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1986 in home video:

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Industry milestones[edit]


  • July 1 - RCA releases the final Capacitance Electronic Disc(CED) VideoDisc: CBS/Fox Video's release of The Jewel of the Nile. Also released at the same time, but only for RCA employees who worked in the CED VideoDisc departments, was a disc entitled "Memories of VideoDisc", which was a collection of photos, milestones, and a factory tour. This was NOT released for consumers and is considered one of the rarest discs of the CED VideoDisc library.

Video releases[edit]

The following movies were released on video on the following dates:

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Title Studio Release date Genre Notes
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Warner Bros. January 1986 Action
The Man With One Red Shoe 20th Century Fox January 1986 Comedy
Rambo: First Blood Part II Vestron Video January 1986 Action, Adventure
St. Elmo's Fire Columbia January 1986 Drama, Romance
National Lampoon's European Vacation Warner Bros. February 1986 Comedy
Pee-Wee's Big Adventure Warner Bros. February 24, 1986 Comedy, Family
Return of the Jedi 20th Century Fox February 25, 1986 Drama, Sci-fi
Real Genius TriStar February 26, 1986 Comedy, Family, Sci-fi
Silverado Columbia February 26, 1986 Drama, Western
The Goonies Warner Bros. March 1986 Adventure, Comedy, Family
Teen Wolf Paramount March 1986 Comedy, Horror
Weird Science Universal March 1986 Comedy, Sci-fi
The Glenn Miller Story (1953) Universal March 13, 1986 Comedy, Musical
Better Off Dead Paramount March 16, 1986 Romantic Comedy
Sesame Street Presents Follow That Bird Warner Bros. March 17, 1986 Comedy, Family
The Sword in the Stone (1963) Disney March 24, 1986 Animation, Family
Starchaser: The Legend of Orin (1985) Paramount March 25, 1986 Animation, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Commando 20th Century Fox April 1986 Action, Drama, Sci-fi
Fright Night Columbia April 1986 Horror
Cocoon 20th Century Fox May 1986 Comedy, Sci-fi
Rocky IV United Artists May 1986 Drama, Sports
Day of the Dead Embassy May 20, 1986 Horror
Back to the Future Universal May 22, 1986 Comedy, Family, Sci-fi The highest-grossing film of 1985.
Alice in Wonderland (1951) Disney May 28, 1986 Animation, Family The main centerpiece of Disney's "Wonderland Sale" promotional campaign, valued at over $1.5 million. Released with other video titles.
Brazil Universal June 1986 Comedy, Sci-fi
Clue Paramount June 1986 Comedy, Family, Mystery
The Journey of Natty Gann Disney June 25, 1986 Drama, Family
The Jewel of the Nile 20th Century Fox July 1, 1986 Adventure, Romance The Final CED VideoDisc ever released for consumer use
Spies Like Us Warner Bros. July 14, 1986 Comedy
Enemy Mine 20th Century Fox July 29, 1986 Drama, Sci-fi
Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation LBS Communications/Nelvana Limited August 1986 Animation, Family
Out of Africa Universal September 11, 1986 Drama
The Music Man (1962) Warner Bros. September 17, 1986 Comedy, Family, Musical Part of Warner Brothers' "Best of the Lot" advertising campaign
Head (1968) Columbia September 18, 1986 Adventure, Comedy
The Jolson Story (1946) Sony September 22, 1986 Comedy, Musical Part of RCA/Columbia's "Wrap-Up Hollywood" advertising campaign.
Oliver! Sony September 22, 1986 Comedy, Musical Part of RCA/Columbia's "Wrap-Up Hollywood" advertising campaign.
Funny Lady (1975) Sony September 22, 1986 Comedy, Musical Part of RCA/Columbia's "Wrap-Up Hollywood" advertising campaign.
Down and Out in Beverly Hills Touchstone September 23, 1986 Comedy
Critters New Line October 1986 Sci-fi
Sleeping Beauty (1959) Disney October 14, 1986 Animation, Family The major centerpiece of the company's "Bring Disney Home for Good" promotional campaign, valued at over $6 million.
The Money Pit Universal October 16, 1986 Romantic Comedy
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Paramount October 29, 1986 Adventure, Drama
My Little Pony: The Movie De Laurentiis/Marvel/Sunbow Late October 1986 Animation, Family
Short Circuit TriStar November 1986 Comedy, Sci-fi
The Naked Cage Cannon Films November 4, 1986 Drama
One Magic Christmas Disney December 23, 1986 Family, Fantasy, Holiday
The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie Warner Bros. 1986 Animation, Family

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