1991 BDO World Darts Championship

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Embassy World Darts Championship
Tournament information
Dates 4–12 January 1991
Venue Lakeside Country Club
Location Frimley Green, Surrey
Country England
Organisation(s) BDO
Format Sets
Final – best of 11
Prize fund £110,500
Winners share £26,000
High checkout 170 England Kevin Kenny
England Dennis Priestley
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The 1991 Embassy World Darts Championship was held at the Lakeside Country Club in Frimley Green, Surrey from 4–12 January 1991. Phil Taylor was the reigning World Champion and started off well in the early rounds, before losing in the quarter-finals to Dennis Priestley who took the title.[1]


  1. England Phil Taylor
  2. England Peter Evison
  3. England Eric Bristow
  4. England Alan Warriner
  5. England Bob Anderson
  6. England Dave Whitcombe
  7. Scotland Jocky Wilson
  8. Sweden Magnus Caris

Prize money[edit]

The prize fund was £108,200.

Champion: £26,000
Runner-Up: £13,000
Semi-Finalists (2): £6,500
Quarter-Finalists (4): £3,250
Last 16 (8): £2,400
Last 32 (16): £1,500

There was also a 9 Dart Checkout prize of £52,000, along with a High Checkout prize of £1,500.

The Results[edit]

First Round (best of 5 sets) Second Round (best of 5 sets) Quarter-Finals (best of 7 sets) Semi-Finals (best of 9 sets) Final (best of 11 sets)
1 England Phil Taylor (95.97) 3
Wales Martin Phillips (89.37) 1
1 England Phil Taylor (99.99) 3
United States Tony Payne (86.22) 0
  United States Tony Payne (80.16) 3
Wales Chris Johns (81.42) 1
1 England Phil Taylor (96.21) 3
England Dennis Priestley (95.28) 4
8 Sweden Magnus Caris (78.03) 0
England Dennis Priestley (93.30) 3
  England Dennis Priestley (95.34) 3
Canada Bob Sinnaeve (83.91) 0
  Canada Bob Sinnaeve (85.53) 3
Wales Eric Burden (86.73) 2
England Dennis Priestley (93.87) 5
5 England Bob Anderson (90.06) 2
5 England Bob Anderson (78.12) 3
Wales Sean Palfrey (77.31) 2
5 England Bob Anderson (88.08) 3
Australia Russell Stewart (83.97) 2
  Australia Russell Stewart (84.87) 3
Norway Knud Nilsen (75.93) 0
5 England Bob Anderson (90.93) 4
4 England Alan Warriner (88.65) 3
4 England Alan Warriner (96.84) 3
Singapore Paul Lim (83.07) 0
4 England Alan Warriner (84.60) 3
Australia Keith Sullivan (82.74) 1
  Australia Keith Sullivan (83.82) 3
Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld (74.88) 0
England Dennis Priestley (92.57) 6
3 England Eric Bristow (84.15) 0
2 England Peter Evison (91.02) 3
England John Lowe (88.89) 2
2 England Peter Evison (85.65) 1
England Kevin Kenny (90.75) 3
  England Kevin Kenny (88.65) 3
Canada Albert Anstey (83.46) 2
England Kevin Kenny (88.74) 4
7 Scotland Jocky Wilson (86.52) 3
7 Scotland Jocky Wilson (89.64) 3
England Richie Gardner (82.02) 2
7 Scotland Jocky Wilson (94.08) 3
England Ronnie Baxter (92.46) 1
  England Ronnie Baxter (83.46) 3
Belgium Bruno Raes (82.98) 1
England Kevin Kenny (87.54) 2
3 England Eric Bristow (94.98) 5
6 England Dave Whitcombe (84.60) 3
Denmark Per Skau (79.62) 1
6 England Dave Whitcombe (83.01) 3
England Cliff Lazarenko (77.67) 1
  England Cliff Lazarenko (82.41) 3
Scotland Ronnie Sharp (82.62) 0
6 England Dave Whitcombe (86.43) 3
3 England Eric Bristow (90.84) 4
3 England Eric Bristow (90.54) 3
Finland Kexi Heinäharju (78.78) 0
3 England Eric Bristow (87.75) 3
England Mike Gregory (88.95) 0
  England Mike Gregory (85.68) 3
Scotland Bob Taylor (78.60) 2


The Tournament Friday 4 January - evening

There were three first round matches held on the first day of competition at the Lakeside. The opening match of the competition saw Tony Payne of the USA break his Lakeside duck by defeating Chris Johns of Wales 3-1 to advance to the second round. Payne had lost five consecutive years in the First Round. Then Phil Taylor, the number 1 seed began his defence of the World title with a 3-1 win over Martin Phillips of Wales. The reigning champion had a 95.97 average in advancing to a second round match against Tony Payne. In the final match of the day, Bob Sinnaeve defeated Eric Burden in a very tight game, by 3 sets to 2. There was just 1.2 points between the pair of them.

Saturday 5 January - afternoon In the first match of day two of the competition saw a big shock with the defeat of Magnus Caris the number 8 seed, knocked out 3-0 by Englishman Dennis Priestley, Dennis recording a 93.30 average in advancing to a match against Bob Sinnaeve. The second match saw Russell Stewart, Phil Taylor's first victim a year ago advance to the last 16 for the fourth time, the first time since 1989. Russ knocked out Knud Nilsen from Norway by 3-0 with 84.87 average. The final game of the afternoon saw very nearly the elimination of the number 5 seed, Bob Anderson for the second year running. He edged Sean Palfrey of Wales by 3 sets to 2 to go through to the second round.

Saturday 5 January - evening 3 more games on Saturday night. In the first, future champion Raymond Barneveld from the Netherlands made his Lakeside debut, however 11 legs later it was all over. Keith Sullivan dropping just two legs in the battle of the debutants. The second match was a let down for Paul Lim; He had hit a nine dart finish in the 1990 championship and advanced to the quarter-finals before losing 4-0 to Cliff Lazarenko, however this year, faced with a tough first round match against Alan Warriner lost 3-0 and bowed out in the first round. The final game saw Kevin Kenny defeat Albert Anstey 3-2 with an 88.65 average. It was to be the start of a very memorable week for the 29-year-old unseeded Englishman making his second appearance at the Lakeside.

Sunday 6 January - afternoon Three games on the afternoon of the busiest day of the championship (7 matches in total). The first saw the most eagerly anticipated clash of the first round, Peter Evison (seeded 2) against twice champion John Lowe. The Game, a very tight affair, saw Evison edge through 3-2 with a 91.02 average. The first time, Lowe had been eliminated in the first round at the World Championships. The second game saw the champion from 2 years ago and ever popular Scot Jocky Wilson begin his campaign with a tense 3-2 win over Richie Gardner. Wilson who edged three matches in 1989 in the deciding set brought memories of his last 26 triumph over Alan Warriner. Could this be the start of another tense but great week for the twice world champion?

Sunday 6 January - evening Four matches tonight, all of them being played in the bottom quarter of the draw. First match on was Ronnie Sharp against Cliff Lazarenko, who had both reached the quarter-finals in 1990 - Sharp taking sets off Taylor. This time, it wasn't a close contest, with Lazarenko entering Round 2 with an easy 3-0 whitewash. Dave Whitcombe, seeded 6 and a seed for the first time since 1989, defeated Per Skau of Denmark with a 3-1 win, as well as an 84.6 average. Skau would enjoy later success at the Lakeside. Mike Gregory, who had lost his seeding (no.4) which he held last year, but to reach the semis again he would need to defeat the man who knocked him out in the last 4 5-2, Eric Bristow. The 3rd Seed defeated Kexi Heinaharju 3-0 to book a slot in the Second Round.

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