symes JP. For services to the New Zealand Red Cross Society, netball and the community.
  • John Alexander Young JP. For services to journalism and the community.
Military Division
  • Commander Ronald Kenneth Longley (T16117) – Royal New Zealand Navy.
  • Colonel Lindsay George Williams MC (D688830) – Colonels' List, New Zealand Army
  • Group Captain Peter Raymond Adamson MBE (T77780) – Royal New Zealand Air Force.

Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)[edit]

Civil Division
  • Quentin Edward Angus. For services to the disabled.
  • Roger Gault Barrowclough. For services to mountain safety.
  • Gordon Christie JP. For public and community service.
  • Russell Coutts. For services to yachting.
  • Eric Nelson Craig. For services to music.
  • Ian Gordon Ferguson. For services to canoeing.
  • John Edward Fitzgerald. For services to local body and community affairs.
  • John Philip Harding. For services to the community.
  • Harold Brydon Harvey. For services to tennis.
  • Kevin Francis Herlihy. For services to softball.
  • Norman Leslie Hider. For services to Highland Pipe Bands Association of New Zealand.
  • Patrick Kelliher. For services to local body and community affairs.
  • Douglas Sidney Stratford Kerr – lately Principal Private Secretary to the Prime Minister.
  • Mrs Shona Katrine MacTavish. For services to the arts.
  • Mrs Dorothy Huhana Mihinui JP. For services to the tourist industry and the community.
  • Robert Edward Perks. For services to music.
  • Neville George Pickering JP. For services to local government.
  • Dr William Mummery Platts. For services to medicine.
  • Laurence Bernard Roberts. For services to the community.
  • Sidney Douglas Sherwood. For services to New Zealand War Amputees Association.
  • Miljenko Vladimir Srhoj. For services to local body and community affairs.
  • Bert Sutcliffe. For services to cricket.
  • Mark James Todd. For services to equestrian sport.
  • Mrs Ruth Mellor Wylie. For services to the National Council of Women of New Zealand.
  • Richard George Newman – Superintendent, New Zealand Police.
Military Division
  • Warrant Officer Seaman Jack Hern Baigent BEM (R13585) – Royal New Zealand Navy.
  • Warrant Officer Steward Penelope Fern Smith (E1361) – Royal New Zealand Navy.
  • Lieutenant John Christopher Trott (X21020) – Royal New Zealand Navy.
  • Captain and Quartermaster Frederick William Daniel (Q899337) – Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment.
  • Warrant Officer Class I Douglas Harry Roberts (J32392)- The Corps of Royal New Zealand Engineers.
  • Major Raymond James Seymour (R40288) – Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment.
  • Warrant Officer James Ashley Fordyce (L77819) – Royal New Zealand Air Force.
  • Warrant Officer Terence Trevor Healey (W78220) – Royal New Zealand Air Force.

Queen's Service Order[edit]

Companions of the Queen's Service Order for Community Service (QSO)[edit]

Companions of the Queen's Service Order for Public Services (QSO)[edit]

  • Norman Wilfred Currie – lately Public Trustee, Public Trust Office.
  • John (Jack) Dellaca.
  • Thomas Christopher Grigg – Chairman, North Canterbury Hospital Board.
  • John Hobson MBE – lately Superintendent, Auckland Maximum Security Prison, Department of Justice.
  • Lieutenant Colonel Arthur Robert Percy Hughes JP.
  • Clyde Molesworth Jeffrey BEM JP.
  • Taxi Aonui Kapua-Te Ahuru.
  • Murray Raymond Mander – lately Valuer-General, Valuation Department.
  • Alexander James Lloyd Martin.

Queen's Service Medal[edit]

Queen's Service Medal for Community Service (QSM)[edit]

  • Mrs Alys Alexander.
  • Mrs Ida Ailsa Cressey Boag.
  • Miss Mary Elizabeth Brown.
  • Duncan David Dakers.
  • John Stuart Dawson.
  • The Very Reverend Derek Lionel Eaton.
  • Mrs Jean Ivy Gadd.
  • Leslie John Grant.
  • Joseph Green JP.
  • Miss Kathleen Henderson.
  • Miss Dorothy Jeane Horne (Mrs Chapman).
  • John Leonard Humphrey.
  • Thomas Michael Henry Jackson.
  • Mark Anthony Marinovich.
  • Miss Emily Elizabeth Mason.
  • Duff Heron Maxwell.
  • Mrs Zelda Alanstan Paul.
  • Mrs Madge Estelle Ann Rauhihi.
  • Mrs Margaret Francis Read.
  • The Reverend Lagaua Talagi.
  • Douglas Howard Thomas.
  • Mrs Jean Reese Twyman.
  • Mrs Ani Kui Rini Wihoni Hoa Koha (Mrs Wijohn).
  • Mrs Ruth Wilkinson.
  • Arthur Allan Wilks.

Queen's Service Medal for Public Services (QSM)[edit]

  • Mrs Rosemary Ann Ash.
  • Mrs Margaret Jean Bodmin.
  • Ian Alexander Colquhoun – Deputy Rector, Palmerston North Boys' High School.
  • Mrs Margaret Alberta Vivian Day.
  • Charles Edward Elsmore.
  • Miss Leah Elsie Jean Gilbert.
  • Mrs Patricia Hayden Gribble.
  • Thomas Haliburton.
  • Kenneth Leslie Hill JP.
  • John Erua Horrell JP.
  • Karl Owen Jones JP.
  • Allan Robert Kay JP.
  • Miss Edna Judith Lepper.
  • Mrs Mary Elizabeth Mackenzie.
  • Miss Joan Meyer.
  • The Reverend Father William George James Middleton.
  • Mrs Bessie Emily Priston JP.
  • Mrs Raimapaha Rei JP.
  • Allan Neol Robson.
  • David Ernest Seath.
  • The Reverend Mack Temara.
  • Mrs Patricia Irene Wilson.
  • Mrs Marjorie Mary Wrigley JP.
  • Colin Robert Guppy – Sergeant, New Zealand Police.
  • Tevita Kilifi Heimuli – Constable, New Zealand Police.

Queen's Fire Service Medal (QFSM)[edit]

  • Brian Shields Armstrong – Fire Force Commander, Auckland Fire Brigade, New Zealand Fire Service.
  • Sidney Keith Christensen BEM – Fire Commander, Palmerston North Fire Brigade, New Zealand Fire Service.
  • Hugh Ernest George Henderson JP – Divisional Officer, Auckland Fire Brigade, New Zealand Fire Service.
  • Leslie Shepherd – Chief Fire Officer, Te Puke Volunteer Fire Brigade, New Zealand Fire Service.

British Empire Medal (BEM)[edit]

Military Division
  • Chief Petty Officer Seaman Peter Hill (B19344) – Royal New Zealand Navy.
  • Corporal John Howard Joseph Ward (V46824) – Royal New Zealand Corps of Transport.
  • Staff Sergeant (Temporary Warrant Officer Class II) Sydney William Worster (U477981) – Royal New Zealand Corps of Transport (Territorial Force).
  • Flight Sergeant Kenneth James Arthur (X81510) – Royal New Zealand Air Force.
  • Flight Sergeant Alexander Joseph Marshall (E81516) – Royal New Zealand Air Force.

Queen's Police Medal (QPM)[edit]

  • Bruce Dunbar Read – Detective Chief Inspector, New Zealand Police.

Air Force Cross (AFC)[edit]

  • Squadron Leader Peter Sydney Faulkner (F92621) – Royal New Zealand Air Force.

Queen's Commendation for Valuable Service in the Air[edit]

  • Flight Lieutenant Peter Graham Randerson (S86772) – Royal New Zealand Air Force.

Cook Islands[edit]

Order of the British Empire[edit]

Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)[edit]

Civil Division
  • Pokino Aberahama. For services to the Cook Islands, especially the people of Mangaia.

British Empire Medal (BEM)[edit]

Civil Division
  • Mrs Pari Tamarua JP. For services to women and children.


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