1990 United States elections

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1990 United States elections
Midterm elections
Election dayNovember 6
Incumbent presidentGeorge H. W. Bush (Republican)
Next Congress102nd
Senate elections
Overall controlDemocratic Hold
Seats contested35 of 100 seats
(33 seats of Class 2 + 2 special elections)
Net seat changeDemocratic +1
1990 Senate election map.svg
1990 Senate election results

  Democratic gain   Democratic hold
  Republican gain   Republican hold

House elections
Overall controlDemocratic Hold
Seats contestedAll 435 voting seats
Popular vote marginDemocratic +7.8%
Net seat changeDemocratic +7
1990 House Elections in the United States.png
1990 House of Representatives election results

  Democratic gain   Democratic hold
  Republican gain   Republican hold
  Independent hold

Gubernatorial elections
Seats contested38 (36 states, 2 territories)
Net seat changeThird parties +2
1990 Gubernatorial election map.svg
1990 gubernatorial election results
Territorial races not shown

  Democratic gain   Democratic hold
  Republican gain   Republican hold
  Alaskan Independence gain
  A Connecticut Party gain

The 1990 United States elections were held on November 6, and elected the members of the 102nd United States Congress. The election occurred in the middle of Republican President George H. W. Bush's term. The Democratic Party built on its majorities in both chambers of Congress. The Republicans lost nine seats in the U.S. House, lower than the average number of seats lost by the U.S. President's party at the time, which was 29.[1] Out of the 33 Senate seats up for election, the Democratic Party picked up a net gain of one seat.[2] In the gubernatorial elections, both parties lost a net of one seat to third parties.[3]

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