1987 Chapeltown riot

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The Chapeltown riots of 1987, were riots in Chapeltown, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. 21–23 June 1987 "Rioting in Chapeltown area of Leeds. About 70 youths smash shop windows, loot and attack the cops after they arrest a young man and beat him." 22 June, "Rioting in Chapeltown continues until 4 A.M." and 23 June, "Rioting in Chapeltown, Leeds continues. Shops, cars and windows are petrol bombed and stoned. A sex shop, believed to be used for police surveillance is burnt out."[1] It was not the first time such rioting had occurred. In 1981 the area was subject to widespread rioting, this was also occurring in London, Birmingham and Liverpool at the time.

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