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List of years in video gaming

1989 has seen many sequels and prequels in video games and several new titles such as Phantasy Star II, Golden Axe, Mega Man 2, and Bonk's Adventure.


The original Game Boy.

Notable releases[edit]





  • Hasbro, Inc. acquires elements of Coleco Industries, Inc.
  • Trinity Acquisition Corporation founded (renamed THQ in 1990)
  • Nintendo of America, Inc. v. Tengen
  1. Nintendo sues Tengen over the Tetris video game copyrights. Tengen loses and recalls all its Tetris games.
  2. November - Nintendo sues Tengen over production of unlicensed Nintendo games. Tengen loses. (Tengen originally sued Nintendo on December 12, 1988, for antitrust violations.)
  • Nintendo v. Camerica Ltd. Nintendo sues Camerica over patent violations of the Game Genie for the NES console. Camerica wins the suit.


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