1989–90 European Cup Winners' Cup

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1989–90 European Cup Winners' Cup
Tournament details
Dates16 August 1989 – 9 May 1990
Teams32 (First Round)
33 (Qualifying)
Final positions
ChampionsItaly Sampdoria (1st title)
Runners-upBelgium Anderlecht
Tournament statistics
Matches played61
Goals scored165 (2.7 per match)
Top scorer(s)Gianluca Vialli
(7 goals)

The 1989–90 season of the European Cup Winners' Cup was won for the only time by Sampdoria in the final against Anderlecht, 2–0 at Nya Ullevi in Gothenburg, on 9 May 1990. They went on to win 1990–91 Serie A, also being runners-up in the 1991–92 European Cup. English clubs were still banned from Europe following the Heysel Stadium disaster, meaning Liverpool missed out on a place, but would have a representative again the following season.

Preliminary round[edit]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Chernomorets Bulgaria 3–5 Albania Dinamo Tirana 3–1 0–4

First leg[edit]

Chernomorets Bulgaria3–1Albania Dinamo Tirana
Petkov Goal 25'
Stoyanov Goal 53'
Pumpalov Goal 71' (pen.)
Report Demollari Goal 69'

Second leg[edit]

Dinamo Tirana Albania4–0Bulgaria Chernomorets
Canaj Goal 46'
Abazi Goal 62'
Jance Goal 68'
Demollari Goal 71'

First round[edit]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Real Valladolid Spain 6–0 Malta Ħamrun Spartans 5–0 1–0
Union Luxembourg Luxembourg 0–5 Sweden Djurgården 0–0 0–5
Belenenses Portugal 1–4 France AS Monaco 1–1 0–3
Valur Iceland 2–4 East Germany BFC Dynamo 1–2 1–2
Beşiktaş Turkey 1–3 West Germany Borussia Dortmund 0–1 1–2
Brann Norway 0–3 Italy Sampdoria 0–2 0–1
Torpedo Moscow Soviet Union 6–0 Republic of Ireland Cork City 5–0 1–0
Slovan Bratislava Czechoslovakia 3–4 Switzerland Grasshopper 3–0 0–4 (aet)
Anderlecht Belgium 10–0 Northern Ireland Ballymena United 6–0 4–0
Barcelona Spain 2–1 Poland Legia Warsaw 1–1 1–0
Admira Wacker Austria 3–1 Cyprus AEL Limassol 3–0 0–1
Ferencváros Hungary 6–2 Finland Haka 5–1 1–1
Panathinaikos Greece 6–5 Wales Swansea City 3–2 3–3
Dinamo Tirana Albania 1–2 Romania Dinamo București 1–0 0–2
Groningen Netherlands 3–1 Denmark Ikast 1–0 2–1
Partizan Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 6–6 (a) Scotland Celtic 2–11 4–5

1This match was played at Bijeli Brijeg Stadium in Mostar instead of FK Partizan's home ground in Belgrade due to the club being punished by UEFA as a result of crowd trouble during their 1988–89 UEFA Cup second round first leg match vs AS Roma. Part of the punishment for FK Partizan was playing home matches at least 300 km away from home.

First leg[edit]

Real Valladolid Spain5–0Malta Ħamrun Spartans
Albis Goal 22'70'
Valverde Goal 38'46'
Ayarza Goal 59'

Belenenses Portugal1–1France AS Monaco
Adão Goal 55' Report Díaz Goal 70'

Valur Iceland1–2East Germany BFC Dynamo
Áskelsson Goal 37' Report Bonan Goal 70'
Thom Goal 75'

Beşiktaş Turkey0–1West Germany Borussia Dortmund
Report Mill Goal 13'

Brann Norway0–2Italy Sampdoria
Report Vialli Goal 40'
Mancini Goal 55'

Torpedo Moscow Soviet Union5–0Republic of Ireland Cork City
Grechnyov Goal 24'40' (pen.)
Savichev Goal 27'
Chugunov Goal 34'
Afanasyev Goal 72'

Slovan Bratislava Czechoslovakia3–0Switzerland Grasshopper
Timko Goal 35'
Vankovič Goal 53' (pen.)
Tittel Goal 88' (pen.)

Anderlecht Belgium6–0Northern Ireland Ballymena United
Ukkonen Goal 11'
Nilis Goal 16'35'
Van Der Linden Goal 47'52'
Guðjohnsen Goal 85'

Barcelona Spain1–1Poland Legia Warsaw
Koeman Goal 85' (pen.) Report Latka Goal 25'

Admira Wacker Austria3–0Cyprus AEL Limassol
Schaub Goal 80'
Knaller Goal 86'
Rodax Goal 89'

Ferencváros Hungary5–1Finland Haka
Kincses Goal 1'
Limperger Goal 10'
Szeibert Goal 29'64'
Dzurják Goal 80'
Report Paavola Goal 4'

Panathinaikos Greece3–2Wales Swansea City
Vlachos Goal 4'53'
Saravakos Goal 38'
Report Raynor Goal 63'
Salako Goal 80'

Dinamo Tirana Albania1–0Romania Dinamo Bucureşti
Canaj Goal 53' Report

Groningen Netherlands1–0Denmark Ikast
Koevermans Goal 49' Report

Second leg[edit]

Ħamrun Spartans Malta0–1Spain Real Valladolid
Report Chuchi Goal 37'

Djurgården Sweden5–0Luxembourg Union Luxembourg
Martinsson Goal 54'85'
Nilsson Goal 60'
S. Galloway Goal 80'90'
Attendance: 1,180

AS Monaco France3–0Portugal Belenenses
Weah Goal 30'35'
Mège Goal 40'

BFC Dynamo East Germany2–1Iceland Valur
Ernst Goal 23'
Lenz Goal 83'
Report Kristjansson Goal 53'

Borussia Dortmund West Germany2–1Turkey Beşiktaş
Driller Goal 16'
Wegmann Goal 85'
Report Gültiken Goal 76'

Sampdoria Italy1–0Norway Brann
Katanec Goal 75' Report

Cork City Republic of Ireland0–1Soviet Union Torpedo Moscow
Report Savichev Goal 12'

Grasshopper Switzerland4–0
Czechoslovakia Slovan Bratislava
Gren Goal 10'115'
Egli Goal 59' (pen.)
Strudal Goal 84'

Ballymena United Northern Ireland0–4Belgium Anderlecht
Report Vervoort Goal 27'87'
Degryse Goal 53'
Guðjohnsen Goal 84'
Attendance: 3,000
Referee: E. Ólafsson (Iceland)

Legia Warsaw Poland0–1Spain Barcelona
Report Laudrup Goal 11'

AEL Limassol Cyprus1–0Austria Admira Wacker
Sofokleous Goal 43' Report

Haka Finland1–1Hungary Ferencváros
Paavola Goal 75' Report Keller Goal 47'

Swansea City Wales3–3Greece Panathinaikos
James Goal 31' (pen.)
Melville Goal 46'66'
Report Dimopoulos Goal 50'
Saravakos Goal 71'89' (pen.)

Dinamo Bucureşti Romania2–0Albania Dinamo Tirana
Mateuţ Goal 8'
Mihăescu Goal 13'

Ikast Denmark1–2Netherlands Groningen
Kristensen Goal 83' (pen.) Report Meijer Goal 35'
Eijkelkamp Goal 70'

Celtic Scotland5–4Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Partizan
Dziekanowski Goal 25'47'55'80'
Walker Goal 65'
Report Vujačić Goal 8'
Đorđević Goal 50'
Ǵurovski Goal 61'
Šćepović Goal 86'

Second round[edit]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Real Valladolid Spain 4–2 Sweden Djurgården 2–0 2–2
AS Monaco France 1–1 (a) East Germany BFC Dynamo 0–0 1–1
Borussia Dortmund West Germany 1–3 Italy Sampdoria 1–1 0–2
Torpedo Moscow Soviet Union 1–4 Switzerland Grasshopper 1–1 0–3
Anderlecht Belgium 3–2 Spain Barcelona 2–0 1–2
Admira Wacker Austria 2–0 Hungary Ferencváros 1–0 1–0
Panathinaikos Greece 1–8 Romania Dinamo București 0–2 1–6
Groningen Netherlands 5–6 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Partizan 4–3 1–3

First leg[edit]

Real Valladolid Spain2–0Sweden Djurgården
Lundborg Goal 30' (o.g.)
Moya Goal 33'

AS Monaco France0–0East Germany BFC Dynamo

Borussia Dortmund West Germany1–1Italy Sampdoria
Wegmann Goal 64' Report Mancini Goal 88'

Torpedo Moscow Soviet Union1–1Switzerland Grasshopper
Savichev Goal 28' Report Strudal Goal 88'

Anderlecht Belgium2–0Spain Barcelona
Janković Goal 12'
Degryse Goal 46'

Admira Wacker Austria1–0Hungary Ferencváros
Rodax Goal 88' Report

Panathinaikos Greece0–2Romania Dinamo Bucureşti
Report Răducioiu Goal 58'
Mateuţ Goal 68'

Groningen Netherlands4–3Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Partizan
Meijer Goal 16'
ten Caat Goal 35'
Roossien Goal 48'
Koevermans Goal 74'
Report Bajović Goal 32'
Ǵurovski Goal 45'83'

Second leg[edit]

Djurgården Sweden2–2Spain Real Valladolid
Skoog Goal 41'
Martinsson Goal 56'
Report Alberto Goal 65'72'
Attendance: 3,166

BFC Dynamo East Germany1–1
France AS Monaco
Küttner Goal 110' Report Díaz Goal 117'

Sampdoria Italy2–0West Germany Borussia Dortmund
Vialli Goal 74' (pen.) Goal 88' Report

Grasshopper Switzerland3–0Soviet Union Torpedo Moscow
Egli Goal 33'
Wiederkehr Goal 35'
Gren Goal 79'

Barcelona Spain2–1
Belgium Anderlecht
Salinas Goal 50'
Begiristain Goal 56'
Report Van Der Linden Goal 97'

Ferencváros Hungary0–1Austria Admira Wacker
Report Oberhofer Goal 48'

Dinamo Bucureşti Romania6–1Greece Panathinaikos
Rednic Goal 29'
Mateuţ Goal 31'49'
Sabău Goal 40'50'
Klein Goal 89'
Report Samaras Goal 34'

Partizan Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia3–1Netherlands Groningen
Ǵurovski Goal 16'
Milojević Goal 83'
Đurđević Goal 90'
Report ten Caat Goal 80'


Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Real Valladolid Spain 0–0 (1–3 p) France AS Monaco 0–0 0–0 (aet)
Sampdoria Italy 4–1 Switzerland Grasshopper 2–0 2–1
Anderlecht Belgium 3–1 Austria Admira Wacker 2–0 1–1
Dinamo București Romania 4–1 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Partizan 2–1 2–01
  • Note 1: This match was played at the Pod Gorica Stadium in Titograd instead of at FK Partizan's home ground in Belgrade since UEFA barred FK Partizan again from playing home matches within a 300 km radius of their home ground after more crowd trouble in the previous round's home tie vs FC Groningen.

First leg[edit]

Sampdoria Italy2–0Switzerland Grasshopper
Vierchowod Goal 13'
Meier Goal 84' (o.g.)

Anderlecht Belgium2–0Austria Admira Wacker
Degryse Goal 32'39' Report

Dinamo Bucureşti Romania2–1Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Partizan
Răducioiu Goal 18'57' Report Spasić Goal 70'

Second leg[edit]

Grasshopper Switzerland1–2Italy Sampdoria
Wyss Goal 67' Report Cerezo Goal 43'
Lombardo Goal 81'

Admira Wacker Austria1–1Belgium Anderlecht
Rodax Goal 65' Report Nilis Goal 57'

Partizan Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia0–2Romania Dinamo Bucureşti
Report Lupescu Goal 52'
Răducioiu Goal 70'


Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
AS Monaco France 2–4 Italy Sampdoria 2–2 0–2
Anderlecht Belgium 2–0 Romania Dinamo București 1–0 1–0

First leg[edit]

AS Monaco France2–2Italy Sampdoria
Weah Goal 44'
Díaz Goal 81'
Report Vialli Goal 75' (pen.) Goal 78'

Anderlecht Belgium1–0Romania Dinamo Bucureşti
Nilis Goal 65' Report

Second leg[edit]

Sampdoria Italy2–0France AS Monaco
Vierchowod Goal 9'
Lombardo Goal 57'


Sampdoria Italy2–0 (a.e.t.)Belgium Anderlecht
Vialli Goal 105' Goal 107' Report
Attendance: 20,103

Top scorers[edit]

The top scorers from the 1989–90 UEFA Cup Winners' Cup are as follows:

Rank Name Team Goals
1 Italy Gianluca Vialli Italy Sampdoria 7
2 Belgium Marc Degryse Belgium Anderlecht 4
Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Milko Ǵurovski Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Partizan 4
Belgium Marc Van Der Linden Belgium Anderlecht 4
Romania Dorin Mateuţ Romania Dinamo Bucureşti 4
Belgium Luc Nilis Belgium Anderlecht 4
Romania Florin Răducioiu Romania Dinamo Bucureşti 4
Poland Dariusz Dziekanowski Scotland Celtic 4
9 Argentina Ramón Díaz France AS Monaco 3
Sweden Mats Gren Switzerland Grasshopper 3
Sweden Mikael Martinsson Sweden Djurgårdens IF 3
Austria Gerhard Rodax Austria Admira Wacker 3
Greece Dimitris Saravakos Greece Panathinaikos 3
Soviet Union Yuri Savichev Soviet Union Torpedo Moscow 3
Liberia George Weah France AS Monaco 3

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