1988 Adelaide Bicentennial Carnival

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The 1988 Adelaide Bicentennial Carnival was the 22nd edition of the Australian National Football Carnival, an Australian rules football State of Origin competition. Australia was celebrating its Bicentenary in 1988 so the carnival was known as the 'Bicentennial Carnival'. It took place over four days from 2 March until 5 March, and the matches were played at Football Park and Norwood Oval.

Ten teams were involved, including all the states and territories, making in the most heavily contested competition. They were divided into two sections. South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia and New South Wales were in Section One. Although traditionally the Tasmanians had enjoyed more success in the interstate arena than New South Wales, the latter had 22 VFL players in its squad compared to the island state's 15 which helped them obtain the final Section One spot.

Section Two was occupied by the Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory, Queensland, Tasmania and two non regional teams. The Australian Amateurs was one of those, a squad of amateur players from across the country's leagues. Finally, the Victorian Football Association representative team made up the group but selection was not restricted to VFA players. If a footballer, now competing elsewhere, had started his career in the VFA, such as Terry Wallace for example, then he was eligible to join the squad. The same rules applied to the other teams, so if a Tasmanian born player had started his career at West Perth then he could be selected for either Tasmania or Western Australia.

Attendances at the tournament were lower than expected, and overall the tournament ran at a $30,000 loss. The winning state was originally to have received a $40,000 prize, with incrementally lower prizes for all other states; but these prizes were abandoned due to the operating loss.[1]


Section Winning team Winning team score Losing team Losing team score Ground Crowd Date
Section Two – Preliminary Stage Northern Territory 19.20 (134) Tasmania 10.8 (68) Football Park 2 March 1988 [2]
Section Two – Preliminary Stage Australian Amateurs 14.12 (96) ACT 12.11 (83) Football Park 2 March 1988 [2]
Section One – Semi Final Victoria 20.13 (133) Western Australia 10.13 (73) Football Park 5,195 2 March 1988
Section Two – Preliminary Stage VFA 17.10 (112) Queensland 4.11 (35) Football Park 3 March 1988 [3]
Section Two – Preliminary Stage Northern Territory 11.19 (85) Australian Amateurs 8.9 (57) Football Park 3 March 1988 [3]
Section One – Semi Final South Australia 12.8 (80) New South Wales 8.11 (59) Football Park 5,755 3 March 1988 [3]
Section Two – Semi Final VFA 18.20 (128) ACT 9.16 (70) Norwood Oval 4 March 1988 [4]
Section Two – Wooden Spoon Play Off Tasmania 11.16 (82) Queensland 10.10 (70) Norwood Oval 4 March 1988
Section Two – Final Northern Territory 17.10 (112) VFA 9.13 (63) Football Park 5 March 1988 [5]
Section One – 3rd Place Play Off New South Wales 10.8 (68) Western Australia 9.12 (66) Football Park 5 March 1988 [5]
Section One – Final South Australia 15.12 (102) Victoria 6.6 (42) Football Park 19,387 5 March 1988 [6]


ACT [7] AA [7][8] NSW NT [9] QLD

Coach: Brian Quade

Coach: John Taylor

Coach: Peter Knights


Coach: Robert Shaw

Coach: Terry Wheeler



All-Australian coach Graham Cornes
1988 All-Australian Team
Name State Club
Terry Daniher New South Wales Essendon
David Murphy New South Wales Sydney
Michael Long Northern Territory St Mary's
Michael McLean Northern Territory Footscray
Maurice Rioli Northern Territory St Mary's
Tony Hall South Australia Glenelg
Danny Hughes South Australia Melbourne
Stephen Kernahan South Australia Carlton
Martin Leslie South Australia Port Adelaide
Bruce Lindner South Australia Geelong
Tony McGuinness South Australia Footscray
Mark Mickan South Australia Brisbane Bears
John Platten South Australia Hawthorn
Greg Whittlesea South Australia Sturt
Graham Cornes South Australia Glenelg (Coach)
Terry Wallace VFA Richmond
Danny Frawley Victoria St Kilda
Gerard Healy Victoria Sydney
Simon Madden Victoria Essendon
Paul Roos Victoria Fitzroy
Paul Salmon Victoria Essendon
Dale Weightman Victoria Richmond
Steve Malaxos Western Australia West Coast

Leading goal-kickers[edit]


Fos Williams Medals

Simpson Medal

Tassie Medal

Dolphin Medal


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