1991 South American Cross Country Championships

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1991 South American Cross Country Championships
Edition 6th
Date February 2
Host city Ambato, Tungurahua, Ecuador Ecuador
Nations participating at least 2
Races 6
Distances 12 km – Senior men
8 km – Junior men (U20)
5 km – Youth men (U17)
8 km – Senior women
5 km – Junior women (U20)
3 km – Youth women (U17)

The 1991 South American Cross Country Championships took place on February 2, 1991. The races were held in Ambato, Ecuador.[1] Competitions open for youth athletes (under 17) were held for the first time.

Medal winners,[1][2] and medal winners for junior and youth competitions[3] were published.


All results are marked "affected by altitude" (A), because Ambato is situated at an elevation of about 2,600 m above sea level.

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Senior men
(12 km)
Jacinto Navarrete
41:37 A Roberto Punina
41:59 A Néstor Quinapanta
43:13 A
Junior (U20) men
(8 km)
William Roldán
28:12 A Carlos Collahuazo
28:38 A Julio Pozo
29:12 A
Youth (U17) men
(5 km)
Patricio Rosero
18:33 A Pedro Yupa
18:52 A Bolívar Ordoñez
19:00 A
Senior women
(8 km)
Graciela Caizabamba
32:39 A Soledad Villamarín
32:57 A Sandra Ruales
33:11 A
Junior (U20) women
(5 km)
Carmen Naranjo
20:00 A Mónica Tapía
20:07 A Miriam Achote
20:11 A
Youth (U17) women
(3 km)
Tania Cevallos
11:27 A Norma Torres
11:29 A Yolanda Duchi
11:35 A

Medal table (unofficial)[edit]

  The host country is highlighted in lavender blue
Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Ecuador 4 6 6 16
2  Colombia 2 0 0 2
Total 6 6 6 18


Athletes from at least 2 countries participated.

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