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When the competition was known as the Victorian Football League (VFL), the league introduced the first incarnation of a draft system in 1981, where teams had two selections each of interstate players determined by reverse finishing position order.[1] This was introduced as an equalisation strategy in response to the increasing transfer fees and player salaries at the time, which in combination with declining attendances, threatened to derail the league. It was also a result of the failure of country zoning, introduced in the late 1960s, which had led to a systematic inequality whereby the clubs with the best zones, like Carlton and Hawthorn, could dominate over clubs with poorer zones like Melbourne.

In 1986, the first VFL draft was held. The draft saw players tied to zones based on their location of residence, with each club having first call on players falling within that zone. The West Coast Eagles received access to all West Australian players, while the Brisbane Bears received six concessionary picks before the other clubs.

Draft rules[edit]

The minimum draft age was 16. Clubs were allowed to select only one WA player each and South Australia was off-limits because of the introduction of Adelaide. Players in Queensland and NSW/ACT could only be selected by clubs other than the Brisbane Bears and Sydney Swans respectively, if the player was older than 19 and not required by the 'local' club. Faced with these restrictions the league reduced the number of choices from eight to six. In exchange for the SA moratorium, the Crows were excluded from the draft (they could pick any South Australian, but only South Australians).


The talent pool was clearly shallow and most clubs shied away from investing too much hope in the draft. A number of the Victorian clubs, notably Richmond and Fitzroy, couldn't afford to recruit established players so stuck with country footballers and young unproven youngsters. Clubs were believed to be looking to Tasmania as perhaps the only recruiting ground which hadn't been ravaged. The Under-19's competition was still in operation and clubs had only to list players who had been drafted, and those over the age of 19. Essendon and North Melbourne at this point for example had very talented reserves sides drawn from their metropolitan zones (these zones would later provide the basis for the Northern Knights Under-18 teams).

Pre-draft picks[edit]

# Player Recruited by Recruited from Games with new team
1 Jason Ball West Coast Swan Districts (WAFL) 103

Pre-draft trades[edit]

Player Recruited by Recruited from Games played with club
Colin Alexander Brisbane Collingwood 5
Russell Jeffrey Brisbane St Kilda 8
Rod Owen Brisbane Melbourne 9
Brendon Retzlaff Brisbane Collingwood 15
Ron De Iulio Carlton North Melbourne 104
Earl Spalding Carlton Melbourne 102
Greg Williams Carlton Sydney 109
Brad Hardie Collingwood Brisbane 2
Gary Pert Collingwood Fitzroy 70
Brad Rowe Collingwood Brisbane 51
Tony Woods Collingwood Fitzroy 18
Sean Denham Essendon Geelong 142
Russell Evans Essendon North Melbourne 0
Shane Strempel Essendon Brisbane 0
Paul Abbott Fitzroy Hawthorn 26
Brad Boyd Fitzroy Collingwood 70
Dale Fleming Fitzroy Hawthorn 13
Ashley Matthews Fitzroy Carlton 6
Peter Sartori Fitzroy Carlton 23
Tony Campbell Footscray Melbourne 35
Darren Morgan Footscray Sydney 0
Ricky Jackson Footscray Melbourne 0
Bernard Toohey Footscray Sydney 40
John Barnes Geelong Essendon 144
Colin Gasden Geelong North Melbourne 0
John McNamara Geelong North Melbourne 0
Geoff Miles Geelong West Coast 20
Jason Taylor Hawthorn Fitzroy 80
Michael Pickering Melbourne Richmond 015
Tim Bourke North Melbourne Geelong 0
Richard Dennis North Melbourne Carlton 13
Stevan Jackson Richmond West Coast 21
Steven O'Dwyer Richmond Melbourne 5
Todd Breman Richmond West Coast 25
Craig O'Brien St Kilda Essendon 52
Adrian Fletcher St Kilda Geelong 22
Darren Flanigan St Kilda Geelong 8
Lawrence Bingham St Kilda Hawthorn 22
Darren Kappler Sydney Fitzroy 59
Gavin Rose Sydney Collingwood 55
Stuart Wigney Sydney Footscray 1
Simon Minton-Connell Sydney Carlton 46
Paul Gow West Coast Footscray 0
Paul Harding West Coast St Kilda 43
Trent Nichols West Coast Richmond 4
David Regan West Coast Richmond 4

1990 mid-season draft[edit]

Pick Player Recruited from Recruited by
1 Ashley Byrne Box Hill Hawks Brisbane Lions
2 David Giles Clarence Fitzroy
3 Ernie Hug Prahran Sydney
4 Fraser Murphy Carlton Collingwood
5 Athas Hrysoulakis Prahran Richmond
6 Mark Naley South Adelaide Footscray
7 Brendan Parker Tongala Carlton
8 Michael Ryan St Mary's Hawthorn
9 Grant Williams Sandy Bay Melbourne
10 Stephen Zamykal Williamstown North Melbourne
11 Trevor Spencer Melbourne Geelong
12 Jason Briggs Robinvale St Kilda
13 David McMurray Keilor Essendon
14 Simon Kenny Kedron Grange Brisbane Lions
15 David Morrison Melbourne Fitzroy
16 Mark Stockdale Traralgon Sydney
17 Dean Strauch Golden Square Collingwood
18 Shane Fell Glenorchy Richmond
19 Paul Brown Dandenong Footscray
20 Trevor Robinson Sturt Carlton
21 Simon Palmer Western Suburbs Hawthorn
22 Stephen Wearne Sandringham Melbourne
23 Passed N/A North Melbourne
24 Steven Handley Swan Districts Geelong
25 Justin Pascoe Whorouly St Kilda
26 Rod Saunders North Adelaide Essendon
27 Peter Bennett North Adelaide Brisbane Lions
28 Alan Thorpe Tatura Fitzroy
29 Damian Hogan Sale Sydney
30 Passed N/A Collingwood
31 David Preston Grovedale Footscray
32 Passed N/A Carlton
33 Ross Hart Golden Point Hawthorn
34 Dean Smith St Joseph's Geelong
35 Passed N/A St Kilda
36 David Ryan Terang Brisbane Lions
37 Daryl Argus Kyabram Footscray
38 Passed N/A Carlton
39 Shaun Ballans Lara Hawthorn
40 Darren Enever Werribee Geelong
41 Passed N/A St Kilda
42 Tony Lithgow Casterton Geelong
43 Brad Nicholls Bell Park Geelong
44 Robert Gilbert South Barwon Geelong

1991 national draft[edit]

# Player Recruited by Recruited from Games with new team
1 John Hutton Brisbane Claremont 18
2 Marcus Seecamp Fitzroy East Perth 51
3 Darren Kowal Melbourne Claremont 105
4 Andrew McGovern Sydney Claremont 29
5 Jason Norrish Melbourne Claremont 20
6 Paul Burton Sydney Claremont 0
7 Jeremy Guard Fitzroy Claremont 68
8 Michael Symons Essendon Subiaco 109
9 Stephen O'Reilly Geelong Swan Districts 36
10 Andrew Lamprill Melbourne Hobart 33
11 Leigh Willison Geelong East Perth 3
12 Rob Malone St Kilda Claremont 0
13 Shane Crawford Hawthorn Finley (VCFL) 305
14 Fabian Francis Brisbane Southern District (NT) 22
15 Kieran O'Dwyer Hawthorn Barooga (NSW) 0
16 Daniel Metropolis West Coast Subiaco 108
17 Anthony Cole Sydney North Hobart 0
18 Matthew Hogg Carlton Footscray 114
19 Phil Gilbert Melbourne Claremont 25
20 Brett Cook Fitzroy Broken Hill (NSW) 25
21 Willie Dick Essendon Perth 7
22 Simon Crawshay Hawthorn Hawthorn 19
23 Mathew McKay Melbourne Hawthorn 0
24 Kane Morphett West Coast East Fremantle 0
25 Steven Davies West Coast Subiaco 0
26 Ben Herrald Hawthorn Hawthorn 0
27 Terry Board Brisbane Fitzroy 0
28 Cale O'Keefe Carlton South Launceston 0
29 Mathew Connell West Coast Subiaco 3
30 Kane Purcell Collingwood North Shore (T) 0
31 Haydon Kilmartin Melbourne North Hobart 0
32 Micah Berry Melbourne Melb. Gr. (APS) 0
33 Paul Morrish Fitzroy Essendon 20
34 Tim Leng Nth Melbourne Nth Melbourne 0
35 Darryl Donald Geelong Wangaratta (VCFL) 0
36 Jason Dullard Melbourne Essendon 0
37 Ryan O'Connor Essendon Ulverstone 63
38 Jamie Rundle Footscray Dandenong (VFA) 0
39 Richard Taylor Hawthorn Hawthorn 4
40 Nick White Melbourne Richmond 0
41 Todd Curley Collingwood West Perth 3
42 Peter Freeman West Coast St Kilda 0
43 David Strooper Sydney Fitzroy 32
44 Brett Sholl Carlton Nth Melbourne 35
45 Gary Barrow Footscray Essendon 6
46 Bruno Italiano Collingwood South Fremantle 0
47 Glenn Manton Essendon Essendon 21
48 Kevin Mitchell Essendon Claremont 0
49 Todd Hawes Richmond Swan Districts 0
50 Bruce Hando Nth Melbourne St Arnaud (VCFL) 0
51 Shaun Brooker Richmond Sydney 0
52 Mathew Henderson Hawthorn Morwell (VCFL) 0
53 Alistair Gray St Kilda Carey Grammar (APS) 0
54 Leigh Snooks Carlton Derinallum (VCFL)) 0
55 Glenn Hoffman Richmond Essendon 0
56 Andrew Dunkley Sydney North Launceston 217
57 Anthony McDonald Carlton Carlton 0
58 Justin Pickering Footscray Richmond 0
59 Greg Turner Collingwood South Fremantle 0
60 James Billington Essendon Subiaco 0
61 Michael Addison St Kilda Carey Gr. (APS) 0
62 Peter Maclean Geelong Seymour (VCFL) 0
63 Brendan Bower Essendon Richmond 3
64 Chris Barrett Fitzroy Geelong 4
65 Heath Shephard Brisbane Burnie Hawks (T) 4
66 Nick Roney Richmond North Launceston 0
67 Shane Ellen Footscray Footscray (VCFL) 11
68 Mathew Bell Sydney Sydney 0
69 Brad Sholl North Melbourne North Melbourne 2
70 Jon Lister Collingwood Sandy Bay (T) 0
71 Luke Chambers Brisbane Brisbane 0
72 Michael Shields St Kilda St Kilda 0
73 Cameron Burke Geelong Warragul (VCFL) 0
74 Brendan Krummel West Coast East Fremantle 9
75 Travis Edmonds Hawthorn Swan Districts 0
76 Matt Rendell Brisbane Fitzroy 13
77 Jay Burton Richmond Subiaco 0
78 Mathew Dickson Carlton Sandhurst (VCFL) 0
79 Bevan Smillie Carlton Essendon 0
80 Damian Ryan Footscray Coburg (VFA) 0
81 Brendan Barrows Collingwood Claremont 0
82 Scott Morrison St Kilda Nth Melbourne 0
83 Peter Jacks Geelong Ballarat YCW (VCFL) 0
84 Alistair Burke Hawthorn Hawthorn 0
85 John Kennedy Richmond Hawthorn 0
86 Jamie Madigan Footscray Footscray 0
87 Sam Jones St Kilda Sandy Bay 3
88 Aiden Bussell Hawthorn Whorouly (VCFL) 0
89 Paul Dimattina Richmond Richmond 0

1992 pre-season draft[edit]

# Player Recruited by Recruited from Games with new team
1 Ashley Green Brisbane Bears Essendon 23
2 Gavin Exell Fitzroy Geelong 5
3 Mark McQueen Richmond Richmond 34
4 Damien Mellow Sydney Swans Adelaide 0
5 Mark Athorn Carlton Sydney Swans 15
6 Greg Jones Footscray St Kilda 0
7 Alex Ishchenko North Melbourne Brisbane Bears 70
8 Ross Napoli Collingwood Essendon 0
9 Alan Schwartz Essendon Essendon 0
10 Michael Ford St Kilda Footscray 2
11 Wayne Henwood Melbourne Sydney Swans 1
12 Tim McGrath Geelong North Melbourne 219
13 Tim Watson West Coast Eagles Essendon 0
14 Ricky Nixon Hawthorn St Kilda 8
15 Jason Jones Brisbane Bears Darwin (NTFL) 0
16 Danny Sexton Fitzroy North Melbourne 0
17 David Honybun Richmond Richmond
18 Alan Thorpe Sydney Swans Fitzroy 3
19 Paul McCormack Carlton Dandenong (VFA) 14
20 Mark Majerczak Footscray Carlton 0
21 Marty Christensen North Melbourne Geelong 2
22 Ross Johns Collingwood Carlton 0
23 Paul McMaster Essendon Carlton 0
24 Steven Clark St Kilda Melbourne 6
25 Andy Goodwin Melbourne Richmond 17
26 Garry Phillips Geelong Geelong
27 David Ogg West Coast Eagles Brisbane Bears 0
28 Ernie Hug, Jr. Hawthorn Prahran (VFA) 0
29 Darren Bartsch Brisbane Bears West Adelaide (SANFL) 0
30 Simon Taylor Fitzroy Montmorency 0
31 Brad Gwilliam Richmond West Coast Eagles 4
32 Allan McKellar Footscray Sydney Swans
33 Rohan Welsh Dandenong (VFA) Carlton
34 Paul Satterley Footscray Footscray 0
35 Leigh Tudor North Melbourne North Melbourne
36 Paul Docherty Collingwood Essendon 0
37 Glenn Fitzpatrick North Melbourne Essendon 0
38 Dale Kickett St Kilda West Coast Eagles
39 Ben Judd Melbourne Sturt (SANFL) 0
40 Ben Graham Geelong Geelong
41 Jason Disney Richmond West Coast Eagles 0
42 Austin McCrabb Geelong Hawthorn
43 Matthew Clarke Richmond Brisbane Bears
44 Simon Dennis Richmond Richmond
45 Andrew Peck Sydney Swans Sydney Swans 0
46 Paul Tuddenham Carlton Collingwood
47 Glenn Page Sydney Swans North Melbourne
48 Derek Percival Collingwood Collingwood 0
49 Justin Peckett St Kilda St Kilda
50 Cristian O'Brien Melbourne Melbourne
51 Campbell Black Southport Brisbane Bears 0
52 Adam Jones Xavier College Richmond 0
53 Phil Krakouer Footscray Sydney Swans
54 Jeremy Smith Carlton Carlton
55 Michael Scoon North Melbourne North Melbourne 0
56 Pass - Carlton


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