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Football in Brazil
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The following article presents a summary of the 1987 football (soccer) season in Brazil, which was the 86th season of competitive football in the country.

Campeonato Brasileiro Yellow Module[edit]

The 1987 Campeonato Brasileiro Yellow Module was organized by the Brazilian Football Confederation, and did not count with the participation of the most traditional and most popular clubs, which were competing in the Copa União.


Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Atlético Paranaense 0-0 Guarani 0-0 0-0 (0-1 after extra time)
Bangu 4-5 Guarani 3-2 1-3



Sport3–0 (0–0 after extra time,
11–11 pen)

Both clubs decided to share the title, but Sport was declared as the Campeonato Brasileiro Yellow Module champions by aggregate score of 3-2, after Guarani withdrew the title on January 22, 1988.

Copa União[edit]

The Copa União was organized by the Clube dos 13, but even counting with the most traditional and the most popular Brazilian clubs it is not officially recognized by the Brazilian Football Confederation.


Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Flamengo 4-2 Atlético Mineiro 1-0 3-2
Internacional 4-2 Cruzeiro 1-0 3-2 (1-0 after extra time)




Flamengo declared as the Copa União champions by aggregate score of 2-1.

National Championship Playoff[edit]

This playoff was organized by the Brazilian Football Confederation, and consisted of single matches between the champion and runner-up of the Yellow Module (Sport and Guarani) against the champion and runner-up of Copa União (Flamengo and Internacional). Flamengo and Internacional refused to play the competition. As Flamengo and Internacional refused, Sport and Guarani played against each other twice.

Home team Score Away team
Guarani W.O. (Guarani awarded 1-0) Flamengo
Sport W.O. (Sport awarded 1-0) Internacional
Guarani W.O. (Guarani awarded 1-0) Internacional
Sport W.O. (Sport awarded 1-0) Flamengo



Sport declared as the Campeonato Brasileiro champions by the Brazilian Football Confederation by aggregate score of 2-1..

State championship champions[edit]

State Champion State Champion
Acre Atlético Acreano Paraíba Auto Esporte
Alagoas CRB Paraná Pinheiros
Amapá Amapá Pernambuco Santa Cruz
Amazonas Rio Negro Piauí Flamengo-PI
Bahia Bahia Rio de Janeiro Vasco
Ceará Fortaleza Rio Grande do Norte América-RN
Distrito Federal Brasília Rio Grande do Sul Grêmio
Espírito Santo Guarapari Rondônia Ferroviário-RO
Goiás Goiás Roraima Atlético Roraima
Maranhão Sampaio Corrêa Santa Catarina Joinville
Mato Grosso Operário (VG) São Paulo São Paulo
Mato Grosso do Sul Comercial Sergipe Vasco-SE
Minas Gerais Cruzeiro Tocantins -
Pará Paysandu

Youth competition champions[edit]

Competition Champion
Taça Belo Horizonte de Juniores São Paulo

Other competition champions[edit]

Competition Champion
Campeonato Brasileiro de Seleções Estaduais Rio de Janeiro
Taça Minas Gerais América-MG
Torneio de Integração da Amazônia Trem

Brazilian clubs in international competitions[edit]

Team Copa Libertadores 1987
Guarani Group stage
São Paulo Group stage

Brazil national team[edit]

The following table lists all the games played by the Brazil national football team in official competitions and friendly matches during 1987.

Date Opposition Result Score Brazil scorers Competition
May 19, 1987  England D 1-1 Mirandinha Rous Cup
May 23, 1987  Republic of Ireland L 0-1 - International Friendly
May 26, 1987  Scotland W 2-0 Raí, Valdo Rous Cup
May 28, 1987  Finland W 3-2 Romário, Valdo, Müller International Friendly
June 1, 1987  Israel W 4-0 Romário (2), Dunga, João Paulo International Friendly
June 21, 1987  Ecuador W 4-1 Raí, Careca, Müller, Jorginho International Friendly
June 24, 1987  Paraguay W 1-0 Valdo International Friendly
June 28, 1987  Venezuela W 5-0 Edu Marangon, Morovic (own goal), Careca, Nelsinho, Romário Copa América
July 3, 1987  Chile L 0-4 - Copa América
December 9, 1987  Chile W 2-1 Valdo, Renato International Friendly
December 12, 1987  West Germany D 1-1 Batista International Friendly

Women's football[edit]

National team[edit]

The Brazil women's national football team did not play any matches in 1987.

Domestic competition champions[edit]

Competition Champion
Campeonato Carioca Radar
Taça Brasil Radar