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The 1987 Cricket World Cup (also known as Reliance World Cup) was the fourth edition of the ICC Cricket World Cup tournament. It was held from October 8 to November 8, 1987, in India and Pakistan — the first held outside England on twenty-one different venues.[1] A total of 27 matches were played in 1987 Cricket World Cup including 2 Semifinals and a Final match.[2]


Out of the 12 selected umpires, 4 of them belong to Pakistan, 2 were from England and India each while 1 from Australia, New Zealand, West Indies and Sri Lanka each. The first semifinal was supervised by Dickie Bird and David Shepherd while Tony Crafter and Steve Woodward supervised the second semifinal.[3][4]

Ram Gupta and Mahboob Shah were elected to supervise the 1987 Cricket World Cup final.[5]

S.No. Umpire Country Matches
1 Mahboob Shah  Pakistan 6
2 David Shepherd  England 6
3 Ram Gupta  India 6
4 V.K. Ramaswamy  India 5
5 Steve Woodward  New Zealand 5
6 Dickie Bird  England 5
7 David Archer  West Indies 5
8 Tony Crafter  Australia 5
9 Khizer Hayat  Pakistan 5
10 PW Vidanagamage  Sri Lanka 4
11 Amanullah Khan  Pakistan 1
12 Khalid Aziz  Pakistan 1


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