1990 EFDA Nations Cup

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1990 EFDA Nations Cup
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The EFDA Nations Cup, was a Country vs Country competition for Formula Opel cars between 1990 and 1998. It had always been Dan Partel's dream to stage a race that pitted drivers in equal cars racing for their country. The Formula Opel/Vauxhall one make racing series offered the best opportunity for such an event.

The 1990 EFDA Nations Cup (Nation Cup I) was held at Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium (19–20 July 1990).

Final positions[edit]

Position Country Driver 1 Driver 2
1  Portugal Pedro Lamy Diogo Castro Santos
2  Brazil Rubens Barrichello André Ribeiro
3  Sweden Michael Johansson Johan Rajamaki
4  Italy Vincenzo Sospiri Alberto Trezzi
5  West Germany Michael Krumm Joachim Beule
6   Switzerland Cedric Reynard Peter Honegger
7  Argentina Jose Luis Di Palma Patricio van Cayzeele
8  Belgium Didier Defourny Alain Plasch
9  Great Britain David Coulthard Nicky Hart
10  France Gil de Ferran Olivier Hulot
11  Denmark Henrik Larsen Erik Madsen
12  United States Dennis Vitolo Nick Firestone
13  Finland Marko Mankonen Hannu Rinne-Laturi
14  Netherlands Allard Kalff Marcel Albers
15  Norway Torben Kvia Kjetil Greve
16  East Germany Steffan Goepel Ralf Ahlert
17  Austria Helmut Kopp Philipp Peter


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