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This article is about Life of Agony album. For Compton's Most Wanted, see When We Wuz Bangin' 1989–1999: The Hitz. For Atrocity, see Non Plus Ultra: 1989–1999. For Maldita, see Maldita Sea, Vol. 1: 1989–1999.
Life of Agony-1989-1999.jpg
Compilation album by Life of Agony
Released October 1999
Genre Alternative metal
Length 73:55
Label Roadrunner
Life of Agony chronology
Soul Searching Sun
Unplugged at the Lowlands Festival '97

1989–1999 is a compilation album released by New York City alternative metal band Life of Agony in 1999 through Roadrunner Records (see 1999 in music). It contains nine songs from the demos the band released, some bonus tracks of previous releases as well as a few extra tracks. The chorus for "Dancing with the Devil"(Demo) was eventually kept to be used for the chorus in "Other side of the River" from 'Ugly'. Tracks 10 and 11 were bonus tracks of the 'Ugly' album and tracks 12 and 13 of the 'Soul Searching Sun' album. The S.O.D. cover songs were originally recorded for a tribute album, which was never released. These cover songs are sung by guitarist Joey Z.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Here I Am, Here I Stay" (demo) 5:22
2. "Depression" (demo) 5:57
3. "Plexiglass Gate" 5:09
4. "3 Companions" 3:23
5. "Drowning" 5:59
6. "Dancing With the Devil" 6:01
7. "Step Aside" (demo) 6:28
8. "Colorblind" (demo) 4:41
9. "March of the S.O.D./Sgt. "D" and the S.O.D." (Stormtroopers of Death cover) 4:14
10. "Coffee Break" 5:10
11. "Redemption Song" 3:58
12. "How It Would Be '97" 5:48
13. "Tangerine (Re-Zep)" (Led Zeppelin cover) 3:28
14. "Lost at 22" (live '97) 3:44
15. "I Regret" (live '97) 4:24
Total length: 73:55


Tracks 1 & 2 are from the band's 4th demo, The Stain Remains, which was released in May 1991. Tracks 3–6 are from pre-production/writing sessions from August 1992. Tracks 7 & 8 are from the band's 2nd demo, Step Aside, which was released in June 1990.