1988 Coupe de France Final

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The 1988 Coupe de France Final was a football match held at Parc des Princes, Paris on June 11, 1988, that saw FC Metz defeat FC Sochaux-Montbéliard in a penalty shoot out. After normal time and extra-time could not separate the two sides, the match was to be decided on penalty kicks. Mickaël Madar from FC Sochaux-Montbéliard was the only one to miss his penalty .

Match details[edit]

June 11, 1988
FC Metz 1–1 FC Sochaux-Montbéliard
Black Goal 45' Paille Goal 36'
Parc des Princes, Paris
Attendance: 44,531
Referee: Claude Bouillet


Bernard Zénier Penalty scored
Philippe Hinschberger Penalty scored
Jean-Louis Zanon Penalty scored
Christian Bracconi Penalty scored
Sylvain Kastendeuch Penalty scored


Penalty scored Faruk Hadzibegic
Penalty scored Franck Sauzée
Penalty scored Stéphane Paille
Penalty scored Gilles Rousset
Penalty missed Mickaël Madar

Metz went first
GK ' France Michel Ettore
DF ' France Philippe Gaillot
DF ' France Frédéric Pons
DF ' France Albert Cartier Substituted off 77'
DF ' France Sylvain Kastendeuch
MF ' France Thierry Pauk Substituted off 106'
MF ' France Carmelo Micciche
MF ' France Jean-Louis Zanon
MF ' Scotland Eric Black
FW ' France Philippe Hinschberger
FW ' France Bernard Zénier
DF ' France Carlos Lopez Substituted in 77'
FW ' France Christian Bracconi Substituted in 106'
France Marcel Husson

Assistant Referees:
Fourth Official:

GK ' France Gilles Rousset
DF ' France Laurent Croci
DF ' France Fabrice Peltier
DF ' France Franck Silvestre
DF ' Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Faruk Hadžibegić
MF ' France Jean-Christophe Thomas Substituted off 97'
MF ' France Fabrice Henry
MF ' France Franck Sauzée
MF ' France Philippe Morin Substituted off 65'
MF ' Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Mehmed Baždarević
FW ' France Stéphane Paille
FW ' France Mickaël Madar Substituted in 65'
? ' France Jacques Colin Substituted in 97'
Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Silvester Takač

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