1991 South Australian electoral boundaries referendum

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A referendum on electoral redistributions in South Australia was held on 9 February 1991. The proposal put to voters would require the Electoral Commission of South Australia to redistribute the electoral boundaries following every election, and to consider a broader range of criteria when reviewing boundaries: specifically, "to draw the boundaries in such a way that the party with the majority of (the two-party) vote would also win the majority of seats and so be able to form government". The proposals were accepted by a wide margin.[1]


South Australian electoral redistribution referendum, 1991
Choice Votes %
Referendum passed Yes 649,906 76.7
No 197,244 23.3
Valid votes 847,150 96.0
Informal 35,500 4.0
Total votes 882,650 100.00
Registered voters and turnout 981,344 89.9


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