1989 IAAF World Women's Road Race Championships

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The 1989 IAAF World Women's Road Race Championships was the seventh edition of the annual international road running competition organised by the International Amateur Athletics Federation (IAAF). The competition was hosted by Brazil on 24 September 1989 in Rio de Janeiro and featured one race only: a 15K run for women. There were individual and team awards available, with the national team rankings being decided by the combined finishing positions of a team's top three runners. Countries with fewer than three finishers were not ranked.[1]

The race was won by Wang Xiuting of China, who had been runner-up to Ingrid Kristiansen the previous year. She ran 49:34 minutes to finish ten seconds ahead of the runner-up, teammate Zhong Huandi, with former champion Aurora Cunha of Portugal in third place. With Wang Huabi in seventh, the Chinese team achieved a championship record-low score of ten points. The Portuguese women achieved the lowest non-winning score in championship history, with 15 points, with Cunha being followed home by fourth placed Albertina Machado and Albertina Dias in eighth. Showing the dominance of the race by a handful of nations, a Yekaterina Khramenkova-led Soviet Union also achieved the lowest ever score for third place on 24 points.[2]



Rank Athlete Country Time (m:s)
1st, gold medalist(s) Wang Xiuting  China (CHN) 49:34
2nd, silver medalist(s) Zhong Huandi  China (CHN) 49:44
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Aurora Cunha  Portugal (POR) 50:06
4 Albertina Machado  Portugal (POR) 50:16
5 Yekaterina Khramenkova  Soviet Union (URS) 50:21
6 Jill Hunter  Great Britain (GBR) 50:34
7 Wang Huabi  China (CHN) 50:42
8 Albertina Dias  Portugal (POR) 50:59
9 Nadezhda Stepanova  Soviet Union (URS) 51:05
10 Irina Yagodina  Soviet Union (URS) 51:06
11 Judy Chamberlin  United States (USA) 51:28
12 Anna Villani  Italy (ITA) 51:32
13 Angie Pain  Great Britain (GBR) 51:35
14 Allison Rabour  Italy (ITA) 52:02
15 Elena Tolstogouzova  Soviet Union (URS) 52:17
16 Anni Müller  Austria (AUT) 52:36
17 Jane Welzel  United States (USA) 52:44
18 Nives Curti  Italy (ITA) 52:52
19 María Luisa Servín  Mexico (MEX) 53:07
20 Janeth Mayal  Brazil (BRA) 53:18
21 Márcia Narloch  Brazil (BRA) 53:20
22 Yolanda Quimbita  Ecuador (ECU) 53:28
23 Susan Dilnot  Great Britain (GBR) 53:35
24 Tani Ruckle  Australia (AUS) 53:42
25 Carole Connelly  Australia (AUS) 53:52
26 Marina Prat  Spain (ESP) 53:53
27 Carmen Brunet  Spain (ESP) 53:54
29 Debbie Elsmore  New Zealand (NZL) 54:06
30 Monica O'Reilly  United States (USA) 54:08
31 Carmem de Oliveira  Brazil (BRA) 54:17
32 Lesley Graham  New Zealand (NZL) 54:19
33 Griselda González  Argentina (ARG) 54:19
34 Patricia Griffin  Ireland (IRL) 54:24
36 Lynn Harding  Great Britain (GBR) 54:30
37 Kimball Dryden  United States (USA) 54:45
38 Santa Velasquez  Mexico (MEX) 54:49
39 Leslie Lewis  United States (USA) 54:54
40 Marta Jimenez  Mexico (MEX) 55:15
41 Wilma Guerra  Ecuador (ECU) 55:19
43 Mary Brayley  Ireland (IRL) 55:43
44 Carmen Díaz  Spain (ESP) 56:20
45 Elsa Calderon  Chile (CHI) 56:32
46 Marisol Cossio  Bolivia (BOL) 56:45
50 Silvana Pereira  Brazil (BRA) 58:07
51 Janeth Alder  Ecuador (ECU) 58:14
61 Trudy Fenton  Australia (AUS) 60:01
63 Julia Sakala  Zimbabwe (ZIM) 61:47


Rank Team Points
1st, gold medalist(s)  China (CHN)
Wang Xiuting
Zhong Huandi
Wang Huabi
10 pts
2nd, silver medalist(s)  Portugal (POR)
Aurora Cunha
Albertina Machado
Albertina Dias
15 pts
3rd, bronze medalist(s)  Soviet Union (URS)
Yekaterina Khramenkova
Nadezhda Stepanova
Irina Yagodina
24 pts