1987 CFL season

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1987 CFL season
Regular season
Duration June 21, 1987 – November 8, 1987
Start date November 15, 1987
East Champions Toronto Argonauts
West Champions Edmonton Eskimos
75th Grey Cup
Date November 29, 1987
Site BC Place, Vancouver
Champions Edmonton Eskimos
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The 1987 Canadian Football League season is considered to be the 34th season in modern-day Canadian football, although it is officially the 30th Canadian Football League season.

CFL News in 1987[edit]

The Canadian Football League celebrated the 75th Annual Grey Cup game at BC Place Stadium on Sunday, November 29.

The Canadian Football Network, which was syndicated on Canadian television stations, was created by the league, taking the place of CTV, which ended its partnership with the CFL the previous season. The CFL experimented with their blackout policy by blacking out four televised games in both, Hamilton and Toronto (two in Hamilton and two in Toronto). The cable outlet TSN also began broadcasting the CFL in 1987, gaining the rights to games that had been passed on by CBC and CFN; TSN has aired CFL games ever since, eventually becoming the exclusive broadcaster in 2008.

Game rosters were revised from 35 to 34 that included 19 Non-Imports, 13 Imports and 2 Quarterbacks. The reserve list was increased from three to four.

After losing money for three years, Charles Bronfman sold the Concordes to Norm Kimball, who renamed them the Alouettes the previous year to renew interest in the team, but after losing money during the 1986 season, and playing before sparse Olympic Stadium crowds of less than 10,000, he, along with the CFL decided enough was enough, so they decided that the Montreal Alouettes would fold for the second time, this time for good on June 24. With the team's demise the CFL revised the season schedule and moved the Winnipeg Blue Bombers to the East Division to balance out the divisions. The Alouettes, however, would return in 1996 when the CFL's American operations ended with the Baltimore Stallions moving to Montreal to become the current third and incarnation of the team.

The playoff format reverted to its pre-1986 form.

Regular season standings[edit]

Final regular season standings[edit]

Note: GP = Games Played, W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, PF = Points For, PA = Points Against, Pts = Points

West Division
Team GP W L T PF PA Pts
BC Lions 18 12 6 0 502 370 24
Edmonton Eskimos 18 11 7 0 617 462 22
Calgary Stampeders 18 10 8 0 453 517 20
Saskatchewan Roughriders 18 5 12 1 364 529 11
East Division
Team GP W L T PF PA Pts
Winnipeg Blue Bombers 18 12 6 0 554 409 24
Toronto Argonauts 18 11 6 1 484 427 23
Hamilton Tiger-Cats 18 7 11 0 470 509 14
Ottawa Rough Riders 18 3 15 0 377 598 6
  • Bold text means that they have clinched the playoffs.
  • BC and Winnipeg have first round byes.

Grey Cup playoffs[edit]

The Edmonton Eskimos are the 1987 Grey Cup champions, defeating the Toronto Argonauts 38–36, at Vancouver's BC Place Stadium. This game eventually became the battle of the backups when starters, Matt Dunigan and Gilbert Renfroe became injured leaving backups Damon Allen and Danny Barrett to take over. The Eskimos' Damon Allen (QB) was named the Grey Cup's Most Valuable Player on Offence and Stewart Hill (DE) was named Grey Cup's Most Valuable Player on Defence, while Milson Jones (RB) was named the Grey Cup's Most Valuable Canadian.

Playoff bracket[edit]

  November 15: Division Semifinals     November 22: Division Finals     November 29: 75th Grey Cup @ BC Place StadiumVancouver, BC
  East     E2 Toronto Argonauts 19  
  E3 Hamilton Tiger-Cats 13     E1 Winnipeg Blue Bombers 3    
  E2 Toronto Argonauts 29         E2 Toronto Argonauts 36
      W2 Edmonton Eskimos 38
  West     W2 Edmonton Eskimos 31    
  W3 Calgary Stampeders 16     W1 BC Lions 7  
  W2 Edmonton Eskimos 30  

CFL Leaders[edit]

1987 CFL All-Stars[edit]



Special teams[edit]

1987 Eastern All-Stars[edit]



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1987 Western All-Stars[edit]



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1987 CFL Awards[edit]


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