1991 Little League World Series

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1991 Little League World Series
Dates August 20–
August 24
Teams participating 8
Champion Chinese Taipei Hsi Nan Little League
Taichung, Chinese Taipei (Taiwan)
Runner-up United StatesCalifornia San Ramon Valley Little League
Danville, California

The 1991 Little League World Series took place between August 20 and August 24 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The Hsi Nan Little League of Taichung, Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) defeated the San Ramon Valley Little League of Danville, California in the championship game of the 45th Little League World Series.


United States International
Ohio Hamilton, Ohio
Central Region
Westside American
CanadaNova Scotia Glace Bay, Nova Scotia
Canada Region
Glace Bay
New York (state) Staten Island, New York
East Region
South Shore American
Saudi Arabia Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
Europe Region
Arabian American
Florida Dunedin, Florida
South Region
Chinese Taipei Taichung, Chinese Taipei (Taiwan)
Far East Region
Hsi Nan
California Danville, California
West Region
San Ramon Valley
Dominican Republic San Cristóbal, Dominican Republic
Latin America Region
Luis Montas

Championship bracket[edit]

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
August 20        
 Dominican Republic Dominican Republic  2
August 22
 Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei  3  
 Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei  17
August 21
   Canada Canada  1  
 Canada Canada  5
August 24
 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia  3  
 Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei  11
August 20
   California California  0
 Ohio Ohio  0
August 22
 New York (state) New York  8  
 New York (state) New York  4 Third place
August 21
   California California  13  
 Florida Florida  4  Canada Canada  0
 California California  5    New York (state) New York  16
August 23

Position bracket[edit]

  Games A & B Game D
August 21
 Dominican Republic Dominican Republic 10  
 Ohio Ohio 0  
August 23
     Dominican Republic Dominican Republic 3
   Florida Florida 2
Game C
August 22 August 23
 Florida Florida 23  Ohio Ohio  5
 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 7    Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia  1
1991 Little League World Series Champions
Hsi Nan Little League
Taichung, Chinese Taipei

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