1989 Sudirman Cup

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1989 Sudirman Cup
Tournament details
Dates 24 May – 29 May
Edition 1st
Level International
Location Jakarta, Indonesia

The 1989 Sudirman Cup was the first tournament of the World Mixed Team Badminton Championships. It was held from May 24 to May 29, 1989, in Central Jakarta, Indonesia.


28 teams around the world took part in this tournament.[1] Geographically, they were 13 from Europe, 10 teams from Asia, two from Americas, two from Oceania and one from Africa.



Group A[edit]

Team One Team Two Score
Indonesia Indonesia South Korea South Korea 4-1
Indonesia Indonesia England England 5-0
South Korea South Korea England England 5-0

Group B[edit]

Team One Team Two Score
China China Denmark Denmark 5-0
China China Sweden Sweden 5-0
Denmark Denmark Sweden Sweden 3-2

Semi Finals[edit]

Team One Team Two Score
Indonesia Indonesia Denmark Denmark 5-0
South Korea South Korea China China 3-2

Final round[edit]

1989 Sudirman Cup Champions


First title

Final classification[edit]

Group 1
Pos Country
1  Indonesia
2  South Korea
3  China
4  Denmark
5  Sweden
6  England
Group 2
Pos Country
7 Japan Japan
8 Netherlands Netherlands
9 Malaysia Malaysia
10 Soviet Union Soviet Union
11 Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei
12 Thailand Thailand
Group 3
Pos Country
13 Canada Canada
14 Hong Kong Hong Kong
15 Scotland Scotland
16 Australia Australia
17 West Germany Germany
Group 4
Pos Country
18 Poland Poland
19 New Zealand New Zealand
20 Finland Finland
21 United States United States
22 Austria Austria
Group 5
Pos Country
23 Norway Norway
24 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
25 Nepal Nepal
Group 6
Pos Country
26 Bulgaria Bulgaria
27 France France
28 Mauritius Mauritius
  Promoted to higher group
  Relegated to lower group


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