1986 Baden-Württemberg motorcycle Grand Prix

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West Germany  1986 Baden-Württemberg Grand Prix
Race details
Race 12 of 12 races in the
1986 Grand Prix motorcycle racing season
Hockenheimring prior to 2002.svg
Date 28 September 1986
Location Hockenheimring
  • Permanent racing facility
  • 6.797 km (4.223 mi)
125 cc
Pole position
Rider Italy Fausto Gresini Garelli
Fastest lap
Rider Italy Luca Cadalora Garelli
First Italy Fausto Gresini Garelli
Second Italy Luca Cadalora Garelli
Third Austria August Auinger MBA
80 cc
Pole position
Rider Germany Gerhard Waibel Real-Krauser
Fastest lap
Rider Switzerland Stefan Dörflinger Krauser
First Germany Gerhard Waibel Real-Krauser
Second Switzerland Stefan Dörflinger Krauser
Third Netherlands Hans Spaan HuVo-Casal
Sidecar (B2A)
Pole position
Rider Netherlands Egbert Streuer LCR-Yamaha
Fastest lap
Rider Switzerland Rolf Biland LCR-Krauser
First Netherlands Egbert Streuer LCR-Yamaha
Second Switzerland Rolf Biland LCR-Krauser
Third United Kingdom Steve Webster LCR-Yamaha

The 1986 Baden-Württemberg motorcycle Grand Prix was an additional event for 80cc, 125cc and sidecar classes that counted towards the 1986 Motorcycle Grand Prix season. It took place on the weekend of 28 September 1986 at the Hockenheimring, in the German state of Baden-Württemberg.

125 cc Classification[edit]

Pos Rider Manufacturer Time/Retired Points
1 Italy Fausto Gresini Garelli 33:46.460 15
2 Italy Luca Cadalora Garelli +0.83 12
3 Austria August Auinger MBA +1.06 10
4 Italy Ezio Gianola MBA +1.26 8
5 Switzerland Bruno Kneubühler MBA +2.23 6
6 Italy Domenico Brigaglia Ducados +31.99 5
7 Italy Paolo Casoli MBA +47.46 4
8 Belgium Oliver Liégeois Assmex +52.85 3
9 Finland Johnny Wickström Tunturi +53.07 2
10 Germany Adolf Stadler MBA +53.39 1

80 cc Classification[edit]

Pos Rider Manufacturer Time/Retired Points
1 Germany Gerhard Waibel Real-Krauser 15
2 Switzerland Stefan Dörflinger Krauser 12
3 Netherlands Hans Spaan HuVo-Casal 10
4 Spain Manuel Herreros Derbi 8
5 Netherlands Wilco Zeelenberg Casal 6
6 Germany Hubert Abold Krauser 5
7 Germany Rainer Scheidhauer Seel 4
8 Germany Alfred Waibel Krauser 3
9 Netherlands Henk van Kessel Krauser 2
10 Netherlands Theo Timmer HuVo-Casal 1

Sidecar Classification[edit]

Pos Rider Passenger Manufacturer Time/Retired Points
1 Netherlands Egbert Streuer Netherlands Bernard Schnieders LCR-Yamaha 15
2 Switzerland Rolf Biland Switzerland Kurt Waltisperg LCR-Krauser 15
3 United Kingdom Steve Webster United Kingdom Tony Hewitt LCR-Yamaha 10
4 Switzerland Alfred Zurbrügg Switzerland Martin Zurbrügg LCR-Yamaha 8
5 France Alain Michel France Jean-Marc Fresc LCR-Yamaha 6
6 Japan Masato Kumano Germany Helmut Diehl LCR-Yamaha 5
7 United Kingdom Steve Abbott United Kingdom Shaun Smith Windle-Yamaha 4
8 United Kingdom Frank Wrathall United Kingdom Kerry Chapman LCR-Yamaha 3
9 Switzerland Markus Egloff Switzerland Urs Egloff LCR-Yamaha 2
10 United Kingdom Derek Bailey United Kingdom Brian Nixon LCR-Yamaha 1


It was Angel Nieto final race in 125cc class and in overall class