1990–91 European Cup Winners' Cup

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1990–91 European Cup Winners' Cup
Tournament details
Dates19 August 1990 – 15 May 1991
Final positions
ChampionsEngland Manchester United (1st title)
Runners-upSpain Barcelona
Tournament statistics
Matches played63
Goals scored160 (2.54 per match)
Top scorer(s)Roberto Baggio
(9 goals)

The 1990–91 season of the European Cup Winners' Cup was won by Manchester United against Barcelona. The victory for United was made significant as it was the season English clubs returned to European football, after completing a five-year ban as a result of the Heysel Stadium disaster.


A total of 33 teams participated in the competition. Yugoslav Cup winners Red Star Belgrade won the double, and cup runners-up Hajduk Split were disqualified, so no representative of Yugoslavia participated.

Qualified teams for 1990–91 European Cup Winners' Cup
First round
Italy SampdoriaTH West Germany 1. FC Kaiserslautern (CW) Italy Juventus (CW) Spain Barcelona (CW)
Belgium Liège (CW) Portugal Estrela da Amadora (CW) France Montpellier (CW) Soviet Union Dynamo Kyiv (CW)
Netherlands PSV Eindhoven (CW) Romania Steaua București (CR) Scotland Aberdeen (CW) Sweden Djurgårdens IF (CW)
Austria Austria Wien (CW) East Germany PSV Schwerin (CR)[Note GDR] Switzerland Neuchâtel Xamax (CW) Czechoslovakia Dukla Prague (CW)
Finland KuPS (CW) Wales Wrexham (CR) Denmark Lyngby BK (CW) Bulgaria Sliven (CW)
Greece Olympiacos (CW) Hungary Pécsi Mecsek (CW) Poland Legia Warsaw (CW) Albania KS Flamurtari (CR)
Norway Viking FK (CW) Cyprus Nea Salamis (CW) Northern Ireland Glentoran (CW) Iceland Fram Reykjavík (CW)
Malta Sliema Wanderers (CW) Luxembourg Swift Hesperange (CW) England Manchester United (CW)
Qualifying round
Turkey Trabzonspor (CR) Republic of Ireland Bray Wanderers (CW)


  1. ^
    East Germany (GDR): All matches of PSV Schwerin, representing the DFV of East Germany as runners-up of the 1989–90 FDGB-Pokal (as Dynamo Dresden won the double and qualified for the European Cup), on or after German reunification of 3 October show the flag of the reunited nation of Germany. However, those matches and their records were still counted for East Germany, and not for Germany, under UEFA regulations.

Qualifying round[edit]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Bray Wanderers Republic of Ireland 1–3 Turkey Trabzonspor 1–1 0–2

First leg[edit]

Bray Wanderers Republic of Ireland1–1Turkey Trabzonspor
Nugent Goal 51' Report Đukić Goal 2'
Attendance: 5,000

Second leg[edit]

Trabzonspor Turkey2–0Republic of Ireland Bray Wanderers
Đukić Goal 48'
Aslan Goal 62'

Trabzonspor won 3–1 on aggregate.

First round[edit]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Nea Salamis Cyprus 0–5 Scotland Aberdeen 0–2 0–3
Legia Warsaw Poland 6–0 Luxembourg Swift Hesperange 3–0 3–0
Olympiacos Greece 5–1 Albania Flamurtari 3–1 2–0
Kaiserslautern Germany 1–2 Italy Sampdoria 1–0 0–2
Manchester United England 3–0 Hungary Pécsi Munkás 2–0 1–0
Wrexham Wales 1–0 Denmark Lyngby 0–0 1–0
Montpellier France 1–0 Netherlands PSV Eindhoven 1–0 0–0
Glentoran Northern Ireland 1–6 Romania Steaua București 1–1 0–5
KuPS Finland 2–6 Soviet Union Dynamo Kyiv 2–2 0–4
Sliema Wanderers Malta 1–4 Czechoslovakia Dukla Prague 1–2 0–2
Fram Iceland 4–1 Sweden Djurgårdens IF 3–0 1–1
Trabzonspor Turkey 3–7 Spain Barcelona 1–0 2–7
Viking Norway 0–5 Belgium RFC Liège 0–2 0–3
Estrela da Amadora Portugal 2–2 (4–3 p) Switzerland Neuchâtel Xamax 1–1 1–1 (aet)
PSV Schwerin East Germany 0–2 Austria Austria Wien 0–2 0–0
Sliven Bulgaria 1–8 Italy Juventus 0–2 1–6

Order of legs reversed after original draw

First leg[edit]

Sliema Wanderers Malta1–2Czechoslovakia Dukla Prague
Walker Goal 54' Report V. Rada Goal 32'
J. Kostelník Goal 87'
Attendance: 850

Nea Salamis Cyprus0–2Scotland Aberdeen
Report Mason Goal 62'
Gillhaus Goal 81'

Legia Warsaw Poland3–0Luxembourg Swift Hesperange
Kosecki Goal 48'79'
Pisz Goal 90'
Attendance: 4,172
Referee: Kaj Natri (Finland)

Olympiacos Greece3–1Albania Flamurtari
Anastopoulos Goal 9'69'
Hantzidis Goal 25'
Report Ziu Goal 75'
Attendance: 14,907

Kaiserslautern West Germany1–0Italy Sampdoria
Kuntz Goal 75' Report

Manchester United England2–0Hungary Pécsi Munkás
Blackmore Goal 10'
Webb Goal 17'

Wrexham Wales0–0Denmark Lyngby

Montpellier France1–0Netherlands PSV Eindhoven
Ziober Goal 54' Report

Glentoran Northern Ireland1–1Romania Steaua București
Douglas Goal 84' Report Stan Goal 47' (pen.)
Attendance: 2,163
Referee: Tore Hollung (Norway)

KuPS Finland2–2Soviet Union Dynamo Kyiv
K. Nyyssönen Goal 38'
Gayle Goal 90'
Report Salenko Goal 11'
Yuran Goal 66'

Fram Iceland3–0Sweden Djurgårdens IF
Ragnarsson Goal 55'57'
Arnþórsson Goal 89'

Trabzonspor Turkey1–0Spain Barcelona
Aslan Goal 67' Report

Viking Norway0–2Belgium RFC Liège
Report Boffin Goal 15'
Ernès Goal 82'
Attendance: 1,845

Estrela da Amadora Portugal1–1Switzerland Neuchâtel Xamax
Ricky Goal 26' Report Sutter Goal 57'

PSV Schwerin East Germany0–2Austria Austria Wien
Report Miļevskis Goal 34'
Zsak Goal 36'
Attendance: 835

Sliven Bulgaria0–2Italy Juventus
Report Schillaci Goal 26'
Baggio Goal 88' (pen.)

Second leg[edit]

Aberdeen Scotland3–0Cyprus Nea Salamis
Robertson Goal 13'
Gillhaus Goal 32'
Jess Goal 67'
Attendance: 7,000

KS Flamurtari Albania0–2Greece Olympiacos
Christodoulou Goal 84'
Mitropoulos Goal 87'
Attendance: 5,000

Sampdoria Italy2–0Germany Kaiserslautern
Mancini Goal 6' (pen.)
Branca Goal 74'
Attendance: 40,000

Pécsi Mecsek Hungary0–1England Manchester United
McClair Goal 77'
Attendance: 17,000

Lyngby BK Denmark0–1Wales Wrexham
Armstrong Goal 11'
Attendance: 1,548

PSV Eindhoven Netherlands0–0France Montpellier
Attendance: 24,500

Steaua București Romania5–0Northern Ireland Glentoran
Stan Goal 22'
Dumitrescu Goal 37'45'
Petrescu Goal 78'88'
Attendance: 10,000
Referee: Arsen Hoxha (Albania)

Dynamo Kyiv Soviet Union4–0Finland KuPS
Salenko Goal 14'
Lytovchenko Goal 25'54'
Yuran Goal 85'
Attendance: 28,500
Referee: Sadık Deda (Turkey)

Dynamo Kyiv won 6–2 on aggregate.

Dukla Prague Czechoslovakia2–0Malta Sliema Wanderers
Walker Goal 47' (o.g.)
Záleský Goal 67'
Attendance: 677

Djurgårdens IF Sweden1–1Iceland Fram Reykjavík
Martinsson Goal 83' Ormslev Goal 9' (pen.)
Attendance: 956

Barcelona Spain7–2Turkey Trabzonspor
Begiristain Goal 13'
Amor Goal 29'
Koeman Goal 33'40'75' (pen.)
Stoichkov Goal 44'87'
Mandıralı Goal 7'
Boz Goal 68'
Attendance: 35,000

RFC Liège Belgium3–0Norway Viking FK
Boffin Goal 22'35'88'
Attendance: 5,000

Austria Wien Austria0–0Germany PSV Schwerin
Attendance: 1,500

Juventus Italy6–1Bulgaria Sliven
Baggio Goal 15' (pen.)18'
Schillaci Goal 25'
Corini Goal 49'
Bonetti Goal 53'
Júlio César Goal 56'
Kelepov Goal 84'
Attendance: 10,000

Second round[edit]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Aberdeen Scotland 0–1 Poland Legia Warsaw 0–0 0–1
Olympiacos Greece 1–4 Italy Sampdoria 0–1 1–3
Manchester United England 5–0 Wales Wrexham 3–0 2–0
Montpellier France 8–0 Romania Steaua București 5–0 3–0
Dynamo Kyiv Soviet Union 3–2 Czechoslovakia Dukla Prague 1–0 2–2
Fram Reykjavík Iceland 1–5 Spain Barcelona 1–2 0–3
Liège Belgium 2–1 Portugal Estrela de Amadora 2–0 0–1
Austria Wien Austria 0–8 Italy Juventus 0–4 0–4

First leg[edit]

Aberdeen Scotland0–0Poland Legia Warsaw
Attendance: 16,000

Olympiacos Greece0–1Italy Sampdoria
Katanec Goal 53'
Attendance: 13,000

Manchester United England3–0Wales Wrexham
McClair Goal 40'
Bruce Goal 42' (pen.)
Pallister Goal 59'
Attendance: 29,405

Montpellier France5–0Romania Steaua București
Ziober Goal 26'61'
Xuereb Goal 52'
Blanc Goal 55' (pen.)
Castro Goal 80'

Dynamo Kyiv Soviet Union1–0Czechoslovakia Dukla Prague
Lytovchenko Goal 65' Report

Fram Reykjavík Iceland1–2Spain Barcelona
Daðason Goal 60' Salinas Goal 33'
Stoichkov Goal 87'
Attendance: 1,700

Liège Belgium2–0Portugal Estrela da Amadora
Malbaša Goal 7'
Milošević Goal 86'
Attendance: 7,000

Austria Wien Austria0–4Italy Juventus
Casiraghi Goal 30'45'
Baggio Goal 48'
Schillaci Goal 69' (pen.)
Attendance: 12,000

Second leg[edit]

Legia Warsaw Poland1–0Scotland Aberdeen
Iwanicki Goal 84'

Sampdoria Italy3–1Greece Olympiacos
Lombardo Goal 17'
Branca Goal 28'66'
Drakopoulos Goal 62'
Attendance: 25,000

Wrexham Wales0–2England Manchester United
Robins Goal 31'
Bruce Goal 35'
Attendance: 13,327

Steaua București Romania0–3France Montpellier
Colleter Goal 52'
Garande Goal 71'
Guérin Goal 82'

Dukla Prague Czechoslovakia2–2Soviet Union Dynamo Kyiv
Foldyna Goal 51'
Bittengel Goal 71'
Report Yuran Goal 7'60'
Attendance: 2,191
Referee: Piotr Werner (Poland)

Dynamo Kyiv won 3–2 on aggregate.

Barcelona Spain3–0Iceland Fram Reykjavík
Eusebio Goal 17'
Begiristain Goal 34'
Pinilla Goal 70'
Attendance: 19,000

Estrela da Amadora Portugal1–0Belgium Liège
Duílio Goal 33'
Attendance: 10,000

Juventus Italy4–0Austria Austria Wien
Alessio Goal 3'
Baggio Goal 25' (pen.)46'52'
Attendance: 19,000


Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Legia Warsaw Poland 3–2 Italy Sampdoria 1–0 2–2
Manchester United England 3–1 France Montpellier 1–1 2–0
Dynamo Kyiv Soviet Union 3–4 Spain Barcelona 2–3 1–1
Liège Belgium 1–6 Italy Juventus 1–3 0–3

First leg[edit]

Legia Warsaw Poland1–0Italy Sampdoria
Czykier Goal 45'

Manchester United England1–1France Montpellier
McClair Goal 1' Martin Goal 8' (o.g.)
Attendance: 41,942

Dynamo Kyiv Soviet Union2–3Spain Barcelona
Zayets Goal 33'
Salenko Goal 81' (pen.)
Report Bakero Goal 5'
Urbano Goal 45'
Stoichkov Goal 63' (pen.)
Attendance: 98,000
Referee: David Syme (Scotland)

Liège Belgium1–3Italy Juventus
Houben Goal 83' Marocchi Goal 32'
Baggio Goal 43'
Júlio César Goal 48'
Attendance: 23,000

Second leg[edit]

Sampdoria Italy2–2Poland Legia Warsaw
Mancini Goal 67'
Vialli Goal 89'
Kowalczyk Goal 19'54'
Attendance: 30,000
Referee: Wieland Ziller (Germany)

Montpellier France0–2England Manchester United
Blackmore Goal 45+4'
Bruce Goal 49' (pen.)

Barcelona Spain1–1Soviet Union Dynamo Kyiv
Amor Goal 89' Report Yuran Goal 62'
Attendance: 61,500

Barcelona won 4–3 on aggregate.

Juventus Italy3–0Belgium Liège
Casiraghi Goal 9'
Wégria Goal 18' (o.g.)
Häßler Goal 22'
Attendance: 33,500
Referee: Howard King (Wales)


Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Legia Warsaw Poland 2–4 England Manchester United 1–3 1–1
Barcelona Spain 3–2 Italy Juventus 3–1 0–1

First leg[edit]

Legia Warsaw Poland1–3England Manchester United
Cyzio Goal 37' McClair Goal 38'
Hughes Goal 54'
Bruce Goal 67'

Barcelona Spain3–1Italy Juventus
Stoichkov Goal 55'60'
Goikoetxea Goal 75'
Casiraghi Goal 12'
Attendance: 110,000

Second leg[edit]

Manchester United England1–1Poland Legia Warsaw
Sharpe Goal 28' Kowalczyk Goal 57'
Attendance: 44,269

Manchester United won 4–2 on aggregate.

Juventus Italy1–0Spain Barcelona
Baggio Goal 60' Report


Manchester United England2–1Spain Barcelona
Hughes Goal 67'74' Report Koeman Goal 79'
Attendance: 45,000[1]
Referee: Bo Karlsson (Sweden)

Top goalscorers[edit]

The top scorers from the 1990–91 European Cup Winners' Cup are as follows:

Rank Name Team Goals
1 Italy Roberto Baggio Italy Juventus 9
2 Bulgaria Hristo Stoichkov Spain Barcelona 6
3 Soviet Union Sergei Yuran Soviet Union Dynamo Kyiv 5
4 Belgium Danny Boffin Belgium Liège 4
England Steve Bruce England Manchester United 4
Italy Pierluigi Casiraghi Italy Juventus 4
Netherlands Ronald Koeman Spain Barcelona 4
Scotland Brian McClair England Manchester United 4
9 Italy Marco Branca Italy Sampdoria 3
Wales Mark Hughes England Manchester United 3
Poland Roman Kosecki Poland Legia Warsaw 3
Poland Wojciech Kowalczyk Poland Legia Warsaw 3
Soviet Union Oleg Salenko Soviet Union Dynamo Kyiv 3
Italy Salvatore Schillaci Italy Juventus 3
Poland Jacek Ziober France Montpellier 3


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