1991–92 European Cup Winners' Cup

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1991–92 European Cup Winners' Cup
Tournament details
Dates21 August 1991 – 6 May 1992
Final positions
ChampionsGermany Werder Bremen (1st title)
Runners-upFrance Monaco
Tournament statistics
Matches played65
Goals scored166 (2.55 per match)
Top scorer(s)Péter Lipcsei (6 goals)

The 1991–92 season of the European Cup Winners' Cup was won by Werder Bremen in the final against Monaco. Both were first-time finalists in the competition.

Defending champions Manchester United were eliminated by Atlético Madrid in the second round.


A total of 34 teams participated in the competition.

Qualified teams for 1991–92 European Cup Winners' Cup
First round
England Manchester UnitedTH Italy Roma (CW) Germany Werder Bremen (CW)[Note GER] Spain Atlético Madrid (CW)
France Monaco (CW) Belgium Club Brugge (CW) Portugal Porto (CW) Netherlands Feyenoord (CW)
Soviet Union CSKA Moscow (CW) Scotland Motherwell (CW) Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Hajduk Split (CW) Romania Bacău (CR)
Germany Stahl Eisenhüttenstadt (CR)[Note GER] Sweden Norrköping (CW) Wales Swansea City (CW) Switzerland Sion (CW)
Czechoslovakia Baník Ostrava (CW) Poland GKS Katowice (CW) Greece Athinaikos (CR) Bulgaria Levski Sofia (CW)
Turkey Galatasaray (CW) Finland Ilves (CW) Hungary Ferencváros (CW) Albania Partizani Tirana (CW)
Norway Fyllingen (CR) Cyprus Omonia (CW) Iceland Valur (CW) Northern Ireland Glenavon (CR)
Luxembourg Jeunesse Esch (CR) Malta Valletta (CW)
Qualifying round
Austria Stockerau (CW) Denmark Odense (CW) England Tottenham Hotspur (CW) Republic of Ireland Galway United (CW)


  1. ^
    Germany (GER): The original slot allocation of the former West/East Germany still applied. Werder Bremen qualified as winners of the 1990–91 DFB-Pokal, while Stahl Eisenhüttenstadt qualified as runners-up of the 1990–91 NOFV-Pokal (as Hansa Rostock won the double and qualified for the European Cup). Due to the reunification of Germany in October 1990, all flags show Germany instead of West/East Germany. However, Stahl Eisenhüttenstadt matches and their records were still counted for East Germany, and not for Germany, under UEFA regulations.

Qualifying round[edit]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Stockerau Austria 0–2 England Tottenham Hotspur 0–1 0–1
Galway United Republic of Ireland 0–7 Denmark Odense 0–3 0–4

First leg[edit]

Stockerau Austria0–1England Tottenham Hotspur
Report Durie Goal 39'

Galway United Republic of Ireland0–3Denmark Odense
Report Donnerup Goal 38'
Nedergaard Goal 48'
Elstrup Goal 68'

Second leg[edit]

Tottenham Hotspur England1–0Austria Stockerau
Mabbutt Goal 42' Report

Odense Denmark4–0Republic of Ireland Galway United
Nedergaard Goal 35'
Hansen Goal 51'
Harder Goal 81'
Thorup Goal 88'

First round[edit]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Fyllingen Norway 2–8 Spain Atlético Madrid 0–1 2–7
Athinaikos Greece 0–2 England Manchester United 0–0 0–2 (aet)
GKS Katowice Poland 3–3 (a) Scotland Motherwell 2–0 1–3
Omonia Cyprus 0–4 Belgium Club Brugge 0–2 0–2
Bacău Romania 0–11 Germany Werder Bremen 0–6 0–5
Levski Sofia Bulgaria 3–7 Hungary Ferencváros 2–3 1–4
Stahl Eisenhüttenstadt Germany 1–5 Turkey Galatasaray 1–2 0–3
Odense Denmark 1–4 Czechoslovakia Baník Ostrava 0–2 1–2
Glenavon Northern Ireland 4–4 (a) Finland Ilves 3–2 1–2
CSKA Moscow Soviet Union 2–2 (a) Italy Roma 1–2 1–0
Norrköping Sweden 6–1 Luxembourg Jeunesse Esch 4–0 2–1
Swansea City Wales 1–10 France Monaco 1–2 0–8
Valur Iceland 1–2 Switzerland Sion 0–1 1–1
Partizani Tirana Albania 0–1 Netherlands Feyenoord 0–0 0–1
Hajduk Split Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 1–2 England Tottenham Hotspur 1–0 0–2
Valletta Malta 0–4 Portugal Porto 0–3 0–1

First leg[edit]

Fyllingen Norway0–1Spain Atlético Madrid
Report Manolo Goal 30'

Athinaikos Greece0–0England Manchester United

GKS Katowice Poland2–0Scotland Motherwell
Szewczyk Goal 42'
Wolny Goal 81'

Omonia Cyprus0–2Belgium Club Brugge
Report Dziubinski Goal 3'
Booy Goal 47'

Bacău Romania0–6Germany Werder Bremen
Report Rufer Goal 9'12'31'
Bratseth Goal 63'
Votava Goal 78'
Neubarth Goal 80'

Levski Sofia Bulgaria2–3Hungary Ferencváros
Dartilov Goal 36'
Bankov Goal 89'
Report Deszatnik Goal 6'
Lipcsei Goal 72'81'

Odense Denmark0–2Czechoslovakia Baník Ostrava
Report Škarabela Goal 42'
Casko Goal 81'

Glenavon Northern Ireland3–2Finland Ilves
Ferguson Goal 32'
McBride Goal 60' (pen.)
Conville Goal 80'
Report Aaltonen Goal 12'
Dziadulewicz Goal 78'

CSKA Moscow Soviet Union1–2Italy Roma
Sergeyev Goal 52' Report Fokin Goal 46' (o.g.)
Rizzitelli Goal 73'
Attendance: 50,000
Referee: Bo Karlsson (Sweden)

Norrköping Sweden4–0Luxembourg Jeunesse Esch
Karlsson Goal 45'
Eriksson Goal 49'
Hellström Goal 70'
Vaattovaara Goal 71' (pen.)

Swansea City Wales1–2France Monaco
Legg Goal 71' Report Passi Goal 8' (pen.)
Barros Goal 27'

Valur Iceland0–1Switzerland Sion
Report Rey Goal 80'

Partizani Tirana Albania0–0Netherlands Feyenoord

Hajduk Split Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia1–0England Tottenham Hotspur
Novaković Goal 63' Report

Valletta Malta0–3Portugal Porto
Report Kostadinov Goal 30'58'
Timofte Goal 40' (pen.)

Second leg[edit]

Atlético Madrid Spain7–2Norway Fyllingen
Schuster Goal 4'89'
Manolo Goal 18'34'86'
Soler Goal 40'
Futre Goal 81'
Report Tengs Goal 54'68'

Motherwell Scotland3–1Poland GKS Katowice
Kirk Goal 29'89'
Cusack Goal 86'
Report Rzeźniczek Goal 67'

Club Brugge Belgium2–0Cyprus Omonia
Booy Goal 66'
Van Der Heyden Goal 86'

Werder Bremen Germany5–0Romania Bacău
Kohn Goal 6'17'
Eilts Goal 8'
Bratseth Goal 66'
Bode Goal 70'
Attendance: 5,000

Ferencváros Hungary4–1Bulgaria Levski Sofia
Lipcsei Goal 1'90'
Albert Goal 28'
Deszatnik Goal 57'
Report Dimitrov Goal 73'

Galatasaray Turkey3–0Germany Stahl Eisenhüttenstadt
Kosecki Goal 20' (pen.)
Arif Goal 66'
Yücedağ Goal 87'
Attendance: 14,528

Baník Ostrava Czechoslovakia2–1Denmark Odense
Chýlek Goal 81'
Steffensen Goal 83' (o.g.)
Report Bordinggaard Goal 8'

Ilves Finland2–1Northern Ireland Glenavon
Mattila Goal 40' (pen.)70' Report McBride Goal 75'

Roma Italy0–1Soviet Union CSKA Moscow
Report Dmitriev Goal 13'
Attendance: 45,000

Monaco France8–0Wales Swansea City
Weah Goal 6'85'
Fofana Goal 18'
Barros Goal 30'
Passi Goal 31'89'
Harris Goal 39' (o.g.)
Djorkaeff Goal 65'

Sion Switzerland1–1Iceland Valur
Orlando Goal 78' Report Einarsson Goal 68'

Feyenoord Netherlands1–0Albania Partizani Tirana
Bosz Goal 87' Report

Tottenham Hotspur England2–0Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Hajduk Split
Tuttle Goal 7'
Durie Goal 15'
Attendance: 24,297

Porto Portugal1–0Malta Valletta
Timofte Goal 90' Report

Second round[edit]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Atlético Madrid Spain 4–1 England Manchester United 3–0 1–1
GKS Katowice Poland 0–4 Belgium Club Brugge 0–1 0–3
Werder Bremen Germany 4–2 Hungary Ferencváros 3–2 1–0
Galatasaray Turkey 2–2 (a) Czechoslovakia Baník Ostrava 0–1 2–1
Ilves Finland 3–6 Italy Roma 1–1 2–5
Norrköping Sweden 1–3 France Monaco 1–2 0–1
Sion Switzerland 0–0 (3–5 p) Netherlands Feyenoord 0–0 0–0 (aet)
Tottenham Hotspur England 3–1 Portugal Porto 3–1 0–0

First leg[edit]

Atlético Madrid Spain3–0England Manchester United
Futre Goal 33'87'
Manolo Goal 89'

GKS Katowice Poland0–1Belgium Club Brugge
Report Staelens Goal 20'

Werder Bremen Germany3–2Hungary Ferencváros
Neubarth Goal 28'40'
Allofs Goal 33'
Report Lipcsei Goal 35'73'

Galatasaray Turkey0–1Czechoslovakia Baník Ostrava
Report Ollender Goal 69'
Attendance: 20,586

Ilves Finland1–1Italy Roma
Czakon Goal 65' Report Carnevale Goal 20'
Attendance: 8,727

Norrköping Sweden1–2France Monaco
Hellström Goal 22' Report Mendy Goal 18'
Weah Goal 48'

Sion Switzerland0–0Netherlands Feyenoord

Tottenham Hotspur England3–1Portugal Porto
Lineker Goal 14'83'
Durie Goal 32'
Report Kostadinov Goal 51'

Second leg[edit]

Manchester United England1–1Spain Atlético Madrid
Hughes Goal 4' Report Schuster Goal 69'
Attendance: 36,950

Club Brugge Belgium3–0Poland GKS Katowice
Verspaille Goal 50'
Staelens Goal 58'
Schaessens Goal 78'

Ferencváros Hungary0–1Germany Werder Bremen
Report Bode Goal 47'

Baník Ostrava Czechoslovakia1–2Turkey Galatasaray
Ollender Goal 30' Report Altuntaş Goal 41'
Kosecki Goal 43' (pen.)

Roma Italy5–2Finland Ilves
Mattila Goal 1' (o.g.)
Rizzitelli Goal 2'
Di Mauro Goal 14'
Carnevale Goal 47'77'
Report Czakon Goal 80'88'

Monaco France1–0Sweden Norrköping
Robert Goal 26' Report

Feyenoord Netherlands0–0
5–3 on penalties
Switzerland Sion

Porto Portugal0–0England Tottenham Hotspur


Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Atlético Madrid Spain 4–4 (a) Belgium Club Brugge 3–2 1–2
Werder Bremen Germany 2–1 Turkey Galatasaray 2–1 0–0
Roma Italy 0–1 France Monaco 0–0 0–1
Feyenoord Netherlands 1–0 England Tottenham Hotspur 1–0 0–0

First leg[edit]

Atlético Madrid Spain3–2Belgium Club Brugge
Schuster Goal 30'
Toni Goal 47'
Futre Goal 57'
Report Verspaille Goal 32'
Beyens Goal 43'

Werder Bremen Germany2–1Turkey Galatasaray
Kohn Goal 79'
Bester Goal 83'
Report Kosecki Goal 33'

Roma Italy0–0France Monaco

Second leg[edit]

Club Brugge Belgium2–1Spain Atlético Madrid
Querter Goal 42' (pen.)
Booy Goal 63'
Report Futre Goal 11'

Galatasaray Turkey0–0Germany Werder Bremen
Attendance: 27,357

Monaco France1–0Italy Roma
Barros Goal 45' Report

Tottenham Hotspur England0–0Netherlands Feyenoord


Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Club Brugge Belgium 1–2 Germany Werder Bremen 1–0 0–2
Monaco France 3–3 (a) Netherlands Feyenoord 1–1 2–2

First leg[edit]

Monaco France1–1Netherlands Feyenoord
Valéry Goal 26' Report Witschge Goal 9'

Second leg[edit]

Werder Bremen Germany2–0Belgium Club Brugge
Bode Goal 31'
Bockenfeld Goal 60'

Feyenoord Netherlands2–2France Monaco
Witschge Goal 51'
Damaschin Goal 87'
Report Weah Goal 33'
Barros Goal 49'


Werder Bremen Germany2–0France Monaco
Allofs Goal 40'
Rufer Goal 55'
Report (archive)
Attendance: 16,000
Referee: Pietro D'Elia (Italy)

Top scorers[edit]

The top scorers from the 1991–92 UEFA Cup Winners' Cup are as follows:

Rank Name Team Goals
1 Hungary Péter Lipcsei Hungary Ferencváros 6
2 Portugal Paulo Futre Spain Atlético Madrid 5
Spain Manolo Spain Atlético Madrid 5
4 Portugal Rui Barros France Monaco 4
Poland Roman Kosecki Turkey Galatasaray 4
New Zealand Wynton Rufer Germany Werder Bremen 4
Germany Bernd Schuster Spain Atlético Madrid 4
Liberia George Weah France Monaco 4
9 Germany Marco Bode Germany Werder Bremen 3
Netherlands Foeke Booy Belgium Club Brugge 3
Italy Andrea Carnevale Italy Roma 3
Scotland Gordon Durie England Tottenham Hotspur 3
Germany Stefan Kohn Germany Werder Bremen 3
Bulgaria Emil Kostadinov Portugal Porto 3
Germany Frank Neubarth Germany Werder Bremen 3
France Gérald Passi France Monaco 3

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