1988–89 French Rugby Union Championship

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French Rugby Championship 1988-89
Countries  France
Number of teams 80 teams
Champions Toulose (10th title)
Runners-up Toulon
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1989-90 →

The 1988-89 French Rugby Union Championship was won by Toulose that beat Toulon in the final.

Toulouse won his 10th bouclier de Brennus, the third in the 80's.


  • The tournament was played by 80 clubs divided in sixteen pools of five. .
  • The two better of each pool (a sum of 32 clubs) were admitted to the group A to play for the title
  • In the second round the 32 clubs of group A were divided in four pools of eight.
  • The four better of each pool of group A (16 clubs) were qualified to play the knockout stage

Group A Qualification to knockout stage[edit]

The teams are listed as the ranking, in bold the teams admitted to "last 16" round.

Pool 1

Pool 2

Pool 3

Pool 4

"Last 16"[edit]

In bold the clubs qualified for the quarter of finals.

Team 1 Team 2 1st match 2nd match
Agen Dax 15-15 41-15
Racing Stadoceste 16-15 0-22
Bègles-Bordeaux Toulouse 3-47 15-27
Lourdes Blagnac SCR 6-10 24-9
Graulhet Grenoble 3-36 9-15
Narbonne Bayonne 39-9 24-18
Montferrand Touloun 21-17 9-29
Brive Béziers 12-22 6-32

Quarter of finals[edit]

In bold the clubs qualified for the next round

Équipe 1 Équipe 2 Results
Agen Stadoceste 12-9
Toulouse Lourdes 41-15
Grenoble Narbonne 13-24
Touloun Béziers 19-12


Team 1 Team 2 Results
Agen Toulouse 9-18
Narbonne Touloun 3-20


Teams Toulouse - Toulon
Score 18-12 (15-9)
Date 27 May 1989
Venue Parc des Princes, Paris
Referee Guy Maurette
Toulose Serge Laïrle (Gérard Portolan 73), Patrick Soula, Claude Portolan, Hugues Miorin, Jean-Marie Cadieu, Thierry Maset (Hervé Lecomte 69), Karl Janik, Albert Cigagna, Jérôme Cazalbou, Philippe Rougé-Thomas, David Berty, Denis Charvet, Didier Codorniou, Jean-Michel Rancoule, Joël Dupuy
Not on the ground : Michel Lopez, Éric Bonneval, Thierry Savio, Bruno Coumes
Toulon Manu Diaz, Jean-Michel Casalini (Jean-Louis Raibaut 77), Yann Braendlin, Yvan Roux, Jean-Charles Orso (Jean-Pierre Alarcon 80), Éric Champ, Jean-François Tordo, Éric Melville, Jérôme Gallion, Christian Cauvy, Pascal Jehl, Alain Carbonel, Pierre Trémouille, Éric Fourniols, Jérôme Bianchi
Not on the ground : Thierry Louvet, Philippe Sauton, Thierry Ruet, Frédéric Saint-Sardos
Toulose 2 tries Laîrle (1) and Charvet (31), 2 conversions de Dupuy and 1 drop Charvet (11), 1 drop Dupuy (70)
Touloun 3 penalties Bianchi (15,21,58), 1 drop Cauvy (6)


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