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The Birthday Honours 1990 for the Commonwealth realms were announced on 15 June 1990, to celebrate the Queen's Birthday of 1990.[1][2]

The recipients of honours are displayed here as they were styled before their new honour, and arranged firstly by the country whose ministers advised the Queen on the appointments, then by honour, with classes (Knight, Knight Grand Cross, etc.) and then divisions (Military, Civil, etc.) as appropriate.


United Kingdom[edit]

Life Peers[edit]



Privy Councillor[edit]

Knights Bachelor[edit]

  • Kingsley William Amis, CBE, Author.
  • Thomas Richard Arnold, MP, for political service.
  • Anthony Paul Bamford, DL, Chairman and Managing Director, J C Bamford Excavators Ltd.
  • John Derek Birkin, TD, Chief Executive and Deputy Chairman, RTZ Corporation plc.
  • Robert Calderwood, Chief Executive, Strathclyde Regional Council.
  • Bernard Crossland, CBE, Emeritus Professor, Queen's University, Belfast.
  • John Albert Dellow, CBE, Deputy Commissioner, Metropolitan Police.
  • William Roland Doughty, Chairman, North West Thames Regional Health Authority.
  • Norman Robert Foster, Principal, Foster Associates.
  • Ronald Hugh Grierson, Chairman, South Bank Board.
  • Peter Heatly, CBE, DL, For services to sports administration.
  • Professor Frederick George Thomas Holliday, CBE, DL, Vice-Chancellor and Warden, University of Durham.
  • Robert William Kerr Honeycombe, Emeritus Professor of Metallurgy, University of Cambridge.
  • Robert Michael Marshall, MP, for political services.
  • Robert Arthur McCrindle, MP, for political services.
  • Donald John Miller, Chairman, South of Scotland Electricity Board.
  • Professor John Edgar William John Mitchell, CBE, Chairman, Science and Engineering Research Council.
  • Robert Knelm Morland, for political services.
  • William Derek Pattinson, Secretary General, General Synod of the Church of England.
  • Daniel Norton Idris Pearce, CBE, TD, DL, for political and public service.
  • Peter John Phillips, OBE, Chairman, AB Electronic Products Group.
  • Antony Richard Pilkington, DL, Chairman, Pilkington plc.
  • Robert Paul (Bob) Reid, Chairman and Chief Executive, Shell (UK) Ltd.
  • Michael John de Rougemont Richardson, former Managing Director, N M Rothschild and Sons Ltd.
  • Ieuan Wyn Pritchard Roberts, MP, for political service.
  • James Wilson Vincent Saville, OBE, Chairman, Broadmoor Hospital Advisory Committee and Stoke Mandeville Hospital Spinal Injuries Centre, for charitable services.
  • Allen John George Sheppard, Chairman and Group Chief Executive, Grand Metropolitan plc.
  • Robert Shields, Professor of Surgery and Head of Department of Surgery, University of Liverpool.
  • William Frederick Stones, OBE, Managing Director, China Light and Power Company Ltd.
  • Christopher Samuel Tugendhat, Chairman, Civil Aviation Authority.
  • Peter Alexander Ustinov, CBE, Actor, Dramatist and Film Director.
  • Edward Dillwyn Williams, Professor of Pathology, University of Wales College of Medicine, President, Royal College of Pathologists.
  • Brian Gordon Wolfson, Chairman, Wembley plc. Chairman, National Training Task Force.

Order of the Bath[edit]

Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath (GCB)[edit]

Civil Division

Knights Commander of the Order of the Bath (KCB)[edit]

Military Division
Royal Navy
  • Vice Admiral Kenneth John Eaton.
  • Vice Admiral Barry Nigel Wilson.
Civil Division
  • Kenneth Carmichael Macdonald, CB, Second Permanent Under Secretary, Ministry of Defence.
  • Michael John Anthony Patridge, CB, Permanent Secretary, Department of Social Security.
  • James Brian Unwin, CB, Chairman, Board of HM Customs and Excise.
  • Patrick Jeremy Walker, Ministry of Defence.

Companions of the Order of the Bath (C.B.)[edit]

Military Division
Royal Navy
  • Rear Admiral Hugh Mexwell Balfour, LVO.
  • Surgeon Rear Admiral (D) David Arthur Coppock
  • Rear Admiral David Partin Pulvertaft
  • Major General Patrick Feltrim Fagan, MBE, late Corps of Royal Engineers.
  • Major General Christopher Neville Last, OBE, late Royal Corps of Signals.
  • Major General James Stuart Lee, MBE, late Royal Army Education Corps.
  • Major General Edward George Willmott, OBE, Colonel Commandment Corps of Royal Engineers.
Royal Air Force
  • Air Vice-Marshal Michael John Charles Worwood Dicken.
  • Air Vice-Marshal Rhys Tudor Brackley Jones, QHS.
  • Air Vice-Marshal David Owen Creys-Williams.
Civil Division
  • Alan Royal Atherton
  • June Bridgeman
  • Robert Brodie
  • Ian Morgan Burns
  • John Anthony Chilcott
  • Geoffrey Bernard Claydon
  • John Edward Fraser
  • John Gustav Haycroft Gasson
  • Robert Anthony Gomme
  • Anthony John Lane
  • Graham Scott Pearson
  • Michael Lawrence Saunders
  • Nicholas Willoughby Stuart
  • William Dickson Thornton
  • John Corelli James Thynne
  • William Barry Wakefield
  • Peter John Wormald

Order of Saint Michael and Saint George[edit]

Knights Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George (KCMG)[edit]

Diplomatic Division
  • Nicholas John Barrington, CMG, CVO, British High Commissioner, Islamabad.
  • David Howe Gillmore, CMG, Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
  • Gordon Wesley Jewkes, CMG, Director-General of Trade and Investment, USA and HM Consul-General, New York.

Companions of the Order of St Michael and St George (CMG)[edit]

Civil Division
Diplomatic Division
  • Michael John Bradley, QC
  • Ivan Roy Callan
  • Peter James Fowler
  • Anthony Michael Goodenough
  • Alan Charles Hunt
  • Ian McCluney
  • Derek Francis Milton
  • Anthony Hugh Morgan
  • Alan John Pover
  • Michael Hewitt Shaw
  • Richard Thomas
  • Peter Gordon Wallis
  • Frank Basil Wheeler

Royal Victorian Order[edit]

Knights Commander of the Royal Victorian Order (KCVO)[edit]

Commanders of the Royal Victorian Order (CVO)[edit]

  • Dr. Alan Breck Gilmour, CBE.
  • Alistair Graham Lynn, CBE, QPM.
  • Frank Ronald Mintram, LVO.
  • Group Captain Philip George Pinney, LVO, Royal Air Force.
  • Peter Delaney Smith.

Lieutenants of the Royal Victorian Order (LVO)[edit]

  • Reverend James Alexander Keith Angus, TD, MA.
  • Deborah Elizabeth Bean, MVO.
  • Commander Antony Lovel Chilton, OBE, Royal Navy.
  • Dr. Christopher Hugh Dearnley.
  • Clement John Govett.
  • Clifford George Page.
  • David Leslie Smallman
  • Robert Ashley Shute Stephenson, MVO.

Members of the Royal Victorian Order (MVO)[edit]

  • Paul Martin Almond.
  • Caroline Mary Katherine Crichton-Stuart.
  • The Honourable Jennifer Bridget Denman.
  • Brian George Johnston.
  • Charles Patrick Neville Noble.
  • Richard John Popplewell.
  • Elizabeth Ann Roads.
  • Flight Lieutenant Richard Henry Stanton, Royal Air Force.
  • Richard Donald Sweetzer.
  • Terence Paul Worrall.

Royal Victorian Medal[edit]

Royal Victorian Medal (Gold)[edit]

  • Frederick William Mitchell, RVM.
  • John Errick Taylor, RVM.

Royal Victorian Medal (Silver)[edit]

  • Chief Technician Michael Leslie Anstee, Royal Air Force.
  • Frederick George Benefer.
  • Flight Sargeant Michael David Burnett, Royal Air Force.
  • William Robert Evans.
  • John Henry Floyd.
  • Ronald James Forsyth.
  • Messenger Sargeant-Major Edwin Grant, The Queen's Body Guard of the Yeomen of the Guard.
  • Petty Officer Marine Engineering Mechanic (Mechanical) Leslie Richard Green, Royal Navy.
  • Jeffery Robert Hampstead.
  • Divisional Sargeant-Major Eric Lloyd, The Queen's Body Guard of the Yeomen of the Guard.
  • Maurice Orson Musson.
  • Elsie Avis Oates.
  • Eileen Margaret Wood.

Order of the British Empire[edit]

Knight Commander of Order of the British Empire (KBE)[edit]


Dames Commander of the Order of the British Empire (DBE)[edit]

Civil Division

Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE)[edit]

Civil Division
  • Eileen Atkins, actress.
  • Kenneth Dawson Bagshawe, Professor of Medical Oncology and Consultant Physician, Charing Cross Hospital, Director, Cancer Research.
  • David Arthur Baldwin.
  • Kenneth Frederick Bales.
  • John Godfrey Ball.
  • Robert Christopher Battersby, MBE.
  • James Leatham Tennant Birley.
  • Dorothy Blenkinsop.
  • Duncan Robert Yorke Bluck, OBE.
  • Ian Arthur Dennis Bouchier.
  • Charles Stuart Bradley.
  • Roy Edgar Brimblecombe.
  • Anita Brookner, novelist.
  • John Frederick Brown.
  • Derek Cecil Butler.
  • Henry Hartrick Cavan, OBE.
  • Gerald Clark
  • Gerald Dawson Clarkson, QFSM.
  • Alan William Clements.
  • John Wentworth Cook.
  • Donald Arthur Cooper, AFC.
  • John Walter Cooper.
  • June Elizabeth Court.
  • David Anthony Crampin.
  • Jean Denton.
  • Anne Letitia Dickson.
  • Donald Elliot, QPM.
  • Lesley Eric Evershed-Martin, OBE.
  • Thomas Farmer.
  • John Brian Finney.
  • Wilem William Frischmann,
  • Anthony Gerard Fleetwood Fuller.
  • Robert Gavron.
  • Ian Gibson.
  • Martin John Gilbert.
  • Robert Kerr Livingstone Gough.
  • Mervyn Alexander Hadden.
  • Geoffrey Francis Hamilton.
  • Michael Harry Frank Hammond.
  • Bernard Anthony Harrison.
  • Graham James Hearne.
  • William Heeps.
  • Brian Hill, DL.
  • Professor Cyril Hilsum.
  • Walter Hogbin.
  • Kenneth Edmund Holmes.
  • John Everard Hosking.
  • Eric James Howe.
  • Adam Kenneth Fisher Hunter.
  • Paul Cater Hyde-Thomson, DL.
  • Peter Jackson.
  • Rabbi Louis Jacobs.
  • Peter Roy Albert Jacques.
  • John Nigel Courtney James.
  • Henry Bernard Levin.
  • Professor John Marshall.
  • Fiona McConnell.
  • Stewart Crichton Miller.
  • Charles Herbert Mitchell, DL.
  • Charles Evan Henry Morris.
  • Jean Daveena Ogilivy Morris, MBE.
  • Ian Hill Nish.
  • Roger Arthur Carver Norrington, OBE.
  • Professor Charles Herbert Geoffrey Oldham.
  • Mrs, Anne Mary Parker.
  • Lady Margaret Parkes.
  • Michael Sydney Perry, OBE.
  • Mary Elizabeth Peters, MBE.
  • Margaret Eva Rayner.
  • Peter Philip Rigby.
  • Michael Jeremy Lomax Sayers.
  • Barry Edward Sealy.
  • Gordon Robert Seward.
  • John Michael Sewell.
  • Norbert Singer.
  • Graham William Smith.
  • Bernard Leonard John Spratt.
  • Professor Francis Gordon Albert Stone.
  • Jeffrey Philip Tate.
  • Frank Thomlinson.
  • Colonel George Digby Thompson, MC, TD.
  • Peter Tompkins.
  • John Rosewarne Trahair.
  • Peter Joseph Usher, OBE.
  • Alan Warhurst.
  • Leonard John Weaver.
  • John Kay Welsby.
  • Thomas Henry Martin Whipham.
  • John Michael Stannage Whitehead, DL.
  • Anthony Basil Wilbraham.
  • Richard Geoffrey Wilkes, OBE, TD, DL.
  • Ronald Millward Williams, DL.
  • Thomas Brendan Wilson.
  • Charles Milne Winter.
  • Anthony John Keith Woodhead.
Diplomatic list
  • Frederick William Harold Allen
  • Robert Kilgour Booker
  • John Dartnall Dexter, MBE.
  • Harnam Singh Grewal, ED, JP.
  • John Mark Ambrose Herdman, LVO.
  • David Alan Challoner Nendick, JP.
  • Trevor John Rutter, OBE.
  • Thomas Hixson Savage.
  • John Francis Yaxley, JP.

Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)[edit]

Civil Division
  • Jeremy Berry, poet.

Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)[edit]

Civil Division
  • Peter Johnson Barker, Broadcaster, British Broadcasting Corporation.
  • Kenneth Inman Carr Clark. For services to art and design.

New Zealand[edit]

Knights Bachelor[edit]

Order of the Bath[edit]

Companion of the Order of the Bath (CB)[edit]

Military Division
  • Air Vice-Marshal Peter Raymond Adamson OBE (T77780) - Chief of Air Staff, Royal New Zealand Air Force.

Order of Saint Michael and Saint George[edit]

Companions of the Order of St Michael and St George (CMG)[edit]

Order of the British Empire[edit]

Dame Commander (DBE)[edit]

Civil Division

Knight Commander (KBE)[edit]

Military Division
  • Lieutenant General John Airth Mace CB OBE (Q34192) - Chief of Defence Staff, New Zealand Defence Force.

Commander (CBE)[edit]

Civil Division

Officer (OBE)[edit]

Military Division
  • Lieutenant Colonel John Arthur Fisher (E41473) - Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment.
Civil Division
  • Dr Colin Bassett. For services to forest science.
  • Gilbert William Beale. For services to the community.
  • Ian Gordon Edward Coddington MVO. Lately Chief Traffic Superintendent, Ministry of Transport.
  • Bruce Kenneth Farr. For services to yacht design.
  • lan Geoffrey Fraser. For public services.
  • Kiwa Hone Taiapoapo Te Ngarue Graham. For services to the Maori people and the community.
  • Frank Haydil Haigh. For services to the community.
  • Brian Fenton Hyland QFSM. Fire Commissioner, New Zealand Fire Service.
  • Samuel Patrick Jennings. For services to the maritime industry and trade union affairs.
  • John King. For services to local body and community affairs.
  • Robin Anthony McKenzie. For services to physiotherapy.
  • Mrs Ismalia Jane Davenport Manahi. For services to the community.
  • William John Mumm JP. For services to local government.
  • Mirek (Miroslav) Smisek. For services to pottery.
  • Mrs Dorothy Jessie Stafford. For services to education.
  • Marcel Charles Stanley. For services to philately.
  • Robert Campbell Whyte. For services to the maritime industry.
Police List
  • Ronald Cecil Joyce, Assistant Commissioner, New Zealand Police.

Member (MBE)[edit]

Military Division
Royal New Zealand Navy
  • Warrant Officer Clifford Stephen Antony Heywood (F19509) - Royal New Zealand Navy.
New Zealand Army
  • Captain John Michael Richardson (Q467305) - Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment.
  • Captain Peter Arie Bos (J479098) - Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment (Territorial Force).
  • Warrant Officer Class One Henry James Macown (J541042) - Royal Regiment of New Zealand Artillery.
Royal New Zealand Air Force
  • Flight Lieutenant Christopher John Lamain (F86186) - Royal New Zealand Air Force.
  • Warrant Officer Lawrence Walter Taogaga (D85103) - Royal New Zealand Air Force.
Civil Division
  • Gary John Anderson. For services to cycling.
  • Roger Brian Blackburn. For services to the community.
  • Sydney Joseph Bradley. Regional Manager, South Island, New Zealand Post Ltd.
  • Barry James Eric Brailsford. For services to education.
  • John Logan Brewer. For services to film and television design.
  • John Llewellyn Davies. For services to athletics.
  • Peter Bruce Davison. For services to bowls.
  • Melvyn Ewell Foster. For services to local government and the community.
  • Kenneth Francis Gray. For services to local body affairs.
  • Leonard Keith Grey. For services to horticulture.
  • Miss Madonna Harris. For services to cycling.
  • Elric James Hooper. For services to drama and the theatre.
  • Mrs Lyn Patricia Johnston. For services to gymnastics.
  • Malcolm Harry Kemp. For services to television.
  • Mrs Millie Cecelia Khan. For services to bowls.
  • Paul James Kingsman. For services to swimming.
  • George Menzies Nicol. For services to trade union affairs.
  • Stephen Francis Nolan JP. For services to the community.
  • Mrs Mere Matekino Palmer. For services to Kohanga Reo.
  • Michael Charles Payne. For services to the community.
  • Mrs Nancye Elisabeth Seaton. For services to the performing arts.
  • Stanley Sharpe JP. For services to conservation.
  • Edwin Neville Sims. For services to engineering.

Queen's Service Order[edit]

Companions of the Queen's Service Order for Community Service (QSO)[edit]

  • Mrs Georgina (Gina) Dorothy Campbell-Jensen.
  • Mrs Yshbel Agnes Glass.
  • George John Griffiths.
  • Otene Sonny Hooki Makene.
  • Miss Stella Caroline Isabel Rolls.
  • Miss Gwendoline Elsie Ryan.

Companions of the Queen's Service Order for Public Services (QSO)[edit]

  • Anthony Covic.
  • Dr Elspeth Jean Bruce Kjestrup.
  • Dr Gerard David McSweeney.
  • Mrs Deidre Glenna Milne.
  • Michael John Minogue.
  • Ian Kahurangi Mitchell JP.
  • Paraone Brown Reweti.
  • Kenneth Lionel Richardson, Principal Private Secretary to the Prime Minister.
  • Mrs Olive Evelyn Smuts-Kennedy.
  • Sir Alan Towers Traill GBE.

Queen's Service Medal[edit]

Queen's Service Medal for Community Service (QSM)[edit]

  • Mrs Eleanor Jean Bomholt.
  • Mrs Freda Daphne Browne.
  • John Kendall Chapman.
  • Cornelius (Neil) Adrian Collins.
  • Mrs Ruby Olive Corbet.
  • Kevin Samuel Crowther.
  • Patrick Joseph Dugan.
  • Jack Edward Ede.
  • Andrew Thompson Galloway.
  • Mrs Joan Margaret (Penny) Giddens.
  • The Reverend Wi Hamutana.
  • Mrs Edna Mary Hanafin.
  • Rowan Lewis Hatch.
  • Raymond Laurence Heath.
  • Diana, Lady Isaac.
  • Tepare Kavana.
  • Thomas Charles Libby.
  • John Hamilton Malcolm JP.
  • Mrs Sydia Karewa Marsh.
  • John Percival Mellor.
  • Mrs Annie Mia Moore.
  • Hugh Douglas Moss.
  • Mrs Cylvia Fay Muncaster.
  • Malcolm Gordon Frank Myers JP.
  • Mrs Annie Ida (Tot) Pannell.
  • Frederick Robert Paterson.
  • Mrs Jeanie York Paton.
  • John Bane Riddell.
  • Murdoch Francis Rogers.
  • Mrs Joan Frances Saunders.
  • Satendra Kumar Singh.
  • Mrs Bim Vivienne Mary Skudder.
  • Mrs Annie Sinclair Smith.
  • Walter Edward James Stevenson.
  • Harold Sutherland.
  • Mrs Pamela Cherrington Sutton JP.
  • Mrs Bhadrabala Bell Thompson JP.
  • Mrs Marjorie Whalley.
  • Mrs Pamela Dayrell Whittington JP.

Queen's Service Medal for Public Services (QSM)[edit]

  • Roy Stanley Amor.
  • Derek Alan Angus MP.
  • Kenneth David Arthur Ball.
  • Joseph Peter Bleakley.
  • Mrs Anna Maria Josephina Coleta Bogers.
  • Mrs Harata Charlotte Cash.
  • Timothy Angus Chisholm.
  • Reginald Charles Clapp.
  • Mrs Lucy Ann Cole JP.
  • Miss Patricia Conway.
  • Mrs Jean Marjorie Dellaca.
  • Mrs Margaret Ward Donnelly.
  • William George Emerson.
  • Miss Bettie-Anne Gleadow.
  • Mrs Doreen Alethea Kellett.
  • Mrs Thora Winifred King.
  • Lindsay Wayne Laird.
  • Miss Kathleen Daphne May Landrekin.
  • Miss Monica Frances Landy (Sister Monica).
  • Michael Robert Leggott.
  • Nonu Tuisamoa Le Laulu JP.
  • Miss (Elizabeth) Anne Mallinson.
  • Mrs Margaret Beatrice Mowbray.
  • Mrs Farwin Nemaia.
  • Mrs Rena Rauputiputi Ngataki.
  • Mrs Mary Jane O'Reilly.
  • Mrs Reihana Parata.
  • Mrs Doris Mary Paterson.
  • Barry Edwin Rowe.
  • Dr Cleveland Latimer Edward Lilly Sheppard ED.
  • Ropati Joseph Simona.
  • Robert Allan Stevens.
  • Mrs Valerie Anne Stuart.
  • Robert Edward Taylor.
  • Robin Alfred Whittle.
Police List
  • Brian Gundesen - Senior Constable, New Zealand Police.
  • Barry Graham Thomson - Senior Constable, New Zealand Police.

Queen's Fire Service Medal (QFSM)[edit]

  • Archibald Barry Radovan - Assistant Commander, Auckland 1 A Region, New Zealand Fire Service.
  • Noel William Miles - Chief Fire Officer, Fairlie Volunteer Fire Brigade, New Zealand Fire Service.
  • Garry Richard Stanley - Chief Fire Officer, Matamata Volunteer Fire Brigade, New Zealand Fire Service.
  • Kevin William Adie - Station Officer, Hawke's Bay Fire Brigade, New Zealand Fire Service.

Queen's Police Medal (QPM)[edit]

  • James Butterworth - Inspector, New Zealand Police.

British Empire Medal (BEM)[edit]

Military Division
  • Chief Petty Officer Frederick Donnelly (N16809) - Royal New Zealand Navy.
  • Staff Sergeant Gary Rossmore Nicol (F46948) - The Corps of Royal New Zealand Engineers.

Air Force Cross (AFC)[edit]

  • Flight Lieutenant Herbert Bruce Keightley (X88456) - Royal New Zealand Air Force.

Air Force Medal (AFM)[edit]

  • Flight Sergeant David Jobson (H87384) - Royal New Zealand Air Force.

The Queen's Commendation for Valuable Service in the Air[edit]

  • Flying Officer Cameron Smith (U91788) - Royal New Zealand Air Force.